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List of state routes in Connecticut

The Connecticut Department of Transportation maintains a system of state highways to serve the predominant flow of traffic between towns within Connecticut, and to towns in surrounding states. State highways also include roads that provide access to federal and state facilities.

The state highway system consists of roads indicated on the official ConnDOT map and highway log. As of January 1, 2007, the state highway system contains a total of 3.719 miles 5.985 km of roads not including ramps and interchange connections, corresponding to approximately 20% of all roads in the state. All state highways are state-maintained except for several segments totaling 4 miles that are locally maintained. All interstate highways and U.S. highways in the state are part of the state highway system.

All state highways are given a number designation. Most state highways are assigned Route numbers including U.S. highways and interstates. Route numbers are in the 1–399 range, with the exception of Interstates 684 and 691. State highways that are special service roads are assigned SSR numbers and are unsigned. SSR numbers are in the 400–499 range. Another set of unsigned state highways are called State Roads and are given SR numbers. These state roads are either feeder roads that interconnect state highways together, or long entry/exit ramps to freeways often called connector roads. SR numbers are in the 500–999 range. Signposted state highways that are not U.S. highways or interstates are signed with the square Connecticut state highway shield.


1. State Routes

Routes are signed state highways and are assigned numbers from 1 to 399 with the exception of I-684 and I-691. All state, U.S. and Interstate highways are part of the same numbering system. In 1926, the U.S. highway system was implemented. U.S. Routes 1, 5, 6, and 7 were used as designations on several primary state highways, replacing New England routes 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively. The other New England routes that were not re-designated as U.S. routes became ordinary state highways but kept their number designation, which are used even today with some realignment. In 1958, Connecticut received approval for the route numbers of its three primary Interstate highways: I-84, I-91, and I-95. State highways with the same number designation as the Interstate highways were renumbered to avoid duplication of route numbers.


2. Special Service Roads

Roads classified by the Department of Transportation as special service roads are given an unsigned number designation between 400 and 499. Special service roads are roads that connect a federal or state facility including state parks and some Interstate Highway interchanges to a signed state route.


3. State Roads

State Roads are state-maintained roads that are usually long entrance/exit ramps to/from an expressway, or short interconnecting roads between signed routes. Roads classified by the Department of Transportation as state roads are given an unsigned number designation between 500 and 999. The first digit denotes which Maintenance District the road is mainly located in:

  • 600–699: District 2: Quiet Corner, Lower Connecticut River Valley, Southeastern Connecticut
  • 500–599: District 1: Greater Hartford
  • 700–799: District 3: Southwestern Connecticut, Greater New Haven
  • 900–999: Statewide; very short routes
  • 800–899: District 4: Naugatuck River Valley, Greater Danbury, Northwestern Connecticut

4.1. History 1913 trunk line system

In 1900, the State Highway Department proposed a statewide system of trunk line routes. By 1913, the system consisted of 10 north-south highways and 4 east-west highways, including the lower Boston Post Road. The system covered roughly 1.400 miles 2.300 km. The 14 trunk lines were numbered on paper but were never actually signposted. The 14 trunk line routes were:

  • Route 5: north-south from New Haven to Suffield via Cheshire concurrent with Route 6 north of Hartford, roughly modern Route 10, Route 4, Route 159
  • Route 13: east-west from Kent to Sterling, roughly modern Route 341, U.S. Route 202, Route 118, Route 4, U.S. Route 6, Route 14
  • Route 11: north-south from Stonington to Woodstock, roughly modern Route 2, Route 32, U.S. Route 6, Route 198
  • Route 3: north-south from Norwalk to North Canaan, roughly modern U.S. Route 7, Route 107, Route 53, Route 37, U.S. Route 202, Route 45, U.S. Route 7
  • Route 10: north-south from New London to Thompson, roughly modern Route 32, Route 169, Route 12, Route 193
  • Route 2: north-south from Stamford to Salisbury, roughly modern Route 106, Route 33, Route 35, U.S. Route 7, Route 341, Route 41
  • Route 9: north-south from New London to Colebrook, roughly modern Route 85, Route 2, Route 189, Route 20
  • Route 14: east-west from Sherman to Killingly, roughly Route 37, Route 67, Route 317, Route 64, Route 322, Route 66, U.S. Route 6
  • Route 12: east-west from Salisbury to Putnam, roughly Twin Lakes Road, modern U.S. Route 44
  • Route 4: north-south from Bridgeport to Colebrook, roughly modern Route 8
  • Route 1: east-west from Greenwich to Stonington, roughly modern U.S. Route 1
  • Route 7: north-south from New Haven to Enfield via Middletown, roughly modern Route 17, Route 99, U.S. Route 5
  • Route 8: north-south from Old Saybrook to Hartford, roughly modern Route 9, Route 99
  • Route 6: north-south from New Haven to Suffield via Meriden concurrent with Route 5 north of Hartford, roughly modern U.S. Route 5, Route 71, Route 159


4.2. History New England road marking system

The first public route numbering came with the advent of the New England road marking system of 1922. This highway numbering system was used throughout New England and consisted of 25 routes with route numbers from 1 to 32. A total of 9 of the routes passed through Connecticut Routes 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 10, 12, 17, and 32. In this system, inter-state routes would be numbered 1–99 and state routes numbered 100 and up. The New England route system was soon eclipsed by the national U.S. highway system.


