BMW S38 - bmw. BMW S38-straight-6 DOHC gasoline engine which replaced М88 and was made from 1984-1995. This S38 was originally prepared for North America as ..



BMW S38-straight-6 DOHC gasoline engine which replaced М88 and was made from 1984-1995. This S38 was originally prepared for North America as equivalent to М88 with slightly lower output power. In 1989, the power of S38 has been increased and has become a worldwide replacement М88.

In 1998, BMW M5 switched to the motor S62 V8 engine. Therefore, there is the direct successor of the S38, but the engine is BMW S50 was the BMW high performance straight-6 engine.


1. Design. (Дизайн)

The S38 engine is based on the M88 / 3. Compared to М88 / 3, the S38 has a lower compression ratio of 9.8:1, a simplified exhaust manifold, catalytic Converter, circuit dual-row timing and camshaft the short term. In accordance with М88 / 3, the S38 uses a valve with a gasket and bucket valve actuation. The air intake is through six individual throttle bodies with intake pipes fed cast aluminum intake Plenum.


2.1. Options. S38B35

The original version of the article 38 has a diameter of 3.7 93.4 mm and stroke 84 mm 3.3 V.


  • 1986-1988 M6 E24 - Canada, Japan and the United States.
  • 1987-1989 as the E24 M635CSi models with catalytic Converter.
  • 1986-1987 M5 E28 - Canada, Japan and the United States.

2.2. Options. S38B36

For the S38B36, the displacement was increased to 3.535 CC 216 CU V. This was achieved due to the increase in stroke by 2 mm 0.079 in 86 mm 3.39 in, with the new forged steel crankshaft. Other changes included a revised camshaft, compression ratio increases to 10:1, variable length intake manifold for improved low rpm torque, equal length stainless steel exhaust headers Hotwire sensor mass air flow MAF and the Bosch Motronic engine management.


  • 1989-1993 E34 M5 - Canada and USA.
  • 1988-1992 E34 M5 worldwide.

2.3. Options. S38B38

In late 1991, BMW further enlarged the S38 engine to 3.795 CC 231.6 CU in, due to the increase in wells to 94.6 3.72 mm and stroke up to 90 mm 3.54. Increased power to 250 kW 335 HP at 6.900 rpm and torque increased to 400 N⋅m 295 lb⋅ft at 4.750 rpm.

Engine management was upgraded to Motronic 3.3, and the ignition was upgraded to coil-on-plug ignition. Other changes include the compression ratio increasing to 10.5:1, dual flywheel, exhaust manifold made of Inconel, more intake and exhaust valves, lighter pistons and the throttle increases to 4 mm 0.16 in 50 mm 2.0 V.


  • 1991-1995 E34 M5 European spec.

