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  • which formed the Army Gymnastic Staff in 1860 and made sport an important part of military life. In the United States, the first Inter - service Sports
  • Military patrol was a team winter sport in which athletes competed in cross - country skiing, ski mountaineering and rifle shooting. It was usually contested
  • The International Military Sports Council IMSC or Conseil International du Sport Militaire CISM established 1948, is one of the largest multidisciplinary
  • The Africa Military Games French: Jeux Africains Militaires was a multi - sport event for military athletes in Africa. The one - off event was held under
  • The High Center for Military Sport Arabic: المركز العالي للرياضة العسكرية al - Markaz al - aali lel reyada al - Askariya is a Lebanese Armed Forces sports
  • The Military World Games is a multi - sport event for military sportspeople, organized by the International Military Sports Council CISM The Games have
  • April 14, 2014 Vanmeerbeek, Roger Delheye, Pascal December 20, 2013 Military Sport in the Belgian Congo: From Physical Training and Leisure to Belgian - Congolese
  • A multi - sport event is an organized sporting event, often held over multiple days, featuring competition in many different sports among organized teams
  • Sport includes all forms of competitive physical activity or games which, through casual or organised participation, at least in part aim to use, maintain
  • 1994. It is organized by Organisation of Military Sport in Africa OSMA a branch of the International Military Sports Council. In French - speaking countries
  • World Military Championships WMC are the world championships of the military sports, regularly organized by the Conseil International du Sport Militaire
  • Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Team colours are red and white. Its facilities include: Kingston Military Community Sport Centre
  • originally called the World Military Championship. The name changed for the 2001 edition. When the multi - sport Military World Games was set up in 1995
  • origins and purposes of sport more and more difficult to support. As far back as the beginnings of sport it was related to military training. For example
  • known as football or soccer, has been included Military World Games in 1995 as a men s competition sport Women s football was added to the official program
  • most members were uninterested in volunteering for extended military service. Various sport disciplines were organized into official East German groupings
  • The United States Military Academy USMA also known as West Point, Army, Army West Point, The Academy, or simply The Point, is a four - year federal service
  • The 2003 Military World Games was an international multi - sport event for military personnel which was held in Catania, Italy from 4 11 December 2003. It
  • can be more faithful Sport Sport Sport Sport Uma razão para viver A reason to live Sport Sport Sport Sport Sport Sport It is well defined
  • Operation Credible Sport was a joint project of the U.S. military in the second half of 1980 to prepare for a second rescue attempt of the hostages held
  • Russia has a number of military academies of different specialties. This article primarily lists institutions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
  • service. 1848: Military Department 1979: Federal Military Department Since 1998: Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport 1848 1854: Ulrich
  • to consider reading the Sport in England, Sport in Scotland, Sport in Wales or Sport in Northern Ireland articles, or the Sport in Ireland article where
  • The 2007 Military World Games were held at the twin - cities Hyderabad - Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India from October 14 21, 2007. Some parts of the
  • of Military Sport in Americas, a branch of the International Military Sports Council. The tournament acts as qualification for the World Military Cup
  • Philippine Military Academy Band sport US style enlisted rank insignia. Until the early years of the 21st century the Air Forces sported the same enlisted
  • introduction of the metric system into the sport Athletics competitions were held about 1812 at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, and in 1840 in Shrewsbury
  • African sport shooter who competed in the 1920 Summer Olympics. In 1920 he won the silver medal with the South African team in the team 600 metre military rifle
  • 2013 - 07 - 18. Retrieved on 2011 - 07 - 17. Official website of the 5th Military World Games Pictures at the Conseil International du Sport Militaire CISM
  • Sport utility vehicle SUV is a category of motor vehicles that combine elements of road - going passenger cars with features from off - road vehicles, such

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