List of state routes in Arizona - lists of roads in arizona. The Arizona State Highway system was introduced on September 9, 1927, by the State Highway Commi ..


List of state routes in Arizona

The Arizona State Highway system was introduced on September 9, 1927, by the State Highway Commission formed on August 11 of the same year. It incorporated the new federal aid system and also the U.S. Highway system. The 1927 plan included 27 state routes, most of which were simply dirt roads. Until 1942, the state route marker signs contained a Native American swastika, but were removed after the U.S.s entry into World War II against Nazi Germany which had a reversed swastika as its emblem.

The modern system was introduced and adopted in the 1950s.


1. Designations and nomenclatures

The Arizona Department of Transportation ADOT internally recognizes Interstate Highways, U.S. Highways and Arizona Highways as all being separate types of highway designations. State highways within Arizona are referred to as Arizona State Routes or State Routes, with the prefix "SR" being used for abbreviations. ADOT also recognizes seven different types of suffixed routes for the U.S. Highways and State Routes. The recognized suffixes consist of the following with "Number" filling in for a numeric designation:

  • Truck T - Referred to as "State Route Number Truck" and abbreviated as "SR Number Truck".
  • Wye Leg Y - Referred to as "State Route NumberY" and abbreviated "SR NumberY".
  • Business Route B – Referred to as "State Business Route Number" and abbreviated as "SR NumberB" or "SR Number Bus.".
  • Loop Route L – Referred to as "State Loop Route Number" and abbreviated as "SR NumberL". Despite often having "Loop" within their titles, SR 101, SR 202 and SR 303 are not considered "Loop Routes" by ADOT, nor are Interstate Business Loops. To date, SR 89L has been the only Loop Route recognized by ADOT.
  • Alternate A – Referred to as "State Route NumberA" and abbreviated as "SR NumberA".
  • Spur S – Referred to as "State Route Number Spur" and abbreviated as "SR NumberS" or "SR Number Spur".
  • Temporary X - Publicly referred to as "State Route Number Temporary" or "State Route NumberT" and abbreviated "SR NumberT". Internally referred to as "State Route NumberX" and abbreviated "SR NumberX".

U.S. Highways can also use the same suffixes listed above. Usually the suffixed routes are recognized by ADOT as U.S. Highways. For example, the Alternate route of U.S. Route 89 US 89 is referred to as U.S. Route 89A US 89A instead of State Route 89A SR 89A. The only exception to this rule is SR 93X, which is a suffixed route of US 93. Suffixed routes for Interstates are a different story. Although the suffixed routes are signed with Interstate green Business shields, they are recognized by ADOT as suffixed State Routes. In the field, Interstate 10 business routes are signed as Interstate 10 Business Loop or Interstate 10 Business Spur, while they are referred to by ADOT as "State Business Route 10" SR 10B and "State Route 10 Spur" SR 10 Spur. The same principle applies with business routes for all other Interstates in Arizona.

Designations listed under Highway Logs and GIS data however, use the Arizona Transportation Information System ATIS nomenclature. The ATIS designation for a non-suffixed state route is "S Number". The number at the end is always three digits long. As such, all two digit routes are referred to under the ATIS terminology as "S 0Number". SR 260 and SR 79 are known under ATIS nomenclature as "S 260" and "S 079" respectively. U.S. Highways replace the prefix "S" used by State Routes under the ATIS nomenclature with "U" while Interstate Highways use the prefix "I". Suffixed routes under ATIS always have the internally applied suffix between the prefix. State Business Route 79 under ATIS nomenclature is referred to as "SB079" and SR 93X is "SX093".


2. Arizona Parkways, Historic and Scenic Roads

Currently, the Arizona Department of Transportation recognizes 26 state designated routes under the Parkways, Historic and Scenic Roads Program. Four are Historic Roads, 17 are Scenic Roads and five are Parkways.


2.1. Arizona Parkways, Historic and Scenic Roads Parkways

  • Organ Pipe Cactus Parkway - From Why to Mexico.
  • Swift Trail Parkway - From SR 366 near US 191 to the western terminus of SR 366.
  • Kaibab Plateau-North Rim Parkway - From US 89A to the Grand Canyon National Park boundary.
  • Sky Island Parkway - From Catalina Highway at the Coronado National Forest boundary to General Hitchcock Highway in Summerhaven

2.2. Arizona Parkways, Historic and Scenic Roads Historic Roads

  • Jerome-Clarkdale-Cottonwood Historic Road Historic US 89A - From SR 89A in Jerome to SR 89A at the Coconino National Forest boundary.
  • Historic Route 66 - From I-40 in Topock to I-40 in Holbrook In discontinuous sections connected together by I-40
  • Historic U.S. Route 80 - From Yuma to NM 80 in New Mexico Discontinuous sections connected together by I-8 and I-10
  • Apache Trail Historic Road - From SR 88 in Goldfield to SR 188 in Roosevelt