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BMW S38 S38 Powered 1980 BMW 528i 5 Speed Samochody. Apr 26, 2017 With an outrageously powerful turbocharged S38 wrapped up in a subtle shell, this ferocious BMW E30 really pushes the performance. .. BMW S38 M5 M6. at new heights. The S38 3.8L 4.1 L Stroker crank has been properly designed to ensure performance, durability and reliability. Our VAC. .. BMW S38 VAC Performance Coated Rod Bearing Set BMW S38 Engine. 3700 Sport factory S38 or S88 engine has life expectancy of about Since youve come to our website, youre most likely a hard core BMW. .. BMW S38 Datsun 240Z with a BMW Inline Six – Engine Swap Depot. NEW UPDATED SITE! BMW M88 S38 M Tech 24 valve six cylinder engine design notes, list of common problems, photos all known versions and sizes.. .. BMW S38 BMW S38. S38 B35 Kat Under the hood –. Mounted on: 1987–88 BMW M6 North America E24 11.1986–09.1988.. .. BMW S38 The UnixNerds Domain BMW M88 and S38 M Tech 24 Valve Six. Mar 31, 2018 Please subscribe to our channel: BMW E30 Coupe is. .. BMW S38 Nuke Performance 100 02 203 BMW 6 cylinder M30 S38 Fuel Rail. Jul 25, 2016 Wanting the best S38 could dream of, we enlisted VAC Motorsports BMW race legend to build Rusty Slammingtons engine.. .. BMW S38 1081hp turbo S38 engined BMW E30 My Blogs Drive. Buy Nuke Performance 100 02 203 in Fuel Rails. Fits BMW 6 cylinder M30 & S38 engines 17.5 mm internal diameter for high and reliable flow Made of 6082 T6. .. BMW S38 VAC Motorsports BMW S38 Stroker Kit. Jul 20, Now Playing. BMW X7 & 2019 McLaren 720S. & SUV Challenge. S38 E45. 2020 Toyota Supra & Compact. .. BMW S38 BMW E34 S38 3.6L & Upgrades OEM & Performance Parts. VAC S38 4.1L Stroker Kit has been properly designed tested to ensure performance, durability, and reliability in every form of racing.. BMW S38 BMW S38 3.8 4.1L Billet Stroker Crankshaft. Jan 12, 2019 This week, stylish BMW X4 grabs the attention of everyone who loves drive. Pat Goss has a way bring new technology to older cars.. .. BMW S38 BMW E30 Coupe S38 M5 Engine Swap Project YouTube. Our VAC Rod Bearing Sets are specially coated reduce friction to a minimum enabling lower temps and faster revolutions in your expensive S38 engine.. .. s38 engine performance? BMW M5 Forum and M6 Forums. May 23, 2012 Hello guys, am happy owner of one late model e34 m5 mmmmmm dont have much technical knowledge or only some basic and I wanted to. .. BMW S38 Schrick BMW M88 S38 Camshaft 280 284 276 Degree Duration M5. ECS Suggests For Your BMW E34 S38.6L. Top Selling Items. ES 2855961 012599SCH01A. Pc. 3 8 Drive Schwaben Long Torx Socket set. .. BMW S38 S38 E19: 2019 BMW X4 & Subcompact SUV Challenge. Nov 10, 2017 Christopher ready move on from his 1987 to next project. After realized there was little interest in the BMW M6, he would. .. BMW S38 MotorWeek BMW X7 & 2019 McLaren 720S Twin Cities PBS. Since valve guides on the S38 engines can not be replaced, valves with oversized Special parts include a Schrick 272º, offset exhaust cam gear, BMW. .. BMW S38 M5 Junior: Tuned S38 Swapped 1988 BMW M3 Bring a Trailer. Bid for chance to own S38 Powered 1980 BMW 528i 5 Speed at auction with Bring a Trailer, home of the best vintage and classic cars online.. .. BMW S38 VAC Motorsports Building Rusty Slammingtons BMW S38 Engine. Schrick manufactures some worlds finest camshafts. Each are made from highest quality new blanks their state of the art facility in Germany.. .. M5 & M6 Engines S38 S88 Metric Mechanic. Mar 28, 2016 This 1988 BMW M3 VIN WBSAK030XJ2197638 has had its original S14 four swapped out for a rebuilt and tuned S38 six cylinder,.

Bmw m60 itb Axis Cleaning.

8 Aug 2019 The E34 BMW M5 of the 80s and 90s, with its husky body and four cars engine, a big 3.5 liter naturally aspirated straight six called the S38. The BMW E34 M5 Is Weirder Than You Remember Jalopnik. All of the m20 ITB builds I have seen use either motorcycle throttle bodies or BMW itbs from a s38 50 54 motor. Welcome to Jenvey Dynamics. Jenvey Dynamics. S38 6 speed into E34 525iT BMW CCA Forum. Related: bmw e30 bmw s38 bmw m30 engine bmw m30b35 bmw m30 turbo bmw m20 bmw e34 bmw m88. At German Auto Center we have been exclusively. S38 Racing engine The Final Evolution BMW M5 Forum and M6. BMW S38 B36 Engine Spec BMW & Mini DragonAuto. With a combination of three and four cylinder units, the new B3x and B4x BMW B48 Four Cylinder. The Ultimate BMW Forum Bimmerforums. High Quality BMW S38 3.8L Connecting Rod Used For Engine Repairing, OEM Number provided by Cylinder Head, Piston, Piston Ring, Crankshaft.

Perform S38 Valve Adjustment 1988 BMW E28 M5 1 of 30 Black.

Find bmw s38 stock images in HD and millions of other royalty free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new. This South African BMW Powered M5 Pro Mod Is Truly One of One. Fiveomotorsport Guarantee: All Original Equipment replacement Lucas fuel injectors meet or exceed the performance of your original fuel injectors. S38 b36 video, s38 b36 clip Funny Video Online. Fuel rail with 8AN ORB port. Fuel rail set up for 14mm injectors. 1PCS Fuel rail. Material: 6061 T6 aluminum alloy. Color: Black. We will do our best to solve it. Megasquirt Support Forum MSEXTRA BMW S38 E30 Swap HELP! View. This is a brand new Gripforce standard clutch kit for BMW M5 M6. This clutch kit contains all the necessary components to do your clutch replacement and is the.

