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Wikipedia categories named after families

  • In 2019 the Estonian Wikipedia has 30 thousand unique categories and 1.48 of them do not have appropriate page in the category namespace. The average
  • English Wikipedia In 2019 the Russian Wikipedia has 469 thousand unique categories and 11.31 of them do not have appropriate page in the category namespace
  • was named after the online encyclopedia Wikipedia in January 2013. The decision of the Committee for Small Body Nomenclature to assign the name Wikipedia
  • English Wikipedia has 1.7 million unique categories The average article in this language version has 22 categories while number of unique categories per
  • 2016, Wikipedia was ranked fifth in the most popular websites globally. In January 2013, 274301 Wikipedia an asteroid, was named after Wikipedia in October
  • categories most frequently absent in Wikipedia s drug articles are those of drug interactions and medication use in breastfeeding. Other categories with
  • consensus rather than fact modeled after the approval - by - consensus format of Wikipedia He ironically praised Wikipedia for following his philosophy of truthiness
  • Wikipedia began with its first edit on 15 January 2001, two days after the domain was registered by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. Its technological and
  • both categories back into the original American novelists category The American men novelists category was criticized because the two categories together
  • Conflict - of - interest COI editing on Wikipedia occurs when editors use Wikipedia to advance the interests of their external roles or relationships. The
  • 60th - largest Wikipedia as measured by the number of articles, with about 124, 000 articles, and the second - largest Wikipedia in a constructed language after the
  • those in the West, there are streets, squares, etc. named after Stalingrad and hence indirectly after Stalin in honour of the courage shown by the defenders
  • institution, respectively. Note that these categories do not contain discoveries for which no page on Wikipedia exists. Astronomers with only a few discoveries
  • A name is a term used for identification. Names can identify a class or category of things, or a single thing, either uniquely, or within a given context
  • Family Bruneian Royal Family Bhutanese Royal Family Cambodian Royal Family Japanese Imperial Family Javanese Royal Families Yogyakarta Royal Families
  • French queens named Marie. Most common given names in English and many other European languages can be grouped into broad categories based on their
  • l IHES. 52: 137 252. doi: 10.1007 BF02684780. Deligne, Pierre 1990 Categories tannakiennes Grothendieck Festschrift Vol II. Progress in Mathematics
  • Ross Street An Australian conspectus of higher categories Elaine Landry, Jean - Pierre Marquis Categories in context: historical, foundational, and philosophical
  • Family Without a Name French: Famille - sans - nom is an 1889 adventure novel by Jules Verne about the life of a family in Lower Canada present - day Quebec
  • 2017. Wikipedia Danish: Rosenkrantz Per 11 April 2011. Wikipedia Norwegian Bokmål Riksmål: Rosenkrantz Per 11 April 2011. Wikipedia Norwegian
  • portal A Streetcar Named Margeat Wikipedia s sister projects Quotations from Wikiquote Data from Wikidata Official website A Streetcar Named Marge episode
  • relationship The purpose of families is to maintain the well - being of its members and of society. Ideally, families would offer predictability, structure
  • honor a family member and the middle name being used as the usual method to address someone informally. Many Catholic families choose a saint s name as their
  • Tech4Good Awards Special Award for establishing Wikipedia He was one of eight winners in various categories meant to honor organizations and individuals
  • Tischbein 1820 - 1874 painter For a complete family tree, see the corresponding article in German Wikipedia Die hessische Malerfamilie Tischbein. Verzeichnis
  • individual or families are members. However, some families inherit the names of the regions they are from. Common affixes of authentic Kurdish names are - i
  • one s given name The celebration is similar to a birthday. The custom originated with the Christian calendar of saints: believers named after a saint would
  • Streetcar Named Desire is a 1951 American drama film, adapted from Tennessee Williams s Pulitzer Prize - winning 1947 play of the same name It tells the
  • grow up in such families or in two separate families with the understanding that such a situation is normal. Dysfunctional families are primarily a result
  • developer and co - founder of the internet encyclopedia Wikipedia for which he coined the name and wrote much of its original governing policy. Sanger

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