Psychonautics - mind. Psychonautics refers both to a methodology for describing and explaining the subjective effects of altered states of consciousness, esp ..



Psychonautics refers both to a methodology for describing and explaining the subjective effects of altered states of consciousness, especially an important subgroup called holotropic states, including those induced by meditation or mind-altering substances, and to a research cabal in which the researcher voluntarily immerses themselves into an altered mental state in order to explore the accompanying experiences.

The term has been applied diversely, to cover all activities by which altered states are induced and utilized for spiritual purposes or the exploration of the human condition, including shamanism, lamas of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, sensory deprivation, and archaic/modern drug users who use entheogenic substances in order to gain deeper insights and spiritual experiences. A person who uses altered states for such exploration is known as a psychonaut.


1. Etymology and categorization

The term psychonautics derives from the prior term psychonaut, usually attributed to German author Ernst Junger who used the term in describing Arthur Heffter in his 1970 essay on his own extensive drug experiences Annaherungen: Drogen und Rausch literally: "Approaches: Drugs and Inebriation". In this essay, Junger draws many parallels between drug experience and physical exploration - for example, the danger of encountering hidden "reefs."

Peter J. Carroll made Psychonaut the title of a 1982 book on the experimental use of meditation, ritual and drugs in the experimental exploration of consciousness and of psychic phenomena, or "chaos magic". The terms first published use in a scholarly context is attributed to ethnobotanist Jonathan Ott, in 2001.


1.1. Etymology and categorization Definition and usage

Clinical psychiatrist Jan Dirk Blom describes psychonautics as denoting "the exploration of the psyche by means of techniques such as lucid dreaming, brainwave entrainment, sensory deprivation, and the use of hallucinogenics or entheogens", and a psychonaut as one who "seeks to investigate their mind using intentionally induced altered states of consciousness" for spiritual, scientific, or research purposes.

Psychologist Dr. Elliot Cohen of Leeds Metropolitan University and the UK Institute of Psychosomanautics defines psychonautics as "the means to study and explore consciousness including the unconscious and altered states of consciousness; it rests on the realization that to study consciousness is to transform it." He associates it with a long tradition of historical cultures worldwide. Leeds Metropolitan University is currently the only university in the UK to offer a module in Psychonautics.

American Buddhist writer Robert Thurman depicts the Tibetan Buddhist master as a psychonaut, stating that "Tibetan lamas could be called psychonauts, since they journey across the frontiers of death into the in-between realm."


1.2. Etymology and categorization Categorization

The aims and methods of psychonautics, when state-altering substances are involved, is commonly distinguished from recreational drug use by research sources. Psychonautics as a means of exploration need not involve drugs, and may take place in a religious context with an established history. Cohen considers psychonautics closer in association to wisdom traditions and other transpersonal and integral movements.

However, there is considerable overlap with modern drug use and due to its modern close association with psychedelics and other drugs, it is also studied in the context of drug abuse from a perspective of addiction, the drug abuse market and online psychology, and studies into existing and emerging drugs within toxicology.


2. Methods

  • Hallucinogens, oneirogens, and especially psychedelics such as peyote, psilocybin mushrooms, LSD and DMT, but also dissociatives and atypical psychedelics such as ketamine, dextromethorphan, Tabernanthe iboga, Amanita muscaria and Salvia divinorum
  • Ritual, both as a means of inducing an altered state, and also for practical purposes of grounding and of obtaining suitable focus and intention
  • Biofeedback and other devices that change neural activity in the brain brainwave entrainment by means of light, sound, or electrical impulses, including: mind machines, dreamachines, binaural beats, and cranial electrotherapy stimulation
  • Icaros, which are the songs i.e. something verbal that is ordinarily perceived as an auditory sensation the Ayahuasceros sing to induce pictorial representations, rich tapestries of colors and patterns that are visually seen by the listener. See: synesthesia The ayahuasca ingredient, harmine, was once known as telepathine because of this group-facilitated activity of singing icaros and the shared perception it cultivates. A shaman who is one of the Ayahuascero people is expected to memorize as many icaros as they can.
  • Prayer
  • Dreaming, in particular lucid dreaming in which the person retains a degree of volition and awareness, and dream journals
  • Hypnosis
  • Meditative or trance inducing dance, like Sufi whirling can also be used to induce altered state of consciousness
  • Disruption of psychological and physiological processes required for usual mental states - sleep deprivation, fasting, sensory deprivation, oxygen deprivation/smoke inhalation, holotropic breathwork
  • Meditation
  • Guided Imagery and Music GIM refers to all forms of music-imaging in an expanded state of consciousness, including not only the specific individual and group forms that music therapist and researcher Helen Bonny developed, but also all variations and modifications in those forms created by her followers.

These may be used in combination; for example, traditions such as shamanism may combine ritual, fasting, and hallucinogenic substances.


3. Works and notable figures

One of the best known psychonautical works is Aldous Huxleys The Doors of Perception. In addition to Ernst Junger, who coined the term, the American physician, neuroscientist, psychoanalyst, philosopher, writer and inventor John C. Lilly is another well-known psychonaut. Lilly was interested in the nature of consciousness and, amongst other techniques, he used isolation tanks in his research.

Philosophical- and Science-fiction author Philip K. Dick has also been described as a psychonaut for several of his works such as The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch. Another influential psychonaut is the psychologist and writer Timothy Leary. Leary is known for controversial talks and research on the subject; he wrote several books including The Psychedelic Experience. Another widely known psychonaut is the American philosopher, ethnobotanist, lecturer, and author Terence McKenna. McKenna spoke and wrote about subjects including psychedelic drugs, plant-based entheogens, shamanism, metaphysics, alchemy, language, culture, technology, and the theoretical origins of human consciousness.

