BMW 3 Series, E21 - bmw. BMW 3-series is a line of BMW from 1975 to 1983, the first generation 3-series. In E21 in the end managed series 02. It was followed ..

BMW 3 Series (E21)

BMW 3 Series (E21)

BMW 3-series is a line of BMW from 1975 to 1983, the first generation 3-series. In E21 in the end managed series 02. It was followed by the second generation E30, to continue the current seventh generation of the G20.

The original model was produced in two-door sedan body type with four-cylinder petrol engines. Fuel injection engines were introduced in late 1975 and 6-cylinder engines were added in 1977. Convertible body type - production Baur - was produced from 1978 to 1981.

No model of the BMW M3 for the generation E21, but a few limited edition models based on the top version, the six-cylinder 323i.


1. Development. (Развитие)

Under the leadership of its majority 51% stake, Herbert Quandt, BMW decided upon replacing their aging series 02.

In July 1975, BMWs Board presented the E21 in the Munich Olympic stadium.


2. Styling. (Стайлинг)

Front view of the new car was dominated by mark BMW kidney grille clearly stand out from the radiator cap. The style of the new car kind of reminds E12 5 series that was in production as E21 was introduced. Like many other BMW models, the c-pillar of the E21 has the Hofmeister kink.

Paul Bracq, Director of design at BMW from 1970 1974, is credited with setting the direction for the design of E21.


3. Interior. (Интерьер)

The cab E21 marked the introduction of a new design concept, with the center console and Central dashboard deployed to the driver. It became part of the design philosophy of the BMW interior for many years. As a sign of passive safety all edges and control elements in the interior were rounded and soft.


4.1. Engines. Three hundred fifteen. (Триста пятнадцать)

315 was the base model for the years 1981 to 1983, 55 kW 74 HP Version 316s 1.6-litre engine is tuned for fuel economy. It accelerates to 100 km / h in 14.8 seconds and has a top speed of 154 km / h 96 km / h.


4.2. Engines. Three hundred sixteen. (Триста шестнадцать)

The 316 was the basic model for 1975 to 1981, installed 1.6 l 98 CU in M10 engine power 73 kW 98 HP. It accelerates to 100 km / h 62 mph in 14 seconds and has a top speed of 160 km / h 99 mph.

In 1980 the displacement was increased to 1.8 liters after 318 carburetor version was discontinued, while model icon remains as "316". Acceleration to 100 km / h was reduced to 12.5 seconds, and top speed increased to 167 km / h 104 km / h.


4.3. Engines. Three hundred eighteen. (Триста восемнадцать)

On 318 is a middle class model, which works on carbureted four-cylinder engine. It accelerates to 100 km / h in 12 seconds and has a top speed of 165 km / h 103 mph.


4.4. Engines. 318 CI sport. (318 сі спорт)

In 1980 carbureted 318 was replaced with fuel injected 318 CI sport. It accelerates to 100 km / h in 11.5 seconds and has a top speed of 173 km / h 107 km / h.

In Sweden, 318 CI sport badged 320i and had twin headlights.


4.5. Engines. Three hundred twenty. (Триста двадцать)

The original 320 model is powered by a four-cylinder engine with a Solex 2-barrel carburetor with reverse thrust. It accelerates to 100 km / h 62 mph in 11.5 seconds and has a top speed of 170 km / h 106 km / h.


4.6. Engines. 320i sport

On 320i Cabrio / Roadster was released in late 1975. It has a system of continuous injection Bosch K-Jetronic instead of the carburetor. It accelerates to 100 km / h 62 mph in 10.5 seconds and has a top speed of 180 km / h 112 mph.


4.7. Engines. 320 / 6

In 1977, the model 320 is switched from the BMW M10 four-cylinder engine BMW M20 six-cylinder engine. Although they remained under the name of "320", six-cylinder models are often referred to as "320 / 6". The engine uses a Solex 4-barrel carburetor with a downward flow. 320 / 6 accelerates to 100 km / h 62 mph in 10.0 seconds and has a top speed of 180 km / h 112 mph.


4.8. Engines. 323i

On the 323i was the top model E21 after its introduction in 1977. It is equipped with a 2.3-liter six-cylinder engine with Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection. It accelerates to 100 km / h 62 mph in 8.7 seconds and has a top speed of 200 km / h 124 km / h.