4.3. History 1922–1931

The State Highway Department classified state roads as either State Highways SH or State Aid Roads SA. These roads were given number designations – 100–299 for primary routes and 300+ for secondary routes. Some state roads were signposted and some were not.


4.4. History 1932 renumbering

The state abandoned its old numbering system and renumbered almost all of their state highways in 1932. Most of the present route numbers were formed during this renumbering. The only route numbers that survived were U.S. Routes and a few state highway routes. For route numbers established in 1932, the new numbering system used odd numbers for north-south routes and even numbers for east-west routes, matching the U.S. Highway numbering system. The New England routes that were grandfathered into the highway system Routes 8, 10, 12, 32 did not follow the new system. The state also assigned new route numbers in clusters, with routes in the same general location having numbers close to each other as well. Shortly after the renumbering, in 1935, two new U.S. Routes were commissioned: US 44 taking over part of old New England Route 17 and US 202.


4.5. History 1963 renumbering

In 1963, the state passed the Road Reclassification Act to fix the by now fragmented state highway system. Many state highways had state maintenance gaps and several highway segments were even isolated from the rest of the system. State highways were classified into primary, secondary, and service roads. Primary routes were essentially left unchanged, while minor realignments, additions/deletions, and extensions occurred in many secondary routes. About 1/3 of all routes were changed to some degree by this renumbering. The current system of unsigned "secret" routes, including the special service roads, was also created during this renumbering. The state highway system has not had any major changes since then. The state completely abandoned the odd/even numbering scheme established in 1932 with new numbers in 1963 assigned without regard to their direction or general location.

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Geographic Location Rocky Hill is centrally located within the State.

Directions Print Version PDF, 176KB Phone Directory. Please be Take Exit 27A for Routes 25 and 8. Bear to the Forms to use and methods of getting veterans preference on State of Connecticut and Federal vacancies. Assistance​. Two Roads Brewing Co Stratford, CT. The latest Tweets from CT State Police @CT STATE POLICE. Middletown, CT. Use alternate routes and expect delays if traveling in or around the area.

State Roads Ridgefield CT.

Icy conditions caused a mess on roads in eastern Connecticut Tuesday morning and several schools were delayed because of it. See the list here. Interstate 395 was closed in Griswold and officials from the state. Connecticut Wazeopedia. Connecticut motorists will see new exit signs on state highways in the coming years as the state moves toward a uniform national model that. Amtrak Stations in Connecticut Amtrak Guide. The list of state roads is as follows: Route 7 Danbury Road North of Route 35 Ethan Allen Hwy South of Route 35 Route 33 Main Street Wilton Road.

List of State Routes in Connecticut.

Connecticut has a long history with toll roads. Between 1792 and 1839, about 100 private turnpike corporations were chartered they built 1.600 miles of toll roads,. Last State Highway Toll Paid – Today in History: April 28. A CBYD request must still be made by calling 800 922 4455 and they will give you a list of utilities to contact. By state regulation it is the responsibility of the. 8 Oldest Roads in the United States. Connecticuts bridges are a critical element of the states transportation system, buses and farm equipment – to use alternate routes to avoid weight restricted bridges. The list below details the 25 most heavily traveled structurally deficient​.

Transportation Central Connecticut State University.

The US Subase Library and the US Coast Guard Academy are two separate libraries and each has its own stop. Route List with Schedule June. Connecticut State Route 25 Exit List East Coast Roads. Local bus routes make frequent stops, typically every 2 to 3 blocks, linking neighborhoods with urban centers and Use the Trip Planner or click on the route listing to go to Schedules presented in PDF format for details on 224 State Street. Roads Coventry, CT Official Website. Standard Route shield System information Notes: Routes are not always state It runs 8 miles 13 km from the Connecticut state border to the Mass Pike at Exit.

List of numbered state highways in New York Facts for Kids.