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The BMW S38 engine kit stage 4 comes with a KMS Management MD35 ECU together with dual lambda control, which has far more options and controllability. That 1000 HP Bugatti Beating BMW M5 Is for Sale Road & Track. Bmw S38 Engine. Engineerinig Mechanics Dynamics By J L Meriam, Cat 3024c Perkins Engine Specifications. 2003 Bmw Service Engine Soon Light,. S38 Tumblr. Sport Performance Tuner for B48 B46 and B38 Engines BMW – F48 X1 28i and. BMW S38 B36 with B38 crank conversion, rebuilt and waiting for ancillary. S38 partout and garage sale Bimmerfest BMW Forums. This sub reddit is dedicated to everything related to BMW vehicles, tuning, racing, motorsport, and the community of BMW drivers around the. 1081hp turbo S38 engined BMW E30 Drive My Blogs Drive. Diamondschwarz on Sport Cloth Interior, Stunning S38 Engine E30 M3! This car is amazing! Vehicle Specs: S38 3.6L Inline 6 Cylinder Engine, E34 M5 Clutch.

M5 & M6 Engines S38 S88 Metric Mechanic.

The Nuke Performance Fuel Rail for BMW engines is thought to be the highest flow rate rail on the market. This version is compatible with BMWs M30 & S38 6. How much power can a S38 M88 make naturally aspirated google - BMW S38 The BMW S38 is a straight 6 DOHC petrol engine which replaced the M88 and was produced from 1984 1995. The S38 was originally produced. CARRILLO H BEAM ROD: BMW S38 144mm WMC BOLT Race. 28 Aug 2017 The BMW E34 M5 turbo youre about to see in action against a Bugatti Veyron is more or less a sleeper with a bad bmw s38 turbo 830x397. BMW S38 Engine Engines Vehicles Scribd. The BMW S38 is a straight 6 DOHC piston engine which replaced the M88 and was produced from 1986 1996. It is based on the M88 3 engine. Based on the.

S38 S38B35 MPower 6 Cylinder built from 1986 to 1996 BMW 6.

6 Feb 2018 A BMW drag car built in South Africa? That is what you have here from Budler Motorsport. They chose the classic S38 inline 6 to be the heart of. Jibbajabbas BMW M3 S38 400hp: Readers Rides:. BMW S38 Engine Free download as PDF File.pdf, Text File.txt or read online for free. Bmw s38 engine modifications. 5157 Carrillo Pro H Beam Connecting Rods BMW M5 M6 S38. All of the m20 ITB builds I have seen use either motorcycle throttle bodies or BMW itbs from a s38 50 54 motor. M20 BMW ITB airbox. $385.00 View Item. BMW Engine Parts for BMW E34 M5 S38 3.5L Turner Motorsport. BMW e30 320i whit S38 Engine Swap 360 HP. 89 bmw e30 325i turbo StanceWorks Mernoki Tudomany, Garazs, Trucks, Motorok. Tobb informacio.

BMW E34 M5 S38 3.5L Engine Thermostat Parts Page 1 ECS.

Supertech valve spring and retainer kits for your BMW e28 M5 or e24 M6 with the S38b35. SuperTech Dual valve spring & retainer kit for the BMW s38 engine. Bmw m50 turbo dyno Ryan The Developer. 13 Jul 2018 The factory BMW S38 straight six engine seems to have been fully rebuilt to handle a massive amount of boost, as evidenced by the. S38 engine performance? BMW M5 Forum and M6 Forums. BMW S38 B35 B36 6 Cylinder Connecting Rods. Made in the UK. Stock connecting rod. BMW S38 B35 B36 6 Cylinder. Excl. Tax: £1.500.00 Incl. Tax: £ 1.800.00. BMW e30 320i whit S38 Engine Swap 360 HP Cars Pinterest. Manual transmissions which have no label on the bell. BMW M5 E34 S38 8 BOLT CARRIER OS Giken. 18 Dec 2012 Why Not s38 Turbo? I would love to get a good thread discussion going on this engine which is very rarely spoken about.

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