BMW 5 Series, E39 - bmw. BMW E39 is the fourth generation of the BMW 5 series which was sold from 1995 to 2004. It was launched in the sedan body of the car ..

BMW 5 Series (E39)

BMW 5 Series (E39)

BMW E39 is the fourth generation of the BMW 5 series which was sold from 1995 to 2004. It was launched in the sedan body of the car / body style station wagon introduced in 1996. The E39 was replaced by the 5 series E60 in 2003, however, the models E39 Touring remained in production until may 2004.

The percentage of chassis components using aluminium significantly increased for the E39, and it was the first series 5 to use aluminum for all major components in the front suspension or the rear. It was also the first series 5, where four-cylinder diesel engine were available. Rack and pinion steering was used for the first time in 5 series except for the E34 525iX, being equipped with four-cylinder and six-cylinder models. Unlike his predecessor and successor E34 E60, the E39 was available with all-wheel drive.

High-performance sedan M5 was introduced in 1998, is working on a 4.9-liter S62 V8 engine. It was the first model M5 will be powered by a V8 engine.


1. Development and launch. (Разработка и запуск)

Development E34s successor began in 1989 and ended in 1995. The final design Joji Nagashima was selected in June 1992 and later frozen for production under new chief designer Chris Bangle. When choosing the design in 1992, the stage of development of the series began and took 39 months to the start of production. Patriotic German design patent was filed on 20 April 1994, with the prototype E39.

In may 1995, the company BMW has published the first official pictures of the E39. The E39 was held in September 1995 at the Frankfurt motor show. In December 1995, sales of the sedan began in the European continent. Production of the model station wagon / estate began in November 1996.


2. Equipment. (Оборудование)

Was "latent heat accumulator" is available as an option until September 1999. The accumulator stores the heat engine, Converting the salt from the solid state into the liquid phase form of the transition. The insulated tank can store heat for several days. When you next start the car, this heat is used automatically to reduce exhaust emissions while heating the engine to operating temperature faster, to heat the cabin and window defrosting.

Separately, the latent heat accumulator-the residual heat function is activated on the button labeled "rest" that allows the heater and a cabin heater to use the heat engine, which has recently been turned off using the electric pump to push hot coolant through the heater core.

The E39 was one of the first cars, along with the E38 7 series there are curtain airbags that protect the heads of passengers in side impact.

Standard equipment on the models run include dual front and side airbags, pretensioners and load limiters for the front seatbelts, anti-lock brakes, traction control, cruise control and air conditioning. Satellite navigation was also available, initially using maps on CD, then DVD card in 2002.


3. Engines. (Двигатели)

When you run the petrol engines consisted of a litre straight-six M52 and M62 V8 that was how the new engines at the time. In late 1998, "technical upgrade" the versions of these engines were introduced, by introducing the dual Vanos on the M52 single VANOS and M62, it is increased torque at low rpm. In 2000, facelift LCI, on M52 inline six-cylinder engine was replaced by its successor М54 however, on the M62TU are still used for the V8 models. On M54B30 used in the E46 330i and E39 530i topped the list of wards 10 best engines in 2002 and 2003.

The initial diesel model uses M51 inline six-cylinder turbo-diesel engine. In 1998, his successor was introduced M57, M51, however, also remained in production for more than two years. In 1999, the M47 four-cylinder turbo-diesel was introduced in the model 520d, which is the only model E39 to use a four-cylinder engine.


4. Transmission. (Передача)

Manual transmission. (Механическая коробка передач)

  • 5-speed S5D 250g. (5 передач S5D 250г)
  • 5-speed ZF S5-39DZ machines 525d,530d.
  • 5-speed S5D 260Z 525td.
  • 6-speed Getrag 420g 540i, M5.
  • 5 speed S5D 320Z.

Automatic transmission. (Автоматическая коробка передач)

  • 5-speed ZF 5HP19 A5S325Z.
  • 4 speed, GM 4L30-e A4S270R 523i and 528i - up to 1999.
  • 5-speed GM 5L40-e 523i and 528i A5S360R - 1999-2000.
  • The 5-speed 540i A5S560Z ZF 5HP30 model - 1996 only.
  • 5-speed GM 5L40-e A5S390R.
  • 5-speed ZF A5S440Z 5HP24 540i since 1996 535i.

Please note that the 523i, 525i, 528i and 530i had a few backup options, automatic transmission for several years.


5. Steering

Unusual, has been used for the E39, depending on engine, two different control systems. Models with four-cylinder and six-cylinder models use rack and pinion steering for the first time this system was used in 5-series. This system steers from the front axle. Models with V8 engines use a recirculating ball steering as in the previous generation 5 series.


6. Chassis and body. (Шасси и кузов)

Compared with its predecessor, E34, E39 wheelbase grew by 68 mm 2.7 In, and overall length by 55 mm 2.2 V. the torsional Stiffness was increased by E34 40%, which reduces body Flex and allows the suspension to work more precisely and improve ride quality. Due to the hard shell, chassis weight increased by 10 kg 22 lbs who kompensiruet by reducing weight, some suspension components made of aluminum.

