BMW M30 - bmw m. The BMW M30 is a SOHC inline six-cylinder diesel engine, which was produced from 1968 to 1994. With a production cycle of 22 years is a long ..



The BMW M30 is a SOHC inline six-cylinder diesel engine, which was produced from 1968 to 1994. With a production cycle of 22 years is a long BMW production engine and was used in many models of cars.

The first model to use the M30 engine was BMW 2500 and 2800 sedans. The initial models of the M30 were produced in displacements 2.494–2.986 CC 152.2–182.2 CU in, with later versions having an offset of up to 3.430 cubic 209.3 CU in. As for the BMW M10 four-cylinder engine, which was developed by the M30, the M30 has a cast iron block, aluminum head and an upper camshaft with two valves per cylinder.

The engine got the nickname "six" and the eldest of six, after the introduction of a small BMW M20 inline six-cylinder engine in the late 1970-ies. On M30 were produced along with the M20 throughout the production M20s, and before the introduction of the BMW engine M70 V12 1987, M30 BMW was the most powerful and largest regular production engine.

After the introduction of the BMW M50 engine in 1990, the M30 started to curl.

Wards evaluated the M30 as one of the "best engines of the 20th century."


1. Design. (Дизайн)

The M30 was originally developed in the late 1960-ies, loosely based on the BMW M10 four-cylinder engine in the BMW new class sedans and coupes. Initially, the engine code was "M06", until it was later renamed to M30.

Common features between the M10 and the M30-enable the profile, reduce the 30-degree slant to the right, and tangential to the cylinder head of the gas flow in the subsequent designs and the chain-driven camshaft with rocker arm valve actuation. Additional features include a cast iron block with aluminum heads and forged crankshaft. The first two engines entered the M30 was 2.788 170.1 of the criminal code and 2.494 CC 152.2 CU in versions that used 86 mm 3.39 in bore.


2.1. Options. M30B25V

First 2.494 152.2 CU in CC version of the M30 was introduced in 1968 E3 2500. This version uses dual Solex Zenith 35 / 40 Inat carburetors, has a compression ratio of 9.0:1 and power output of 110 kW 148 HP In most applications. It has a diameter of 86 mm 3.39 and stroke of 86 mm × 71.6 mm 3.39 in × 2.82 V.

On M30B25 already called M06 and M68, BMW to retroactively renaming it M30B25V V Vergaser for the carburettor in Germany.


  • 1977-1979 E23 725.
  • E3 2500 1968-1977.
  • 1973-1976 E12 525 - 107 kW 143 HP, carburetor soleks 4E1.
  • 1976-1981 E12 525.
  • 1974-1975 E9 2.5 CS.

2.2. Options. M30B28V

Version M30B28V produces up to 125 kW 168 HP and 235 nm 173 lb⋅ft, depending on model year, the carburetor and country. It has a compression ratio of 9.0:1, and initially used double Zenith 35 / 40 Inat carburetors. Bore and 86 mm 3.39 in stroke 86 mm × 80 mm 3.39 in × 3.15 V.

This version is also known as M06 M68 and to BMW renaming it M30B28V.


  • 1976-1978 E12 528 - 125 kW 168 HP, carburetor soleks 4E1.
  • 2800 CS E9 1968-1971.
  • 1971-1971 E3 Bavaria (1971-1971 Е3 Баварии) - USA only.
  • E3 2800 1968-1977 / 2.8 l (Е3 2800 1968-1977 / 2.8 л) - 125 kW 168 HP.
  • 1977-1979 E23 728 - 125 kW 168 HP, carburetor soleks 4E1.
  • 1974-1976 E12 528 - 121 kW / 162 HP, dual Zenith Inat carburetors.

2.3. Options. M30B28

In 1977, Bosch l-Jetronic electronic fuel injection system was added to 2.788 170.1 of the criminal code in the version. Increased power to 135 kW / 181 HP and torque increased to 240 nm 177 lb⋅ft.

  • 1977-1978 E12 528i - only in North America, 129 kW / 173 HP, 9.0:1 compression ratio.
  • 1979-1987 E24 628CSi.
  • 1978-1981 528i E12.
  • 1979-1986 E23 728i.
  • 1981-1987 E28 528i.

2.4. Options. M30B30V

Depending on the version M30B28V with 3 mm 0.12 inch larger than the hole in M30B30V produces 132 kW 177 HP and 255 N⋅m 188 lb⋅ft, uses dual Zenith 35 / 40 Inat carburetors and has a compression ratio of 9.0:1.


  • 1971-1972 E9 3.0 CSL for.
  • 1971-1975 3.0 CS E9.
  • 1977-1979 E23 730 - 135 kW / 181 HP, carburetor Solex 4 A 1.
  • 1976-1979 E24 630 KV (1976-1979 Е24 630 КВ) - 136 kW 182 HP, 4E1 from pierburg carburetor.
  • E3 1971-1974 3.0 S / 3.0 L / Bavaria.

