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Hand of God goal


Hand of God goal

The Hand of God is the name given to the illegal football goal scored by Argentinian footballer Diego Armando Maradona in the quarter-final match between Argentina and England during the 1986 World Cup. The goal took place on June 22, 1986, at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City. Under association football rules, Maradona should have received a yellow card for a clear handball incident and the goal disallowed. However, the referee made the incorrect call. The game ended with a 2–1 win for the Argentines, thanks to a second goal scored by Maradona, known as the "Goal of the Century". After th ...


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  • equality in sports Many institutions and programs still remain conservative and do not contribute to gender equity in sports Women who play sports face many
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  • Big Four major sports leagues in North America, and Philadelphia is one of just three cities in which one team from every league plays within city limits

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Machazanes hand of God goal lifts Dynamos Shabanie relegated.

Argentine retired footballer who scored the Hand of God goal against England in the 1986 FIFA World Cup crossword puzzle clues and possible answers. Teen Newcastle player scores Hand of God goal in FA Youth Cup. Find clues for diego, argentine former footballer who famously scored a hand of god goal against england in 1986 8 or most any crossword answer or clues. Hand of God goal Archives MIKE on sports!. The Hand of God goal is memorable not only because it ignited a longstanding controversy and crushed Englands World Cup dreams, but also because it. Argentine retired footballer who scored the Hand of God goal. OnThisDay 31 years ago Diego Maradonas Hand of God helped Argentina to defeat England at no mention of his amazing solo goal?. Hand of God Goal Maradona Tim Killeen Flickr. Translate Hand of god goal. See Spanish English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word by word explanations.

Falklands and Football: Diego Maradonas Hand of God Goal.

One of the most controversial goals in World Cup history wouldnt have counted if Video Assistant Referee VAR technology existed at the time. Argentina v England 1986 FIFA World Cup pedia. Would the Hand of God goal have stood if VAR had been used? Diego Maradona has been discussing technology in football.

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