5. Transfer. (Перевод)

  • 4-speed manual Getrag 242.
  • 5-speed Getrag 245 manual either an overload or a close-ratio transmission factory option, since 1976.
  • 3-speed ZF 3HP22 automatic 318 and 320.

6. Chassis and suspension. (Шасси и подвеска)

With a wheelbase measuring 2.6 m 102 in length overhanging the front and rear of the body was minimal. The route is measured At 54 1.364 mm on the front, and 1.377 mm 54 in rear.

Charms included rack and pinion steering and MacPherson strut suspension at the front and semi-trailing arm type independent suspension at the rear. The design of the rear suspension changes the camber, which may be "snap oversteer" at the limit handling. To the booster the brakes were discs on the front wheels, and rear wheel drum brakes, except for models 323i that had discs all round.


7. Model year changes. (Модельный год меняется)

In E21s release, three models were available: with 316 1.6 litre, 1.8 litre 318, 320 2.0-litre versions of the BMW M10 four cylinder engine. To distinguish between models, 320 models came with dual headlights, while the 316 and 318 had single headlights.


7.1. Model year changes. One thousand nine hundred seventy-five. (Одна тысяча девятьсот семьдесят пять)

Injection 320i sport was introduced in late 1975. He was the M10 four-cylinder engine with Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection and a limited slip differential was available as an option.


7.2. Model year changes. One thousand nine hundred seventy-seven. (Одна тысяча девятьсот семьдесят семь)

At the 1977 international motor show in Frankfurt, BMW unveiled its new variants of the E21, featuring the new BMW M20 six-cylinder engines, which were originally called "M60".

The four-cylinder 320 model was replaced by a 320 / 6 liter version of the 2.0 engine to the M20. New range-topping model 323i was introduced with a 2.3 l 105 kW 141 HP, which gave 323i maximum speed of 200 km / h 124 km / h. The braking system was also upgraded, with the 323i with disc brakes on all wheels. Options include power steering, 5-speed close-ratio sports gearbox dogleg, and a 25% limited-slip differential.


7.3. Model year changes. One thousand nine hundred eighty. (Одна тысяча девятьсот восемьдесят)

For the 1980 model year, the models with four-cylinder has been upgraded: 1.8 l carbureted M10 block was revised to produce 66 kW, 89 HP, and entered the market in the updated 316, while in injection variant of the 1.8 l M10 was introduced into 318 CI sports model, which replaced carbureted 318 as a model of the medium price range. This fuel-injected 1.8 l M10 was also sold in Sweden with the 320i sport saloon with a higher level of standard equipment, to distinguish it from the 318 CI sport because 320 / 6 was never certified for sale there.


7.4. Model year changes. One thousand nine hundred eighty-one. (Одна тысяча девятьсот восемьдесят один)

Economic model 315 was introduced as a reaction to the second "oil crisis" in late 1979. More Spartan than the other E21 models, it was the last E21 and produced alongside the early models E30.


8. Baur TopCabriolet. (Баур TopCabriolet)

Was converted convertible offered by Karosserie Baur called TopCabriolet. It consisted of a Targa roof and an independent rear soft-top. TopCabriolet production began in 1978 and was sold via the BMW dealership network.

All models Baur included the BMW warranty. Were manufactured before production ended in 1981 in the amount of 4.595 means.


9. Models In North America. (Моделей В Северной Америке)

In E21 was sold in the U.S. from model year 1977 to 1983 as a four-cylinder 320i and 320is. The six-cylinder model was not sold in America because the E21 version of the M20 engine did not meet the standards for emissions in the US at the time. Model 320i sport sold in the United States there is a reactor on thermal neutrons as a pollution control device.

From 1977 to 1979 American models are both powered by a 2.0 l 122 CU in fuel injected version of the M10 engine with four cylinders. In 1980, the M10 engine was deforsirovan to 1.8 l, 110 CU in, resulting in 100 km / h 62 mph acceleration Time of 11.1 seconds and a top speed of 169 km / h 105 km / h.