2.5. Options. M30B30

Fuel injection version 2.986 CC 182.2 CU in the M30 debuted in 1971 E9 3.0 CSI and was originally used Bosch D-Jetronic mechanical fuel injection system. In 1976, the fuel injection system has been upgraded to the Bosch l-Jetronic electronic fuel injection system. On M30B30 produces 149 kW 200 HP 272 N⋅m 201 lbf⋅ft, depending on model year and whether the catalytic Converter is installed. Compression ratio-9.5:1.


  • 1977-1978 630CSi E24 - only in North America, 129 kW / 173 HP.
  • 1988-1990 E34 530i - 138 kW, 185 HP.
  • Е32 730i 1986-1994 s (Е32 730i с 1986-1994 с) - 138 kW, 185 HP.
  • 1976-1976 E12 530 MLE (1976-1976 Е12 530 МЛО) - South Africa, 147 kW 197 HP.
  • 1972-1973 E9 3.0 CSL in 149 kW 200 HP.
  • Between 1975 and 1978 E12 530i (Между 1975 и 1978 Е12 530i) - only in North America, 131 kW 176 HP.
  • 1971-1975 E9 3.0 CSI (1971-1975 Е9 3.0 ИБК) - 149 kW 200 HP.
  • 1972-1975 E3 3.0 si (1972-1975 Е3 3.0 Си) - 147 kW 197 HP.


2.6. Options. M30B32

Despite the presence of potential 3.210 195.9 CU in CC, this engine came in many cars under the brand, with a view to recommending 3.3 l 201 CU in displacement, such as 633i, 733i 3.3 Li and. The compression ratio is 8.8:1. In the E24 633CSi coupe, M30B32 uses Bosch l-Jetronic electronic fuel injection system. The us version used L-Jetronic from 1978 until mid-1981, the transition to digital Motronic fuel injection in June of this year. In 1979 BMW 732i first use Boschs Motronic fuel injection. Diameter 3.50 89 mm and stroke 86 mm 3.39.


  • 1984-1986 E30 333i in South Africa, 145 kW, 194 HP.
  • 1979-1986 E23 732i - 144 kW 193 HP.
  • 1982-1984 533i E28 - only in North America, 135 kW / 181 HP.
  • 1976-1979 E3 3.3 Li (1976-1979 Е3 3.3 Ли) - 147 kW 197 HP.
  • 1979-1981 E12 533i - only in North America, 135 kW / 181 HP.
  • 1973-1975 E9 3.0 CSL for (1973-1975 Е9 3.0 CSL на) - 152 kW, 204 HP, 3.153 CC, 192.4 CU in.
  • 1976-1984 as E24 633CSi (1976-1984 так как E24 633CSi) - 145-147 194 to 197 kW HP In European spec, 128-130 kW 172-174 HP specifications USA.
  • 1977-1984 E23 733i - 147 kW 197 HP In European spec, 130-145 kW HP 174-194 in the specification of U.S.


2.7. Options. M30B33V

On gasoline M30B33 produces 139 kW 186 HP and 289 N⋅m 213 lb⋅ft. It has a diameter of 89 mm, 3.50 and stroke 88 mm 3.46 in.


  • 1973-1975 E3 3.3 L.

2.8. Options. M30B34

The M30B34 engine sold in Europe and most other countries used a 10.0:1 compression ratio and produced 160 kW 215 HP. In North America and Japan, M30B34 used 8.0:1 compression ratio and produced 136 kW 182 HP. In all markets, injection system Motronic digital fuel injection Bosch was used. Diameter 92 mm 3.62 and stroke of 86 mm 3.39.


  • 1985-1988 E28 535i / 535is / M535i.
  • 1982-1987 E24 635CSi / L6 (1982-1987 Е24 называться 635CSi / л6) - 163 kW / 219 HP In speculation.
  • 1982-1987 E23 735i / L7.

2.9. Options. M30B35

This engine has a capacity of 3.430 cubic 209.3 CU, despite the model of the "B35" code. It produces 155 kW 208 HP and 305 nm 225 lb⋅ft, has a compression ratio of 9.0:1 and uses Bosch Motronic 1.3 fuel injection digital fuel injection.


  • 1986-1992 735i Е32.
  • 1987-1992 E34 535i.
  • 1988-1989 E24 635CSi. (1988-1989 Е24 называться 635CSi)
  • 3.5 Rayton Fissore Magnum In 1988-1989.

3. Turbo. (Турбо)

The M30 was the basis for turbocharged engines M102 and M106.

Alpina B10 Biturbo used a modified version of the M30, with two turbochargers and forged pistons. To produce 265 kW / 355 HP at 6.000 rpm and 520 N ∙ m 384 lb⋅ft at 4.000 rpm, the engine made this car the fastest sedan in the world. Final 50 M30 units were sent to Alpina for use in the final 50 B10 Biturbos.