2.3. Arizona Parkways, Historic and Scenic Roads Scenic Roads

  • Sedona-Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Road - From SR 89A in Sedona to SR 89A milepost 390 inside Coconino National Forest.
  • Desert Tall Pines Scenic Road - Entire length of SR 288.
  • San Francisco Peaks Scenic Road - From US 180 in Flagstaff to US 180 near Valle.
  • Red Rock All American Road - From SR 179 in Sedona to SR 179 near I-17.
  • Gila-Pinal Scenic Road - From US 60 in Florence to US 60 at the Tonto National Forest boundary near Miami.
  • Naattsisaan Navajo Mountain Scenic Road - From SR 98 in Lechee to US 160.
  • Patagonia-Sonoita Scenic Road - From SR 83 at I-10 in Vail to SR 82 near Nogales.
  • Mingus Mountain Scenic Road - From SR 89A in Jerome to SR 89A at the Coconino National Forest boundary.
  • White Mountain Scenic Road - From SR 260 in McNary to the SR 260 junction with SR 261, full length of SR 273 and Full length of SR 261.
  • Copper Corridor Scenic Road - SR 177 Section: From US 60 in Superior to SR 177 in Kearny. SR 77 Section: From SR 77 inside Tonto National Forest to SR 77 south of Dudleyville.
  • Joshua Forest Scenic Road - From US 93 in Wikieup to US 93 in Wickenburg.
  • Coronado Trail Scenic Road - From US 191 near Springerville to US 191 near Morenci.
  • Tsenikani Flat Mesa Rock Scenic Road - From US 160 near Mexican Water to US 191 near Many Farms.
  • Dine Tah Among The People Scenic Road - From N-64 in Chinle to N-12 at I-40 near Lupton. In two discontinuous sections, connected by N-12 through New Mexico
  • Kayenta-Monument Valley Scenic Road - From US 160 in Kayenta to US 163 in Utah.
  • Fredonia-Vermilion Cliffs Scenic Road - From US 89A in Colorado City to US 89 in Bitter Springs.
  • White River Scenic Road - From SR 260 near McNary to SR 73 in White River.

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The latest Tweets from Arizona DOT @ArizonaDOT. Driven to get Arizonans Watch out for ice on the roads if you have to drive tonight. 25 of Americas Most Dangerous Roads Popular Mechanics. What are the best overland trails, trips and routes in Arizona? Plan your next adventure with this list of the top 3 overland trails in the state. What Are the Best Overland Trails, Trips and Routes Arizona?. Phoenix area freeway closures: Heres what you need to know Eastbound Loop 101 between Cave Creek Road and State Route 51 in northeast A complete list of all scheduled weekend traffic restrictions can be found on.

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The Grand Canyon State is best known for its scenic tourist destinations and Here is our list of 5 dangerous roads in Arizona where safety should be your chief​. Arizona Mountain Directory. A trip down this scenic drive in Arizona is an exhilarating experience with please take proper precautions or add them to your bucket list to see at a Did you know Arizona is home to one of the curviest roads in the country?. Route 66 maps in each state, Route 66 segment maps, Route 66 city. Arizona, Slower. 28 721 B A state brochure discusses the law. Connecticut Keep right except to pass on limited access highways since January 1, 2004. Следующая Войти Настройки.

Street Transportation Pavement Preservation City of Phoenix.

Funds used to maintain and construct County roads are not derived from property taxes but from State of Arizona allocations of Highway User Revenue Funds. State Routes. U.S. 80 follows Interstate 8 from San Diego to Gila Bend, Arizona, where U.S. Beach Freeway former California State Route 109, the route was extended Source: December 31, 2018 Interstate Route Log and Finders List. State by State Route 66 Highlights Moon Travel Guides. Blessed with a surprising number of mountain ranges, the Arizona BDR is more green and You MUST obtain an Arizona State Land Trust Recreational Permit. You may also find the packing lists, discovery points and FAQs helpful for.

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The color coded California Truck Network Map for State highways is the official Truck Route List XLSX truck route designations in the California Truck. Final Report Gila County. US 93 near Wickenburg. ADOT Announces Weekend Pavement Sealing on State Route 51. Alaskas State Route 11 is one of the quietest roads in the US. landscape photographer James Q. Martin have taken the opposite approach with their list of Americas 10 most scenic, quiet routes. Arizona US Route 160. Bush Fire in Arizona shuts down sections of state highways Land. 28 642 Traffic control signs on state highways rules. 28 643 Local traffic of title exemption. 28 2062 Mobile home delinquent personal property tax list.

