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Stora Barnhuset

Stora Barnhuset, from 1785 known as Allmanna Barnhuset, was Swedens largest orphanage, founded 1633 in Stockholm and active until 1922. The charitable foundation of the orphanage still exists, now supporting research associated with childrens care.


Casa do Caminho Abrigo

Casa do Caminho Abrigo is an orphanage home founded in 1982. It is situated in Xerem, Brazil. Casa do Caminho provides shelter and complementary education to give children and adolescents, living in a risky situation, a chance for a better future. The children and adolescents arrive at Casa do Caminho through the juvenile court. The orphanage home gets its financial support mainly from Casa do Caminho Language Centre, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. Casa do Caminho Abrigo offers a wide variety of learning opportunities for children and adolescents in vulnerable situations while the organization m ...


Casa Pia and College of the Orphans of Saint Joachim

Casa Pia and College of the Orphans of Saint Joachim is a Roman Catholic church, school, and orphanage in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. It was constructed as a Jesuit novitiate in the early 18th century. After the expulsion of the Jesuits from Brazil in 1759 the complex became an orphanage. The now complex now consists of a secondary school, chapel, and orphanage. One of its corridors extends south towards the Casa Nobre de Jequitaia. It was listed as a historic structure by National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage in 1938 and is part of the Historic Center of Salvador UNESCO World ...


Copprome Orphanage

Copprome Orphanage is a Catholic orphanage in El Progreso, Honduras.Copprome orphanage is a home of last resort for Honduran children who need a SafeHaven | It provides food, shelter, and education to over 40 orphans, both boys and girls ranging from 2–17 years old. Copprome Orphanage was founded in 1989 by Sister Teresita Gonzalez and the citizens of El Progreso. Copprome Orphanage has seen fundraising efforts by people from the United States. Charlie Proctor, from Durham, Connecticut, raised over $20.000 and created an ongoing foundation to help the orphanage.


Det Kongelige Vajsenhus

Det Kongelige Vajsenhus is a private primary school in Copenhagen in Denmark. The school has around 300 students and 25 teachers. The school has the right to print Den Danske Salmebog. The school was originally a combined orphanage and school, founded by Frederick IV of Denmark in 1727, and the institution was given a number of priviligies, such as the right to manage a factory and a book printing shop. From 1740, it had the right to print bibles and psalms, and during the 18th-century, it was a center for Pietism in Denmark.


Korczaks orphanages

The orphanages run by Janusz Korczak and Stefania Wilczynska were among the earliest Democratic education institutes in the world. They were two orphanages, located in Warsaw. One orphanage was established for Jewish children in 1911 and stopped working on 1942, when the SS took all its residents and workers to Treblinka extermination camp. The other orphanage, for Christian children, was established in 1918, after World War I, and was nationalized by the German occupier in 1940. Most of the information about the educational method of those institutes was gathered in the Jewish orphanage.

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