Thanks to the American requirements, the following changes are necessary:

  • In 1980, the engine was reduced from 2.0 l to 1.8 l and the thermal reactor was replaced by the catalyst.
  • Marking the fuel level changes from liters to "full, ½, reserve".
  • Distressed version of the M10 engine, initially using a thermal reactor for exhaust emission control.
  • Sealed beam headlights, larger lights and side reflectors.
  • Speedometer in miles-per-hour. (Спидометр в милях-в-час)
  • Large front and rear "diving Board" bumper bars, which increased the vehicles overall length 16 cm 6 In to 4.5 m in 177.

In 1980, the model 320is was released in the United States, powered by a 1.8 l 110 CU in version of the M10 four-cylinder engine. The "S package" Recaro sports seats, upgraded suspension components, which included a rear stabilizer and a larger front stabilizer bar, 5-speed gearbox and limited-slip differential, cross-spoke alloy wheels, larger and broader set of tools, double manual sunroof, AM / FM radio with CD player, fog lights, 3-spoke leather steering wheel and leather shift knob transmission, front air dam, delete from alphanumeric token 320i sports on the rear tailgate and a limited colour scheme of white, silver or black. Just 2.500 320iss was produced.


10. Production. (Производство)

E21 production began in June 1975 and finished in 1983. The total estimates of production differ between 1.359.444 and 1.364.039 cars.

In E21 was produced at the BMW plant in Munich, Germany. Models sold in Malaysia used complete knockdown kits made in Germany that was assembled in Kuching, Malaysia.


11. Motorsport. (Мотоспорт)

The group 5 version of the BMW 320 introduced in 1977 as replacement for BMW 3.0 TSSL, nicknamed the Flying brick, with reference to a block shape, was powered by a Formula two engine that was tuned to 225 kW / 302 HP to by BMW Motorsport. The car was developed in just 12 weeks, without technical drawings. The engineers at BMW Motorsport and simply carry out modifications directly with the car gradually acquires its final appearance.

Group 5 320 were also used by team McLaren in the American international series of the Association of motor sport. It was also used by the BMW Junior team, whose drivers included Manfred Winkelhock, Eddie Cheever, and Marc Surer. 320 won his first race in Zolder in 1977, Marc surer at the wheel. He also won in 1981 and 1982 GUIA race of Macau.

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The BMW 3 Series was, is still the embodiment of a sports sedan. Watch as Jonathan Lee takes. First generation of BMW 3 Series E21 Shark Classic BMW. This vehicle is located in Denia. Spain but will be delivered to Baltimore. MD or Jacksonville. FL after the sale. Please read the full listing and see below for. 1982 BMW 3 Series 323i E21 Kit Alpina Classic Driver Market. BMW E21 is the body designation for the first BMW 3 Series compact executive car. We offer Free GPS Tracking solution for 3 SERIES E21 produced by BMW. The E21s Time is Now BimmerLife. Jul 23, 2015 Over the past 40 years, the 3 Series has dominated the segment it may or may not have created. bmw E21 3 Series 1900x1200 01 750x500.

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Shop BMW 3 Series E21 car covers in top rated materials. Free shipping on orders $99 Shop now!. BMW 3 Series E21 google - May 3, 2016 Based on the original E21 BMW 3 series, the C1 2.3 bridged the performance gap between the standard BMW 323i and Alpinas hard charging. E21 For Sale BaT Auctions Bring a Trailer. Discount Prices on Parts and Accessories For All BMW 3 Series Models Fast Affordable Shipping To Your Home Or Shop!. BMW 3 Series A look back at the first six generations Get the latest. BMW 3 Series E21 High Quality Content by PEDIA articles BMW E21 is the body designation for the first BMW 3 Series compact executive car, produced.

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Sep 19, 2018 The first 3 Series, launched in 1975, doesnt always get the love it deserves. A lot of that is probably because it sits between two iconic cars that. BMW 3 Series 1977 83 E21 Lights & Lenses Page 1 rogerstii. Oct 2, 2018 The E21 generation 3 Series kicked off the model line, guided by the success of the Neue Klasse 2002 models. The debut of a new BMW. Buying Guide BMW E21 3 Series Drive My Blogs Drive. Apr 6, 2019 The most notable example of this is the E21, the very first 3 Series, At the time, journalists and BMW enthusiasts alike seemed to hate the new. E21 bmw Tumblr. Jul 18, 2015 In July 1975 German carmaker BMW introduces the whole new 2 doors 3 Series at the Munich Olympic Stadium. The new car succeeded the.

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