Structural dynamics and objective body design, so frequency suits for twisting and bending are in different ranges and above natural frequency. These frequencies are outside the range of engine and transmission vibration, to avoid vibrations can be enhanced.


7. Suspension. (Подвеска)

The E39 was the first 5 series to use aluminum for most components in the front suspension. The percentage of chassis components using aluminium significantly increased for the E39.

The front suspension consists of a double-jointed version of the MacPherson strut, with its six-cylinder cars, using aluminum front subframe. Aluminium is used for the steering knuckles, outer strut tube, and the pad springs, resulting in a weight saving of 21 kg 46 lbs. V8 models also use the aluminum steering box and a few levers to offset the heavy steel subframe.

Rear suspension consists of four designs called "z-link", which is similar to the system used in the E38 7 series. Design minimizes unintentional changes of the angle of the legs, which increases the stability of processing.


8. Model. (Модель)

North American lineup. (Североамериканский модельный ряд)

In 1997-1998, the E39 model range in North America consisted of the 528i and 540i, M5 was introduced in 1999 together with two models of van / wagon 528iT and 540iT. In 2001, the 528i was discontinued and replaced by the 525i 525iT format property / wagon and 530i.

In 2001, the us market power output 540is was increased to 216 kW 290 HP, unlike other markets, where power 540is remained at 210 kW 282 HP.

U.S. sales for may 1999 to may 2000 was 19.294 means. Next year sales may 2000-may 2001 was 15.233 means.

The Indonesian lineup. (Индонезийский состав)

In Indonesia, the starting lineup in 1996 was the 523i and 528i, 523i only available with a manual transmission. After the facelift September 2000, the lineup consists of 520i, 525i and 530i. Indonesian models were collected in Jakarta from complete knockdown kits.


9. The M5 version. (Версия М5)

Version the E39 M5 was introduced in 1998 at the Geneva motor show and was produced from 1998 to 2003. It was equipped with engine V8 S62 engine. All E39 M5 cars were sold in the sedan body type with a 6-speed manual transmission.


10.1. Special models. Alpina B10 and D10. (Альпина Б10 и D10)

Petrol engine BMW Alpina B10 3.2, 3.3, V8 engine and V8 models were built in sedan and wagon body styles based on the E39 from January 1997 to may 2004.

In February 2000, Alpina presented the BMW Alpina D10 Biturbo, the first six-cylinder diesel model, produced by publishing house Alpina. The engine, a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged unit with a capacity of 180 kW / 241 HP and 500 N⋅m 369 lb⋅ft torque based on the engine from the BMW 530d.


10.2. Special models. Line of defense. (Линия обороны)

Protection 540i light-armored vehicle was launched in Europe in September 1997 and in North America since January 1998. These models include aramid fiber armor, bullet-resistant glass coated with polycarbonate to reduce chipping. 540i protection designed to withstand the impact of firearms fire up to.44 Magnum, the glass is also protected from assault with blunt objects such as baseball bats and bricks. Additional security measures have introduced additional weight 130 kg 287 kg compared to a conventional sedan 540i. on request, the intercom and January 1998, run-flat tires were available.


11. Model year changes. (Модельный год меняется)

Most of the changes takes place in September each year when changes to the next model year will go into production as a typical BMW practice. Thus, changes in 1996 to provide a model of 1997, for example.


11.1. Model year changes. One thousand nine hundred ninety-six. (Одна тысяча девятьсот девяносто шесть)

  • Model 525td presented. (Модель 525td представлены)
  • The car / body style station wagon called the touring introduced.

11.2. Model year changes. One thousand nine hundred ninety-seven. (Одна тысяча девятьсот девяносто семь)

  • Option automatic transmission introduced for the 540i.
  • North American sales will begin, starting with model 528i and 540i.
  • The sport package introduced.
  • Control of braking in the turns presented.
  • The onboard computer upgraded.
  • Rear side airbags introduced.

11.3. Model year changes. One thousand nine hundred ninety-eight. (Одна тысяча девятьсот девяносто восемь)

  • Satellite navigation with upgraded MKI or mark I MKII. As MKI in the MKII uses a 4:3 screen and saves the maps on the CD.
  • Model 530d entered using the new M57 straight-six turbo-diesel engine.
  • Parktronic "Park distance control" presented.
  • M52 straight six engines updated to the M52TU.
  • Model M5 was presented. Lower-body rear side airbags were standard on the M5, remaining optional for other models.
  • The sport package is replaced by "M Sport package".
  • Self-leveling rear suspension are presented for model property.
  • The M62 V8 engine updated to the M62TU.
  • Stability control upgraded with ASC T DSC.
  • Self-adjusting clutch bag presented on the inline six-cylinder petrol engines.
  • Xenon headlights provided. (Ксеноновые фары, предоставляемых)


11.4. Model year changes. One thousand nine hundred ninety-nine. (Одна тысяча девятьсот девяносто девять)

  • 520d was introduced, powered by four-cylinder diesel engine.
  • Using model 525d M57 engine replaces model 525td M51 engine.
  • Front airbags upgraded to dual stage.
  • Rain sensing wipers introduced in June 1999.