Press Releases Arizona Trucking Association.

Discover the quietest highway in the US, and find the most scenic, traffic free highways in America state by state. CA Truck Network Maps Caltrans. This list of the top ten quietest routes in the country comes from data collected by Though US Route 160 in Arizona is a pretty isolated road, running The State Route 139 in California is 143 miles and crosses through the. Road closures: I 10, I 17, Loop 101, Loop 202 closed Monday to. State Route 260 from Camp Verde to State Route 87. ORIGINAL POST: Multiple highways in northern Arizona are closed due to a strong winter.

Arizona Rest Areas Roadside AZ Rest Stops Maps Facilities.

Hit the road and take in the views from scenic highways to lesser traveled back roads, here are our favorite scenic drives in the Grand Canyon state. the trail is paved, making it one of the more rugged drives on the list. Arizona List View U.S. National Park Service. Used for determining potentially eligible state highways to the National Register received letters from Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, The following is a list of the periods of significance for historic road research for publicly.

From Names to Numbers: The Origins of the U.S. Numbered.

The Highway Patrol Division HPD is staffed by uniformed state troopers they serve as the front line in deterring criminal activity along Arizonas highways. 66 Things To See & Do on Route 66 Kingman. US 60 in Apache Junction. SR 30 Tres Rios Freeway, SR 202L to I 17 Scoping Study. The U.S Highways in Arizona are the segments of the United States Numbered Highways that run within the U.S. state of Arizona. The Best Scenic Drive In Arizona With The Most Only In Your State. Alabama Alaska Whittier Tunnel Arizona Arkansas California California.

Department of Transportation ADOT Arizona State Library.

Acres within the state of Arizona, ADOT is responsible for maintaining the interstates and highways within rights of way ROWs across BLM managed lands plants have been put on noxious weeds lists in federal and state laws or state. State Route 1 AARoads California Highways. Arizona Dept. of Transportation The preceding external link opens a new browser window Arkansas Dept. of Transportation The preceding external link opens a. Maximum posted speed limits by state IIHS. About 7½ miles south of Jerome Arizona 89 Alt. comes to a summit. About 14½ miles west of the junction of highways 87 and 260 there is a sign 6% The summit of the hill is about milepost 168½ about 5½ miles west of the state line.

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Yavapai County Public Works Engineering, Roads, Solid Waste, Emergency Management, Airports Transfer Stations List PDF Fees Maintenance is allowed only on County Maintained Roads and is governed by AZ State Statue. The Best Scenic Drives in Arizona Dorado Magazine. Heres a list of 144 scenic routes and best motorcycle roads that are begging to be ridden. Scroll on through, or select a state in the drop down to jump to that area! We did all the Best motorcycle road in Arizona. Back to. Interstate 8 Interstate. Find Arizona State Rest Area Stops fast! Get AZ roadside Arizona State Route AZ 82 – Bidirectional Sonoita Rest Area East and Westbound MAP. Arizona.

Most scenic drives in Arizona Features.

Photo: State Route 89A meanders through Sedonas iconic red rocks. a city that belongs on the to do list of every Arizona visitor and resident, for that matter ​. Map of Arizona Cities and Roads. A map of Arizona cities that includes interstates, US Highways and State Routes by.

ADOT Herbicide Treatment Program on Bureau of BLM ePlanning.

With unique itineraries and resources for planning routes and trip details, youll stay charged and keep moving forward to the next great destination. Hands Down the Best Motorcycle Roads to Ride in the U.S. The Arizona Department of Transportation ADOT awarded funding for the Gila Several of the state highways that connect to County roadways have wide Table 14 lists bridge sufficiency ratings obtained from the ADOT Bridge Group for​. Roads Division Road Maintenance Yavapai County. ADOT has exclusive control and jurisdiction over state highways, state routes, Scrap metal dealers and automotive recyclers are required to provide a list of.

Road closures in Northern Arizona The Daily Courier Prescott, AZ.

Speed: Maximum posted speed limits by state. mph, Urban interstates mph, Other limited access roads mph, Other roads mph Arizona, 75, 65, 65, 65. Alphabetical List of State DOTs nysdot. Arizona State Route 51 Piestewa Freeway is a scenic drive unto itself, bisecting Phoenix Mountains Preserve and providing elevated views of the preserves. List of U.S. Highways in Arizona pedia. North Valley drivers should plan for closures of State Route 51 Piestewa Freeway in Phoenix at times this weekend Oct. 24–25 for pavement.

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