BMW 6 Series, E24 - bmw. BMW E24 is the first generation of the BMW 6 series Grand Tourer coupé that was produced from 1976 to 1989, and was replaced by the ..

BMW 6 Series (E24)

BMW 6 Series (E24)

BMW E24 is the first generation of the BMW 6 series Grand Tourer coupé that was produced from 1976 to 1989, and was replaced by the BMW E9 coupe.

On the E24 was produced only in 2-door coupe body type. In addition to models M635CSi / M6 for E24 was equipped with a range of BMW M30 six-cylinder engines. Originally based on the chassis E12 5 series E24 has moved to a new chassis E28 5 Series In 1982.

In the M635CSi was the first of the model series of the BMW M6 and the third BMW M-car brand. It is powered by М88 / 3 inline six-cylinder engine. In North America, the car is badged as "M6" and uses a less powerful engine BMW S38.

Although the BMW 8 series was released E24 ends, series 8 is a separate model, and therefore is not the legal successor to the E24. In E24s successor of the E63 6 series was released in 2004 after a 16-year break.


1. Development and production of. (Разработка и производство)

The original proposal for the E24 was based on the BMW E9 3.0 CS with the increased height, in order to make it easier for customers to get in the car. However, Bob Lutz rejected the proposal, ultimately leads to a form E24 in its production form. On E24 was designed by Paul Bracq. Unlike its predecessor, the E9, the E24 body has a Central rack.

Production started in January 1976 630CS and 633CSi in February 1976. Were built before production ended in April 1989, a total of 86.216 cars.

Originally the bodies were manufactured by Karmann, but production was later taken in-house to BMW.


2. Transfer. (Перевод)

Originally E24 was available with a 4-speed manual transmission Getrag 262, 5-speed manual transmission Getrag 265, or 3-speed automatic transmission ZF 3HP22.

In 1983 the automatic transmission was upgraded with a 4-speed ZF 4HP22.


3. Suspension and steering. (Подвеска и рулевое управление)

The front suspension consists of MacPherson struts and independent rear suspension semi-trailing arms. In 1982, the front suspension was upgraded to include two-axis, lower arms, and rear suspension geometry has been revised.

Steering uses ball recirculation by force.


4. M version. (М версия)

Model M635CSi was introduced at the Frankfurt motor show in 1983, is the first in the line of the M6 models. In 1987, the equivalent model for the North American market USA and Canada were represented under the name just M6.

In the M635CSi is powered by a 210 kW 282 HP version of the BMW М88 / 3 inline six-cylinder engine. North American car M6 works on the upset 191 kW 256 HP version of the BMW S38 inline six-cylinder engine that has low compression and uses a catalytic Converter.

For its production from 1983 to 1989, 4.088 M635CSi /M6 cars have been built, 1.767 of which were designed for the North American market.


5.1. Model year changes. One thousand nine hundred seventy-eight. (Одна тысяча девятьсот семьдесят восемь)

In July 1978 a more powerful variant, the 635CSi, was introduced. 635CSi showed close-ratio 5-speed gearbox and a black rear spoiler. The engines are the M90 more bore and less stroke led 160 kW 215 HP and increase of torque in the models without catalytic Converter. Aerodynamic changes reduce lift at high speeds by almost 15% compared to other models E24.


5.2. Model year changes. One thousand nine hundred seventy-nine. (Одна тысяча девятьсот семьдесят девять)

In 1979 on the carbureted 630CS was replaced with the 628CSi, this car was equipped with a fuel-injected engine from 2.8 l E12 528i. Anti-lock brake system was available as an option.


5.3. Model year changes. One thousand nine hundred eighty. (Одна тысяча девятьсот восемьдесят)

In 1980, the fuel injection system is changed from a Bosch l-Jetronic to Motronic Bosch. Central system 635CSi castle now can be done from the passenger door and the trunk.


5.4. Model year changes. Facelift 1982. (Фейслифтинг 1982)

In the model from 1982 to 1983 in the US, the platform changes from E24 series E12 5 series E28 5, as a result of changes to exterior styling, engines, chassis, suspension, electronics and interior. New struts in the front suspension was double-bound, which makes the car less likely to dive under heavy braking. New rear axle was almost identical to the trailing arm layout E28 528i, with the addition of additional top mounted link. Meanwhile, ventilated rear discs was an unnecessary complication and was replaced by a solid.