11.5. Model year changes. Facelift 2000. (Фейслифтинг 2000)

Facelift E39 also known as LCI models were introduced in the 2001 model year, produced from September 2000.

  • 520i, 525i and 530i models with engines М54 to replace the model 523i and 528i M52TU engines.
  • Revised the "angel eye" headlights.
  • Grille on all models is changing for the M5.
  • Model 530d gets a power increase.
  • Revised rear lights with led running lights.
  • The navigation screen upgrade from 4:3 to large 16:9 widescreen.

11.6. Model year changes. Two thousand one. (Две тысячи один)

  • Automatic headlights introduced. (Автоматические фары представил)
  • 540i power increased from 210 kW 282 HP to 216 kW 290 HP In the us market.
  • 540i m-sport model is not available in the US until 2003.
  • Vehicles with automatic transmission was a mechanical shift direction switched to forward for downshifts, back for upshifts.
  • In-Dash CD player becomes standard equipment on all models.
  • Power passenger seat becomes standard on 6 cylinder models the automatic climate control is standard on 525i.

11.7. Model year changes. Two thousand two. (Две тысячи два)

  • Navigation is upgraded from CD-ROM format 8 CDs to cover the United States and Canada on one DVD.

11.8. Model year changes. Two thousand three. (Две тысячи три)

  • Extra chrome trim added to the trunk of the trunk and sides of the body.

12. Awards. (Награды)

Car and driver is the E39 in its "10Best list" six times in a row, from 1997 to 2002. In 2001, consumer reports gave 530i its highest rating in the history of the car, saying that it was the best car theyve never dealt with in the course.

Other reviewers also praised the model E39.


13. Production. (Производство)

The first prototypes of the products were built in February 1995, with full production cycle, starting later this year. Most of the cars were built at plant Dingolfing, with complete knockdown Assembly, which has been used in Mexico, Indonesia and Russia. Production of CKD amounted to 17.280, with a total production numbering 1.488.038.

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9 Mar 2016 BMW 5 Series photos, videos, specs, Rides, DIYs, Builds, articles, reviews, resources and more. Join our community today!. E39 For Sale BaT Auctions Bring a Trailer. The BMW 5 Series, by then in its fourth generation, was trouncing all comers. No matter whose group test you read in which magazine, the E39 5 Series came. Bmw 5 series e39 used cars Trovit. Coilover shock system, BMW 5 Series e39 1996 2004. Code: 196 32 39 040. Your Price:n,595.00. Front strut brace for BMW 525 528 530i E39 1997 2003.

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In 1995, BMW introduced the fourth generation 5 Series, the E39, featuring a light alloy suspension, dual round headlights behind a glass cover, multifunction. 96 03 5 Series E39 European Road & Racing. TIP: buy the coolant tank kit, at this point the plastic bleeder screw and cap needs replacement. How do I know, tightening and loosening them during the. How does the E39 BMW 5 series do in the winter snow? Car Forums. Still one of my all time favorite BMW chassis, the E39, and Im sure many here. The 4th generation BMW 5 Series is a real model of success.

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1 Aug 2018 The engineers at BMW made it a point to maintain a near 50 weight distribution for which their cars were famous, and the new 5 series for. BMW 5 Series engines Specs, oil, malfunction, tuning Motors. 27 Jan 2016 Contact. Zionsville Autosport 10805 Andrade Drive, Unit A Zionsville, IN 46077. 317 873 3216 800 BIMMERS. M F 8:00AM 5:00PM. BMW 5 Series E39 DIY Auto. 6 Oct 2017 This BMW electric conversion filled with recycled batteries will attempt to drive 1000 miles on a single charge. Common Repairs on the BMW e39 5 Series BimmerShops. BMW E39 5 Series ST Suspension. Changing the suspension setup on a refined German car often times feels like meddling with perfection. With an advanced.

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WeatherTech Rear Rubber Mats Black BMW 5 Series E39. USP Motorsports has everything needed for your daily or track car to run with high and durable. BMW, 5 Series, E39.00 03,Grille,RH HENG FU INDUSTRIAL CO. Find BMW 5 Series at the best price. We have 43 cars for sale for bmw 5 series e39, from just $800. BMW e39 suspension: Racing Dynamics. Hella DESIGN Headlamp BMW 5 series, E39, Xenon FF H7, With Celis, With Clear or Amber flasher lamp, ECE. Thinking of buying BMW E39 5 series Conti Talk google - Compatible: 2001 2003 BMW 525i Base Sedan 4 Door 2001 2003 BMW 525i Base Wagon 4 Door 1997 2000 BMW 528i Base Sedan 4 Door 1999 2000 BMW. BMW E39 5 Series – Zionsville Autosport. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Its where your interests connect you with your people.

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