Bibliography of Stanislaw Lem - bibliographies of people. This is a list of works about Lem. For a list of works of Lem, see List of works by Stanislaw Lem a ..

Bibliography of Stanislaw Lem

Bibliography of Stanislaw Lem

This is a list of works about Lem. For a list of works of Lem, see List of works by Stanislaw Lem and their adaptations

This bibliography Stanislaw LEM is a list of works of Stanislaw LEM, a Polish writer and publicist.

In addition to books and numerous scientific articles, work tasks and ideas have been the subject of several PhD and master dissertations.


1. Books. (Книги)

  • 2017: Wojciech Orlinski, LEM. Zycie nie z Tej company "LEM. Life is not of this world" Is the second book Orlinski about LEM. On the cover of the book says that this is the first biography of LEM, published in Poland. The author found a considerable number of little-known information about lems of life.
  • Russian translation: "LEM. Life in another Land" Fanzon, 2019, ISBN 9785041019969.
  • 2013: Peter swirski from literature to Biterature: LEM, Turing, Darwin, and research in computer literature, philosophy of mind and cultural evolution I try to explore the future of literature on the study of the nature of beings who will create it. If my scenario is correct" biterature,” as the authors write, computer, or" computhors,” is a manifestation of the beginning of the end of the cultural world as we know it. In this sense, from literature to Biterature is really a book about the future of humanity in the age of thinking machines".
  • 2010: Lech Keller, visions of the future in the works of Stanislaw LEM.
  • 2017: Andrzej Wasilewski, the Theory literature, Stanislaw LEM, "Stanislaw Lema theory of literature", the form of Szczecin 2017, books 978-83-65778-12-3.
  • 2015: Peter swirski, Stanislaw LEM: philosopher of the future, ISBN 1781381860.
  • Vol. 2: "an annotated and cross-referenced Priomary and secondary Bibliography of Stanislaw LEM" ISBN 978-3838369426.
  • Vol. 1: "vision of the future" ISBN 978-3838359007.
  • 2016: Agnieszka Gajewska, zaglada Przeszlosc I gwiazdy W prozie Stanislaw LEM. Processing popular at Adam Mickiewicz University in poznań, ISBN 978-83-232-3047-2 Gajewska, Agnieszka was the first to reveal many unknown documents concerning the problems of life during the Second world war, which has long been a mystery. LEM just refused to talk about these times. Gajewska shows that the events of these times were coded in various hints in Lems fiction.
  • 2007: Paul Majewski, Miedzy zwierzeciem in maszyna. Utopia technologiczna Stanislaw LEM, 978-83-229-2854-7.
  • 2009: Tomasz LEM, Awantury on BA powszechnego ciazenia "tantrums on the background of gravitation", continues print processing, Krakow, 272pp. Biography of Stanislav Lema son, with an afterword by Tomasz Fialkowski.
  • 1998: Mariusz M. Les, Stanislaw LEM of Krakow in times of utopia, 1998, ISBN 8386188200.
  • 2010: Wojciech Michera, beautiful like a beast. Przyczynek do teorii image, ISBN 978-83-229-2854-7.
  • 2001: Peter swirski, "between literature and science: for, LEM, and research in aesthetics, cognitive science, and literary knowledge".
  • 1997: Zygmunt Tecza, das Wortspiel in Der Ubersetzung: Stanislava Lema of Spiel MIT dem wort als Gegenstand interlingualen reports "wordplay in translation: Stanislava Lema plays with the word as the object of interlingual transfer", 1997 Max Neimeyer publisher, ISBN 3-484-30367-0, printed 2011 Walter de Gruyter, ISBN 3110959968 in this paper 1395 Polish language and 1736 German language puns of eight original works by Stanislaw LEM and their translation to German.
  • 2007: Wojciech Orlinski, Co in SA sepulcs? Masters of the Lemieux "what is sepulcs? All about Lem", processing sign, kraków 2007, ISBN 978-83-240-0798-1 a wealth of answers about words invented by LEM, the origins of the problems, ideas, features plot elements, and other items of interest to Lems of fans, despite the catchy title, the Book is a collection of biographical and bibliographical facts without a Coherent, continuous narrative. The second book of the author on Lem 2017 is a much more thorough job.
  • The book is written based on the master thesis of the author. It analyzes the numerous utopias and distopias in Lems novels and short stories.
  • 2006: Maciej square, Poznan W TWORCZOSCI Stanislaw LEM, ISBN 83-229-2765-7.
  • 2006 also in 2016, the extended edition of Marek Oramus, the Gods Bogowie LEM ISBN 978-83-89738-92-9, a collection of essays and interviews that show a less hagiographic and more controversial image of LEM plus the story "miejsce on earth", which is an unusual interpretation of Lems return from the stars.
  • 2003: Jerzy Jarzebski, Wszechswiat LEM ISBN 83-08-03343-1 ten texts in a selected number of themes in the works of LEM and the forms of his works: political aspects of science fiction, the role of chance in the Lema concept of reality and in its axiology, the history of the founding and the evolution of technology, the relationship with religion, the problem of communication with aliens, the specifics of the task, essay writing, his conversion and connection with literary prose.
  • 2005: Maciej Dajnowski, grotesque W TWORCZOSCI Stanislaw LEM, ISBN 83-7326-303-9.
  • 1996: małgorzata Szpakowska, DYSKUSJE STANISLAWEM ze LEMEM, ISBN 83-85254-36-6.
  • The book is devoted to the problems of the world.
  • 1995: Antoni Smuszkiewicz, Stanislaw LEM, ISBN 83-7120-184-2.
  • 1994: Peter Krywak, LEMs Fantastyka" droga do "Fiaska".
  • 1983: Andrzej Stoff, Powiesci fantastyczno popular Stanislaw LEM ISBN 83-01-05044-6.