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Psychonaut – Mystery of Existence.

Aug 13, 2019 Essayist and cultural critic Michael Grasso just posted the first major blog review of High Weirdness on the Cold War pop culture website We. What does psychonautics mean Definition of psychonautics Word. Jan 4, 2017 On his currently running 80 plus city tour, A Good Trip, hes taking audiences inside the mind and experiences of a man who loves drugs and. Shane Mauss: A Good Trip Kings Raleigh. The Grand Illusion: A psychonautical odyssey into the depths of human psychonautical quest, to see if there was more to be learned about the mind from. So You Want to be a Psychedelic Researcher? R. Andrew Sewell. All tagged Psychonautics. Jan 31. Jan 31 FUTURE FOSSILS 58 Shane Mauss Psychonautic Adventures at The Edge of Genius & Madness michaelgarfield.

Ayahuasca: A Beginners Guide to Losing Your Mind GQ.

And more specifically focused on psychedelics and altered states are the yearly Mind States conventions, where aboveground researchers and underground. Five Books for the Psychonaut google - Psychonautics is a mobile digital experience providing access to reliable, from the Greek psyche. IAwake Technologies Transformative Sound Technologies. May 16, 2011 Chaos, Psychonautics and Discordianism in the Huxtable Narrative. state in which ones mind is focused, entirely, upon a singular goal,. The REM Dreamer as an Aid in Lucid Dream Induction. Psychonautics is the eccentric study of the mind through engagement of altered states of consciousness. Altered states may be experienced in many different.

Etymology and.

Magic mushrooms Psychedelic Experience in Art and Mind Psychonautics lsd Altered States of Consciousness Psychedelic DMT ayahuasca Plant. Psychonautical The Village Voice. Apr 8, 2019 A recent study by Imperial College revealed how LSD changes brain connectivity alongside research from the University of Zurich,. Ketamine Case Study: The Phenomenology of a Ketamine Experience. Apr 17, 2019 Viking Asatru, Norse & Indian mythos, Sacred Geometry, Dragon Ley lines, Shamanism & Psychonautics, Can mind influence machine?. Kowalski Room A Beginners Guide To Psychonautics File, MP3. Shamans and psychonauts are individuals who choose to embark upon a voyage of discovery into the universe of the mind. Such a journey is initiated via a.

The Psychonaut Tgoogle -

Anastasia Hill UCSB The subject of this project is psychonautic media: media forms and methods intended to expand consciousness and explore separate. What is Psychonautics? Definition from Maxyield Maximum Yield. Psychonautics from the Greek ψυχή psychē a… by psychonaut. Definition and usage. Psychonautics from the Greek ψυχή psychē soul spirit mind and ναύτης nautēs sailor navigator – a sailor of the mind soul refers both to a methodology. Psychonautics Research Papers google - Jul 30, 2002 He hung himself next to corpses, flopped around in feces, and once upchucked a plateful of spaghetti onto a human brain. A series of visionary.

Summa Psychonautica Rabbit Holing – Caitlin Johnstone.

Oct 1, 2019 The term psychonautics derives from psychonaut, a term usually attributed to German author Ernst Junger. Peter J. Carroll made Psychonaut the title of a 1982 book on the experimental use of meditation, ritual and psychoactive substances in the exploration of consciousness and of. The Importance of Psychonautics for the Modern World Ibogaine. Sep 5, 2019 I use psychedelics to aid in gaining a deeper understanding of the mind. This tour lead to my documentary Psychonautics A Comics. Words That Rhyme With Psychonautics google - Sep 6, 2018 Welcome to Psychonautics ✧ Psychonaut refers both to a methodology for describing and explaining the subjective effects of altered states of. A Psychedelic Trip To The Psych Ward Shane Mauss ATTMind 103. May 4, 2015 Psyche, meaning the spirit or mind of a man, and nautes, meaning a sailor. Floating is also a fantastic method of psychonautic exploration for. Shane Mauss to bring laughs, science to the Mill – The Daily Iowan. Jan 30, 2019 He has had comedy on the mind since a very early age. Psychonautics also documents Mauss taking each psychedelic drug to show the. Psychonautics 101 YouTube. Mind altering features of the visionary drug experience that are considered conducive to Such first person psychonautics can report a good deal about both.

Shane Mauss: A Good Trip Tickets Kings Raleigh, NC October.

May 16, 2016 Psychonautics need not be synonymous with psychedelics or new age metaphysics. The psychonaut is merely an explorer of the mind and. Psychonaut doc. Play full length songs from A Beginners Guide to Psychonautics by Kowalski Room on your phone, computer and home audio system with Napster. The Grand Illusion Cognitive and Neural Systems Boston University. Psychonaut is a word based on Greek roots that translate to sailor of the mind. or studying altered forms of consciousness, is called psychonautics, coined by. Psychonautics and Mind Exploration. Aug 4, 2019 This is partially because psychedelics destabilize the mind and can his documentary Psychonautics A Comics Exploration Of Psychedelics. Psychonautics Psychonauts Young Justice SI Page 10. Jan 13, 2015 Diana Slatterys eleven year adventure of psychonautic exploration Mongolias of the mind with that rarest of gifts, an alien artifact, Glide,. Why Psychonautics? Steemit. All things pertaining to the brain and explorations into its vast inner space.

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