ⓘ Max von Hatzfeld. Maximilian was born in Berlin on 7 June 1813. He was the second son and youngest child of the Prussian general Franz Ludwig von Hatzfeldt zu T ..

Max von Hatzfeld

ⓘ Max von Hatzfeld

Maximilian was born in Berlin on 7 June 1813. He was the second son and youngest child of the Prussian general Franz Ludwig von Hatzfeldt zu Trachenberg 1756−1827 and Countess Friederike Karoline von der Schulenburg 1779–1832, a daughter of the Prussian minister to the General Directorate Friedrich Wilhelm von Schulenburg-Kehnert. His older sister, Countess Luise von Hatzfeldt-Trachenberg was the wife of Prussian General Ludwig Freiherr Roth von Schreckenstein, the Minister of War.

Among his other siblings was older brother Prince Hermann Anton von Hatzfeldt and sister Sophie von Hatzfeldt. From his elder brothers second marriage to Countess Marie von Nimptsch, he was uncle to Prince Hermann von Hatzfeldt, who represented the Deutsche Reichspartei in the Reichstag. From his sisters marriage to their first cousin, Edmund Furst von Hatzfeldt-Wildenburg, he was uncle to Paul von Hatzfeldt, who was Ambassador to London and Constantinople, Foreign Secretary, and Head of the Foreign Office.


1. Career

Von Hatzfeldt was secretary to the Prussian legation at Paris and, afterwards, from 1849 to 1859 Minister accredited to the Emperor Napoleon III. In 1856, he was at the Palace of Versailles and was a signatory to the Treaty of Paris which settled the Crimean War between the Russian Empire and an alliance of the Ottoman Empire, the British Empire, the Second French Empire and the Kingdom of Sardinia.

He was awarded the Order of the Red Eagle, the Cross of Honour 1st Class, of the House Order of Hohenzollern, Grand Duke Badens Knight, First Class of Order of the Zahringer Lion, Knight Grand Cross of the First Class, Order of St. Gregory the Great and Knight First Class of the Royal Order of Francis I. He was also a Grand Officer of the French Legion of Honour and a Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.


2. Personal life

In 1844, Hatzfeldt married Mademoiselle Rachel Elisabeth Pauline de Castellane 1823–1895. Pauline was a daughter of Boniface de Castellane, Marshal of France, and Louise Cordelia Eucharis Greffulhe sister of French banker and politician Jean-Henry-Louis Greffulhe. Her brother, Henri de Castellane, married Pauline de Talleyrand-Perigord. Together, they were the parents of six children, three sons and three daughters, including:

  • Melchior von Hatzfeldt 1848–1880, who married Mathilde von Gaugreben.
  • Margarete von Hatzfeldt 1850–1923, who married Ambassador to the United States Anton Saurma von der Jeltsch.
  • Franz Ludwig Hermann Karl von Hatzfeldt 1845–1884.
  • Bonifacius von Hatzfeldt 1854–1921, who married Princess Olga Manoukbey.
  • Helene Boniface Pauline Luise von Hatzfeldt 1847–1931, who married Georg von Kanitz, aide de camp to Prince Friedrich Karl of Prussia.
  • Louise von Hatzfeldt 1852–1909, who married Bernhard von Welczeck.

After his death, his widow remarried to Louis de Talleyrand-Perigord, duc de Valençay, 3rd duc de Talleyrand-Perigord. The duc de Valençay was the older brother of Paulines brother Henri de Castellanes wife Pauline de Talleyrand-Perigord, and was the father of Boson de Talleyrand-Perigord from his first marriage to Anne Louise Charlotte de Montmorency.