3.1. Turbo. M102

On the M102 was produced from 1980 to 1982. It was the first BMW with turbocharged six-cylinder engine.

In M102 is also known as M30B32LAE has a displacement of CC 3.210 195.9 CU in. K27 KKK turbocharger produces 9 psi 0.62 bar boost and air-to-air intercooler is used. The compression ratio is 7.0:1.

On the M102 produces 188 kW 252 HP and was used in the E23 7 series, the model was designated "745i". On the M102 was not available on RHD cars, leading to South Africa through 745i BMW М88 atmospheric DOHC inline six-cylinder engine instead.


  • 1980-1982 E23 745i.

3.2. Turbo. M106

On also called M30B34MAE M106 replaced the M102 and was produced from 1982 to 1986.

Some of M106s upgrades over its predecessor the result is that the version on M30 M30B34, which was also released in 1982. These updates include Bosch Motronic engine management and an increased displacement to 3.430 cubic 209.3 CU in. The compression ratio was increased from 7.0:1 to 8.0:1.

Peak output power 185 kW, 248 HP As M102, but it occurs at lower rpm and peak boost is reduced from 9 to 6 psi 0.62 to 0.41 bar.

There was a direct heir M106, however, the following BMW turbocharged N54 BMW engine, introduced in 2006.


  • 1982-1986 E23 745i.

4. Motorsport. (Мотоспорт)

The M30 powered a series of CSL E9 and E24 6 series coupes on the European tour th car Championships during the 1970s and mid-1980s, though a more powerful DOHC 24-valve head had been developed for high performance motorsports and street use.

BMW М88 a high-performance engine, which is based on the M30 block.

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BMWs, just like many other makes, only include plastic under body shields and are often vulnerable on the underside of the engine bay to debris in the road,. BMW 5 Series Questions bmw 535i, m30 engine can start well but. The BMW M30 early models are sometimes referred to as M06 is a straight 6 SOHC piston engine which was used over a 28 year lifespan over many BMW. King BMW M30 M32 B35 Performance Rod Bearing Set google - 12 Aug 2019 15 points 1 comments BMW M30 engine blocks being produced in Munich, September 1968. 9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos,. Cometic BMW M30 S38B35 84 92 95mm.070 inch MLS Head. BMW Forced Induction m30. m30 Tuner Kit Stage 1 no tuning m30 Tuner Kit Stage 1 no tuning. downpipe Duplicate fp Duplicate manifold Duplicate.

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When I replaced the head gasket on the M30 I bought a replacement head from Bavarian Auto Recyclers. After installing the head onto the. BMW E28 with m30b35 engine YouTube. You are here: Home test page BMW M3 E30 RC Car Lights bmw m30 rc car lights. bmw m30 rc car lights. BMW M3 RC Car Lights. Shop Our Products. M30 engines and M10 engines BMW 2002 and other 02 BMW 2002 FAQ. BMW M30 Custom Turbo Header Build Kit includes header flanges for the M30, mandrel bends, merge collectors, collector tabs, tig filler rod, purge caps,. BMW M30 Custom Turbo Header Build Kit Our BMW Pro Series. Buy low price, high quality m30 bmw with worldwide shipping on google -

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Brand new, Original Copyrighted Artwork by Ikonik Motorworks Official Ikonik Motorworks special tshirt featuring a custom BMW M30 TURBO Big 6 engine from. BMW 530i E34 M30 - OS Giken. 6x Connecting Rods Fit for BMW M30 B35 Big 6 engine M30 L6 Conrods Rods 135mm Forged 4340 aircraft chrome moly quality steel from. Auto Parts & Accessories Header BMW M30 E12 E28 E34 E24 E23. The BMW M10 is an SOHC four cylinder petrol engine which was produced from The BMW M30 is an inline 6 cylinder engine built by BMW and was used in. 6 Cylinder Engines M30 Metric Mechanic. Fuel rail with 8AN ORB port. Fuel rail set up for 14mm injectors. 1PCS Fuel rail. Material:6061 T6 aluminum alloy. Color: Black. We will do our best to solve it.

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10 Feb 2019 Tagged with forza, forzamotorsport7, bmwm30, forzamotorsport7wallpaper Shared by chechenskiidx. Forza motorsport 7 bmw m30 wallpaper. BMW m30 spits flames Oppositelock. I own two BMWs, a 1989 e34 535i m30b35 and a 2011 F10 528i all NA. I had planned to own a 2jz that i would later build and tune to around 400 whp. 82 83 84 85 86 87 BMW 533I M30 3.2 Car & Truck Parts Pistons. This version is compatible with BMWs M30 & S38 6 cylinder engines. The body and all components are CNC machined from 6082 aluminum alloy. All the.

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