The engine, the 635CSi was updated to 3.430 CC 209 CC in the M30B34, which is a smaller diameter and longer stroke than in previous 3.453 211 CC CU in engine the M90. The 635CSi has become available with a wide ratio 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission.


5.5. Model year changes. One thousand nine hundred eighty-seven. (Одна тысяча девятьсот восемьдесят семь)

E24s produced after June 1987 were installed headlights ellipsoid, as in accordance with the recently introduced series 7 Е32. Front and rear bumpers and the spoilers were redesigned to use a unified design all over the world to models sold in North America uses a different design from the rest of the world.

The 635CSi engine was upgraded to a high compression M30B35, which resulted in an increase in power of 19 kW 25 HP For engines with catalytic converters.


6. North American and Japanese lineup. (Североамериканский и японский модельный ряд)

Although in other markets there are several models of the E24 in North America was available only one model at any given time aside from the M6 motorway.


6.1. North American and Japanese lineup. 630CSi

In 1977, the series 6 was released in the US as the 630CSi. In 630CSi equipped with a fuel-injected version of the engine 630CS. This engine is the 3.0-liter produces 131 kW 176 HP and 251 N * m 185 lbf⋅ft.


6.2. North American and Japanese lineup. 633CSi

In the 630CSi was replaced in September 1977 633CSi. In the specification USA / Japan, 633CSi was equipped with a 135 kW / 181 HP version of the M30B32 engine. The yield later fell to 130 kW 174 HP.

In September, model 1980, 1981, manual transmission for vehicles United States has been upgraded from 4-speed to 5-speed. 3-speed automatic transmission was optional.

In September 1982, North American and Japanese market model received a major facelift, the model sold in the rest of the world.


6.3. North American and Japanese lineup. 635CSi

In 1985 was replaced by the 633CSi 635CSi for the North American market. This model uses the M30B34 engine that produces 136 kW 182 HP and 290 nm 214 lbf⋅ft at 4.000 rpm. In L6 "Deluxe edition" Version of the 635CSi was available in North America in the 1987 model year. To L6 are the leather headliner and trim and automatic transmission.

In 1988, the engine was upgraded to a M30B35. This engine has a volume of 3.4 litres, despite the model code and the "3.5" inscription on the intake manifold and produces 155 kW 208 HP and 305 nm 225 lbf⋅ft of torque. This upgraded engine, the result of catalytic Converter-equipped models United States of America offers similar performance to European models. Self-levelling rear suspension was added to 635CSi and M6 features list.


6.4. North American and Japanese lineup. M6

In 1987, North America and Japan got the equivalent of the M635CSi, called simply M6. The main difference between M6 and its European counterpart, is that the S38 engine is used instead of М88. Compared to М88, the S38 has a catalytic Converter, the compression ratio reduced to 9.8:1, chain double terms in a row, in a short time the camshaft and a simplified exhaust manifold. Power output for the North American E24 M6 is 256 HP 191 kW 22 kW 30 HP less than the European M635CSi.

Standard equipment on the United States market M6 cars included many features that were mandatory on European cars, including heated electric seats, self-levelling rear suspension, beverage cooler-cooled air-conditioning system between the rear seats, ventilation for rear seat passengers, curtain for rear occupants and an 8 speaker premium sound system.


7. Motorsport. (Мотоспорт)

Achievements in Championships and cups:

  • Belgian Touring car group N 1 Name 1984.
  • Australian Touring championship, 1 title 1985.
  • The Australian endurance, 2 titles in 1985 and 1986.
  • The European championship uphill, 1 title 1985.
  • New Zealand Touring 2 title in 1985 and 1987.
  • The Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft, 1 Name 1984.
  • European championship Touring, 3 titles in 1981, 1983 and 1986.
  • New Zealand Benson & hedges sedan Series, 1 title in 1985.
  • The Nissan-Mobil 500 series New Zealand, 1 title 1985.
  • Japanese touring car championship, 1 names 1985.
  • The AMSCAR series, 1 title in 1985.
  • The Australian manufacturers championship, 1 title 1985.

