ⓘ List of works about Baruch Spinoza. Baruch de Spinoza or Benedictus de Spinoza - as a highly controversial, influential and significant figure in the history of ..

List of works about Baruch Spinoza

ⓘ List of works about Baruch Spinoza

Baruch de Spinoza or Benedictus de Spinoza - as a highly controversial, influential and significant figure in the history of Western and Jewish thought - has been the subject of a vast amount of literature, including both philosophical and literary works in genres as diverse as fiction and nonfiction. His life and philosophy have long attracted the attention of multidisciplinary scholarship. Along with Hugo Grotius, Jan Amos Comenius, Rene Descartes and Pierre Bayle, Spinoza was one of the leading intellectual figures of the Dutch Golden Age and the early Age of Enlightenment in the Dutch Republic. A highly original and systematic thinker, he exerted a profound influence on philosophy in the Age of Reason, despite his status as an outcast and his early death at the age of 44. Also, it was the 17th-century arch-rationalists like Spinoza who have given the "Age of Reason" its name and place in history. In Steven Nadlers words, "Of all the philosophers of the seventeenth century, perhaps none have more relevance today than Spinoza.".

His thought was especially a vital force in the development of German philosophy and culture in general in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The birth of two influential rationalistic philosophical systems of Descartes who spent most of his adult life in the Dutch Republic in the period 1628-1649 and despite frequent moves, he wrote all his major work during his 20-plus years in the United Provinces and Spinoza- namely Cartesianism and Spinozism - are among the most remarkable philosophical breakthroughs of Dutch Golden Age and early modern Western thought. As Frederick C. Beiser 1987 noted, "The rise of Spinozism in the late eighteenth century is a phenomenon of no less the value than the emergence of Kantianism itself. By the beginning of the nineteenth century, Spinozas philosophy had become the main competitor to Kants, and only Spinoza had as many admirers or adherents as Kant." And in own words of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, "Spinozism dominated the eighteenth century both in its later French variety, which made matter into substance, and in deism, which conferred on matter a more spiritual name. Spinozas French school and the supporters of deism were but two sects disputing over the true meaning of his system." The Holy Family, 1844.

Of all the generally acknowledged great philosophers in history, Spinoza is among the least accessible authors and among the most puzzling to read, understand and interpret. There have been several historically remarkable movements / schools of Spinoza reception and interpretation in various countries. In the history of Western thought, two well-known and highly significant Spinoza awakenings include German-inspired Neo-Spinozism of about the late 18th and early 19th centuries and French Neo-Spinozism of approximately the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

For many, Spinoza is not only a pure philosophical author but also a unique source of literary inspiration, who - despite his notoriously difficult thought, highly abstract concepts, highly complex doctrines, highly rigid writing style, dry personality and intensely private life - has greatly influenced so many prominent literary writers, particularly poets and fiction authors.

The following is a list of works about Spinoza.

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