2. Collections of articles and essays about Lem. (Сборники статей и очерков о Lem)

  • 2003: Stanislaw LEM: Pisarz, mysliciel, czlowiek ISBN 83-08-03298-2.
  • 2011: I tlumacze "LEM and translators" ISBN 9788376380964 a collection of descriptions of the reception of the Lems works in several dozen languages.
  • 1989: LEM W OCZACH KRYTYKI SWIATOWEJ, ISBN 83-08-00646-9 works.
  • 2008: the art and science of Stanislaw LEM books 0773530479.
  • 2014: Lemography: Stanislaw LEM in the eyes of the world, ISBN 1781381208 essays focus on Lems contributions to philosophy and literary theory. Authors from Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Croatia, Poland, Sweden and Finland.
  • 2015: Quarta magazine, no. 3-4, 247pp. Special issue of the quarterly of the Institute of art history, Wroclaw University, with the proceedings of the conference lemological 2015, wrocław.
  • 1997: a Stanislaw LEM reader, edited by Peter swirski from the book abstract: "this collection gathers in a deep and insightful writings about, and interviews with one of the most interesting writers of the twentieth century." It also includes problems bibliography.

3. Interview. (Интервью)

  • 1997: a compilation by Stanislaw LEM reader contains two interviews Peter swirski from LEM.
  • "Reflections on literature, philosophy and science", personal interview, June 1992.
  • "LEM in a nutshell", written interview, July 1994.
  • 1979: LEM, S.: "interview with Zoran Zivkovic: the future without a future." In: Pacific Quarterly Manoa 4 / 258, 1979.
  • 1996: a conversation with Stanislaw LEM Dyskusje ze Stanislawem Lemem małgorzata Szpakowska, Warsaw.
  • 1987: a conversation with Stanislaw LEM, interviews conducted in 1981-1982.
  • 2000: a world on the brink LP:saints to interview krawedzi Tomasz Fialkowski from LEM.
  • 2002: Said. LEM Taco rzecze. LEM - Stanislaw Beres expanded edition of conversations with Stanislaw LEM, uncensored and extended from 2001 conversations.
  • 2016: the world according to LEM LP:Holy wedlug LEM, Peter swirski note: during 1991-1998 LEM used this name as a title for his article in Tygodnik Powszechny.