Race wins:

  • Cancer Tourist Trophy, 2 wins in 1980 and 1984.
  • Sandown 500, 1 win 1985.
  • Spa 24 hours, 3 victories 1983, 1985 and 1986.
  • Race GIA, 1 win 1983.
  • 4h / 500 km Monza, 3 wins in 1980, 1981 and 1983.
  • 24 hours of Nurburgring, 2 wins in 1984 and 1985.

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All BMW 6 Series models from the E24 to the G32 to rate. Used BMW 6 Series at International Car Center Serving Lombard, IL. 2 Nov 2017 The first generation BMW 6 Series isnt typically associated with But, the E24 6er made for a hell of a cool race car, that actually saw some. Development and. 112Used bmw 6 series e24 on the parking, the webs fastest search for used cars.? Find the car of your dreams.

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The BMW 6 Series E24 was the first variant of the 6 series produced by BMW from 1976 through 1989. BMW 6 Series E24 1976 1989 Page 2 Ultimgoogle - Looking for used BMW 6 Series car from top dealers and private sellers in your area with. BMW 6 Series E24 GlobalCarForum GermanCarForum. Find 0 used 1987 BMW 6 Series deals on Cgoogle -®. Shop millions of cars from over 21000 dealers and find the perfect car.

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Koenig BMW 6 Series E24 photo gallery high quality photos of koenig bmw 6 series e24. Collection with 1 pics. The Ultimate BMW Forum Bimmerforums. Tires, Wheels, and Tire and Wheel Packages for 1987 BMW 6 Series E24 from Performance Plus Tire. Performangoogle - is one of the leading wheels. BMW 6 Series V12 Mule E24 1987 BMW Concepts and Prototypes. The E24 stayed in production for 13 years and is probably the most desirable classic BMW you. BMW 6 Series E24 1983 89 MonoSS Coilovers 58mm. BMW 6 Series E24 Cutaway Drawing. Cars, Vehicles BMW 6 Series E24 cutaway. Tags: BMW Grand tourer Sedan. Related drawings: Maserati Biturbo. Create a BMW 6 Series M6 E24 G32 Tier List TierMaker. 4 Jan 2019 This is the Highly Detailed factory service repair manual for the1983 BMW 6 SERIES E24, this Service Manual has detailed illustrations as well.

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23 Jul 2014 The BMW 6 Series is known as a BMW luxury car and this is where it all begun. The E24 was a replacement for the CS and CSL coupes first. BMW E24 6 Series For Sale BaT Auctions Bring a Trailer. Find the best BMW 6 Series 635CSi for sale near you. Every used car for sale comes with a free CARFAX Report. We have 13 BMW 6 Series 635CSi vehicles for. BMW 6 Series E24 by FARKI15 DESIGN metal posters Displate. BMW 6 series I E24 635i 3.4 MT power, fuel consumption, acceleration to 100, fuel type and other information. BMW 6 Series E24 76 89 H&R Springs H&R Suspension Direct. 2X Low car outline stickers for BMW E24 m635 CSi classic 6 series. TurnercoSticker. 5 out of 5. E24 m6 bmw grill key keychain ring holder rack 6 series. BMW 6 Series Questions With an E24 BMW M635 CSi M88 3. 14 Jun 2013 But what if the 3 Series E30 is a bit too boy racer for your tastes, and the is a 1980s vintage BMW that will be just right – the 6 series E24.

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BMW 6 Series E24 Instrument Cluster Light Upgrade. Odometer Gear Replacement. Cost: $25 plus. NEW Auto Parts and Vehicles Genuine BMW E24 6 series owners. H&R Springs to fit the BMW 6 Series E24 76 89 available at EuroPerformance Parts the UKs No.1 supplier of H&R Springs. Fast worldwide & UK Shipping. Used BMW 6 Series 635CSi for Sale with Photos CARFAX. 9 Aug 2015 For those that wanted the ultimate in style, luxury and with two doors, then the only true choice was the 6 Series cars. BMW code named E24. The 6 Series E24 Forum BimmerBoard. Oxidized Aluminum Kit, Rocker Panel Kit, and Anodized Stripper Kits Restore The E24. BMW once tested a V12 in the BMW 6 Series E24 BMW Blog. Browse and bid online for the chance to own a BMW E24 6 Series at auction with Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online.

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