Repairs needed on state owned roads Routes 67, 199, 317 & 45 may be called into the State of Connecticut Department of Transportation in New Milford. Connecticut Bike Trails & Trail Maps TrailLink. Looking at only state maintained roads, Nursick says, the rating TRIP places two other urban areas in Connecticut on its national list of 25. Connecticut Motorcycle Roads. New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, however have essentially been granted an exemption from official recognition on the travel quarantine list. ​You dont fly in you drive in through hundreds of different routes. Preserving Connecticuts Bridges TRIP National Transportation. On this site is an introduction to New Yorks roads, exit lists of the freeways, Island Sound no roads cross this border but a passenger ferry does, Connecticut,.

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Indexes. places data. Places. roads and transportation data. Roads & Connecticut State House Districts, CT House Districts, 2010, 1:100.000, US Connecticut Geographic Names: Tables include physical features, towns and other. Hands Down the Best Motorcycle Roads to Ride in the U.S. Heres a list of 144 scenic routes and best motorcycle roads that are Best motorcycle route in Connecticut Devils Run Devils Hopyard State. Route Schedule deliverIT CT Connecticut State Library. Colorado E470 toll Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Idaho Illinois Illinois. 96 Major State Roads Still Closed As Of Thursday Morning Patch. Welcome to the new Town of Vernon, CT website. With its easy access to several state routes as well as Interstate 84, Vernon is a join our mailing list.

Map of Connecticut Cities and Roads.

The Maryland State Highway Administration MSHA maintains all roads that have They include roads such as Georgia Avenue MD 97, Connecticut Avenue. List of State Roads in Connecticut pedia. Newtown Turnpike, Main Street, Mount Pleasant Road, Hawleyville Road, Whisconier Road. Southbound Exits. Number, Destination. 9. Daniels Farm Road​. 8B. Truck Routes & Maps by State Transportation Longhauler USA. View live traffic events, delays and congestion along routes in Connecticut. Track live traffic events across Connecticut, and avoid getting stuck traffic delays,. Maps Iowa began numbering its highways in 1920, but the State continued to register Connecticut asked, Would it be necessary to designate interstate routes?. Connecticut Roads Among the Nations Worst, But Who Pays to Fix. Over time, street names have changed and roads have been added since many of these stops were first installed. Name changes took effect on September 20,.


The Connecticut State Department of Transportation DOT Minimum age requirements, fees and routes vary from program to program. Click here for a list of Senior Click here for a List of Medical Appointments Transportation Programs. Bridgeport American Job Center Contact Information Connecticut. State routes in Connecticut should be named using the SR xx short Complete listing of Connecticut Roads by type. List of state routes in westchester county nysdot. List of State Routes in Connecticut. This is a list of State Routes, U.S. Highways and Interstates in the U.S. state of Connecticut, according to numbers. Running in Connecticut. The best places to run in Connecticut. Are the roads and bridges in NYS open? All New York State roads, bridges and tunnels are open. For current status of specific roads and bridges.

From Names to Numbers: The Origins of the U.S. Numbered.

Bus stop locations can be found on this list. Bus schedules can be found on CTTransits website. All routes in the New Britain and Hartford. State keep right laws MIT. And to towns in surrounding states. State highways also include roads that provide access to federal and state facilities Special Service Roads. The state. Bus Stop List by Route Community Transit. Explore the best bike trails in Connecticut on TrailLink. View trail maps with detailed amenities, Bloomfield Greenway Multi Use Trail. 1.8 mi. State: CT. Asphalt.

Transportation Options United Way of Connecticut 211 and.

Speed: Maximum posted speed limits by state. Urban interstates mph, Other limited access roads mph, Other roads mph Connecticut, 65, 55, 65, 55. MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD DEPARTMENTS AND AGENCIES. All of the old roads on this list exist in some form today and are often paralleled by Location: from New London, Connecticut to the Massachusetts state line. List of state highways in Utah wand. 55 mph upon other highways CT ST §14 219 a. 50 mph for a school There are no statutory speed limit provisions listing specific speed limits. However, no.

Local Service CTtransit Connecticut DOT owned bus service.

Below well list seven scenic roads throughout Connecticut that are a to the Massachusetts Connecticut state line, Rt 169 offers a peaceful,. Americas Quietest Routes Geotab. Interstate 91 is the main North South route in Connecticut. service establishments as well as additional Class B office space are found along these routes. Section 14 298 Office of the State Traffic Administration. 2014. Connecticut Department of Transportation State Highway System Map – PDF Town Road List Listing of locally maintained roads by Town including TRU. New York State Roads The Highways of New York and Beyond. Choose from over 30 U.S. train routes and 500 destinations to get where youre going with some of the most scenic views.

Connecticut to change highway exit numbers Politics.

Discover the quietest highway in the US, and find the most scenic, traffic free highways in America state by state. Amtrak Routes & Stations. This is a list of numbered state highways in the U.S. state of New York. New York State Route 55, PA 434 in Highland, Connecticut line at Dover becomes CT​.

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