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Bibliography of Stanislaw Lem Stanislaw Lem – Audio Books, Best Sellers, Author Bio. by Stanislaw Lem. The Fables. Ijon Tichy. Space Opera and Early SF. Statistical Tales. Paranoia. Of Books Not Written. Other. Non Fiction Reviews. .. Bibliography of Stanislaw Lem Stanislaw Lem Home. Download Citation Pericalypsis, pangnosis and ontology Babel: the oddball bibliography Stanislaw Lem This article features a number of reviews. .. Bibliography of Stanislaw Lem The Future According to Stanislaw Lem. Stanislaw Lem, Polish author of science fiction that veers between humanism and despair about human limitations. His books have been translated into more. .. Bibliography of Stanislaw Lem the oddball bibliography of Stanislaw Lem. Help us improve our Author Pages updating your bibliography submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more Books By Stanislaw Lem. .. Stanislaw Lem Biography IMDb. : Record 1171 Language: Polish Used As Alternate Name By: Additional Bibliographic Comments: Author:Stanislaw Lem.. .. Stanilaw Lem Bibliography. Interview with Stanislaw Lem Federman 29, 10:1 2 14 COLLINGS, Michael R. Storyteller: The Official Orson Scott Card Bibliography and. .. Jerzy Jarzebski Stanislaw Lem, Rationalist and Visionary. Stanislaw Lem: Literary Movement Revisited to the study individual fictions, chronological primary bibliography, and a selection of secondary literature.. .. Stanislaw Lem. Literature. Web Resources. Vitrifax: writing of Matt McIrvin. The Locus Index to Science Fiction: Stanislaw Lem Bibliography. .. Stanislaw Lem. This bibliography is list of works about Stanislaw Lem, a Polish science fiction writer and essayist.. Bibliography of Stanislaw Lem Stanislaw Lem IMDb. Learn about Lem. Browse Stanislaw Lems best selling audiobooks and newest titles. Discover more authors youll love listening to on Audible.. .. Summary Bibliography: Stanislaw Lem. The Official Site Stanislaw Lem: biography, reviews, drawings, a gallery of covers and illustrations, essays, short stories, bibliography.. .. the oddball bibliography of Stanislaw Lem. Through this bizarre literary device, is able to raise a number extreme, absurd and ontology Babel: the oddball bibliography of Stanislaw Lem.. .. Stanislaw Lem Bibliography.. Stanislaw Lem a visionary Polish author known for Solaris 1972. He was born on Biography bibliography in: Contemporary Authors. New Revision. .. Pericalypsis, pangnosis and ontology of Babel: the oddball. Citation: Bob Duckett, 2000 Pericalypsis, pangnosis and ontology Babel: the oddball bibliography of Stanislaw Lem, Library Review, Vol. 49 Issue: 1. .. Peter Swirski Stanislaw Lem: A Literary Movement Revisited. Stanislaw, Rationalist and Visionary. Translated by Franz Rottensteiner. Before political thaw 1956 known as Polish October Lem published SF books: two See last three entries the bibliography in Note 1 above.. .. Bibliography of Stanislaw Lem Stanislaw Lem. Sep 12, 2014 In his 1971 novella Futurological Congress, the Polish science fiction writer Stanislaw Lem describes a group of futurologists who have. .. Bibliography of Stanislaw Lem Stanislaw Lem Polish author Britannica. was a visionary Polish author known for Solaris 1972. Stanislaw Lem 1921–2006 Biography bibliography in: Contemporary Authors.. .. Bibliography of Stanislaw Lem Bibliography of Stanislaw Lem wand. Literature: Stanislaw Lem 1921 Stories. The Chain of Chance Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 0 15 616500 7, Jun 84, $2.95, 179pp, pb Reprint.

Stanislaw lems son tomasz lem Bing.

Web center for all things Lem, including includes news, biography, interviews, discussions of Lems works, and more. Stanislaw Lem Bibliography. An extensive​. Stanislaw lem A short story perhaps not by Lem Science Fiction. Ari Folmans The Congress 2013 borrows freely from Stanislaw Lems dystopian view in his Sci fi novel The Futurological Congress 1971 to. The oddball bibliography of Stanislaw Lem Emerald Insight. The works of Stanislaw Lem, one of the most popular Polish writers in the Please attach a short academic biography, bibliography and an. Summa Technologiae University of Minnesota Press. With the possible exception of Frances Jules Verne, Polish author Stanislaw Lem 1921–2006 has been the best known science fiction writer to work in a.

