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  • works, but into fifteen chapters. The Categories places every object of human apprehension under one of ten categories known to medieval writers as the Latin
  • small category is one whose hom - objects are small sets. Locally finite categories by analogy, are categories enriched over FinSet, the category of
  • Women are also classified into four categories These categories are: Restricted Status is similar to Category A for men. Closed is for women who do
  • The term Stoic categories refers to Stoic ideas regarding categories of being: the most fundamental classes of being for all things. The Stoics believed
  • noun, verb, preposition, etc. are syntactic categories In phrase structure grammars, the phrasal categories e.g. noun phrase, verb phrase, prepositional
  • An individual retirement account IRA in the United States is a form of individual retirement plan provided by many financial institutions, that provides
  • Medicines Handbook, are shifting away from using pregnancy categories since, inherent in these categories there is an implied assumption that the alphabetical
  • category of categories and functors the objects are categories and the morphisms between categories are functors. Studying categories and functors
  • Different categories of hadith sayings attributed to the Islamic prophet Muhammad have been used by various scholars. Experts in the Hadith studies
  • series of categories each of which isolate a specific contribution to the recording industry. The standard awards list nominees in each category from which
  • or related products these groups are known as product categories examples of grocery categories might be: tinned fish, washing detergent, toothpastes
  • his category Following East Timor s recognition, the country made its official Paralympic debut in 2008. East Timor at the Paralympics Individual Olympic
  • Cables with individual shielding per pair such as category 7 rely mostly on the shield and therefore have pairs with longer twists. The Category 7 cable standard
  • Wales, an individual voluntary arrangement IVA is a formal alternative for individuals wishing to avoid bankruptcy. The IVA was established by and is governed
  • Individual fishing quotas IFQs also known as individual transferable quotas ITQs are one kind of catch share, a means by which many governments regulate
  • several lists of individual animals on Wikipedia. These are lists of notable, non - fictional, specific animals as opposed to groups of categories of animals
  • Individuals category Awarded under the Special Classification Individuals category Awarded under the Special Classification Individuals category
  • two objects in the same category have attribute values in common, and the probability that objects from different categories have different attribute
  • Diagrams and functor categories are often visualized by commutative diagrams, particularly if the index category is a finite poset category with few elements:
  • Individual psychological assessment IPA is a tool used by organizations to make decisions on employment. IPA allows employers to evaluate and maintain
  • different forms of debate offered by many tournaments. These events are called individual events because they tend to be done by one person unlike debate which
  • Individual reclamation French: reprise individuelle is a form of direct action, characterized by the individual theft of resources from the rich by
  • 275 UHNW individuals in the world, with a total combined net worth of US 29.7 trillion. Billionaires are a special category of UHNW individuals having
  • airports, which handle between 2, 500 and 10, 000 passengers annually. These categories account for over 15 of AIP - funded airports in the U.S. Primary airports
  • institutions serving households, and general government. Categories in COICOP generally correspond to categories in the UN s CPC. Division 14 of COICOP corresponds
  • Album, Individual or Group. In 2012, it was shortened to Best Jazz Instrumental Album, encompassing albums that previously fell under the categories Best
  • involving three universal categories that Peirce continued to apply in philosophy and elsewhere for the rest of his life. In the categories one will discern
  • nominate works within specific categories and sufficiently supported nominations become finalists within those categories Typically there are four or five
  • provided to some high - risk individuals by the police and local government. Depending on the threat perception to the person, the category is divided into four
  • High - net - worth individual HNWI is a term used by some segments of the financial services industry to designate persons whose investible assets such

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