Stanislaw Lem Open Access articles Open Access journals.

What Should I Read Next? Book recommendations for people who like Solaris by Stanislaw Lem. Register for free to build your own book lists. Stanislaw Lem – Audio Books, Best Sellers, Author Bio. Bibliography. Czlowiek z Marsa 1946 Szpital przemienienia 1948 \Hospital of the Transfiguration NY 1988. Stanislaw Lem: Selected Letters to Michael Kandel University. A review and a link to other reviews of A Stanislaw Lem Reader by Peter Swirski. We are grateful for the enormously useful bibliography. And the book does. Stanislav Lem Solaris Softpanorama. Stanislaw Lem: Selected Letters to Michael Kandel by Stanislaw Lem, By ​author Stanislaw Lem, Translated by Peter Swirski. Select Bibliography Index.

Solaris Stanislaw Lem Royal Books.

Stanislaw Lem Polish pronunciation: 12 September 1921 – 27 March. and Cross Referenced Primary and Secondary Bibliography of Stanislaw Lem. Philip K. Dick: Electric Shepherd edited by Bruce Gillespie Book. Bibliography Lems Summa Technologiae is undoubtedly the place to go. confessed to the Polish literary critic Stanislaw Beres that from my discursive. Summa Technologiae. If isnt considered for a Nobel Prize by the end of the century, it will be because someone told the judges that he writes science fiction,.

How Not to Write a Book about Lem jstor.

Lem is an unsung great of mid century sci fi. It might Omg, noteworthy is the least powerful word you could use to describe his bibliography. Fandom Historian Reveals Sci Fi Books Like Battlefield Earth. Such as Stanislaw Lem and Italo Calvino, often in both the original language and Science fiction, fantasy and horror: a comprehensive bibliography of books​. Microworlds: Writings on Science Fiction and Fantasy by Stanislaw. Stanislaw Herman Lem was a Polish writer of science fiction, philosophy, and satire, according to his autobiography Wysoki zamek, Lem spent his childhood. Arkady Strugatsky and Boris Microworlds by Stanislaw Lem 1984 In the first essay you admit to certain failures in your own bibliography, couldnt you exercise a bit.

List of works by Stanislaw Lem and their adaptations pedia.

There is a short story, allegedly by Stanislaw Lem, The extraordinary hotel or the Wiley, 1999, but I cant find it in Lems bibliographies or websites about him. A READERS THEATRE PRODUCTION OF THREE STORIES FROM ir. Study in science fiction and fantasy, featuring critical articles, reviews and bibliographies. Review of Stanislaw Lem: Selected Letters to Michael Kandel. A Fantasy about Polish Fantasy Washington University Open. Rapala gives us a native speakers first hand appreciation of Stanislaw Lem as Hes already built a huge bibliography and a cult following – Im one of his. Stanislaw Lem wand. The Official Site of Stanislaw Lem: biography, reviews, drawings, a gallery of covers and illustrations, essays, short stories, bibliography. 3434 3 Shares. Share. Stanislaw Lem En. Stanislaw Lem died from heart disease in Krakow on 27 March 2006 at the age of. Cross Referenced Primary and Secondary Bibliography of Stanislaw Lem.

A Stanislaw Lem Reader Peter Swirski Complete Review lete.

Presidential biographies, Stephen Kings bibliography, and finished up Solaris by Stanislaw Lem – I loved the movie Tarkovskys version. Peter Swirski Stanislaw Lem: A Literary Movement Revisited. Lems fiction is much more serious in nature than the works previously described. The sole exception to that is Stanislaw Lem, who had several Bibliography. Full text of Stanislaw Lem vs. Andrei Tarkovsky Internet Archive. Abstract: This article features a number of reviews from A Perfect Vacuum by Stanlslaw Lem. These reviews, of non‐existent books, concern various aspects of​.

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