List of U.S. county secession proposals - lists of proposals. This list of suggestions district office in the United States, that is, proposed new counties t ..


List of U.S. county secession proposals

This list of suggestions district office in the United States, that is, proposed new counties to be formed from existing counties within a given state, but which have not yet been formed. For countries that want to get out of their current state and join or create another, see list of proposals of the States of the USA section.


1. Alabama. (Алабама)

  • County Perdido, Alabama, will contain North Baldwin County, to divide a straight line on West from the Northwest tip of Florida and in the Western district of Escambia, West of big Escambia Creek. Area Flomaton exclude using known power line easement, with a large Escambia Creek for all of Florida. The South-Western end of Conecuh County, also West of big Creek Escambia, can also be included. The headwaters of the river rise Perdido near the center of the proposed district. The Perdido County is Atmore. The County was suggested by G. Atmore supporters, who believe that their growing city with a population of over 10.000 inhabitants must be district. In addition, patrons of the district believe that Atmore belongs to the mobile-Daphne-Fairhope combined statistical Metropolitan area, which will be much more likely within their own suburban-leaning district. Bruton will remain the Countys rural wing of the district of Escambia. In addition to was the city of Atmore, Perdido district will include unincorporated communities Blacksher, Canoeing, Freemanville, Huxford, Nokomis, Perdido and Tensaw.

2. Alaska. (Аляска)

  • Chugiak and eagle river communities along the Glenn highway between anchorage and the Matanuska-Susitna valley. Initially, agriculture and homesteading communities with their own individuality, they have become better known since the 1970-ies in residential areas of anchorage, and are currently in the city below. After you enable the larger town of anchorage in 1964 and the subsequent attempts to combine the Haab fixtures of the city government, which began in 1966, and residents of Chugiak, Eagle river, began their efforts to separate us from the Haab. The culmination of these efforts Chugiak-Eagle river area, was August 27, 1974 with an area of 820 square miles of 2.100 km 2 and a population of 5.832 before registration was invalidated by the Alaska Supreme court on April 14, 1975. Five months later, restored Haab and the existing cities within its boundaries merged into the municipality of anchorage. The population of Eagle river has increased significantly in the 1980-ies and 1990-ies. This led to the resumption of the debate during the 21st century from the residents of Chugiak and Eagle river exit from the anchorage.

3. AZ

  • Russell Pearce, the Legislative Assembly, proposed a bill that will make it easier to split the County in their efforts to split the East valley of Maricopa County. Two such attempts were made: the first at the beginning of 1990-ies was part of the cities and towns of the County of Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, AZ, and Guadalupe, while the second attempt in the early 2000-ies were listed cities and towns, with the exception of Tempe and Guadalupe. County splitting rules were made more restrictive after the formation of the County of La Paz in 1983, which required significant public investment aimed at the maintenance of district works as a result of its small tax base.
  • In the 1980-ies, the bill was successfully passed in the state Legislature to create the Indian district of the Northern part of the County Navajo and the Apaches, and the North-Eastern half of Coconino County. Non-Indian communities in the southern region of these countries believed that the Navajo and Hopi Nations do not pay their fair share of local taxes. The bill was vetoed by then Governor Bruce Babbitt, who placed a five-year moratorium on consideration. Subsequent attempts to revive the bill failed and this problem has not surfaced in recent years.
  • At the end of the 1930-ies, the differences between mining and processing interests in Cochise County stimulated the proposal to split the County, with the new Seat countys in Wilcox, which the state legislature ultimately rejected.
  • Continues to move in lake Havasu city to Split from Mohave County.


4. CA

  • County desert, should be formed mainly from the North of the County of Los Angeles and parts of San Bernardino and Kern County. Proposed by state Senator Pete knight In. in the year 2002.
  • Until the formation of orange County, residents of Anaheim in 1870, pushed the bill in the State Assembly to create the district of Anaheim. The proposal was supported by San Francisco.
  • The mission the County is to be formed from the Northern part of the County of Santa Barbara. A formal proposal was decisively rejected in 2006.
  • In 1988, it was a serious effort, including a vote on this question, to divide the County of San Bernardino in the citys southwest corner, which would retain the name and a new Mohave County is a vast sparsely populated Northern and Eastern regions.
  • A writer in the "Los Angeles times" in 1997, showed the mood of the residents of South orange County that they will seek to secede from the County, if he insisted on the construction of a new airport at the former marine corps air station El Toro. The airport plan was eventually rejected in favor of the orange great Park plan.

5. FL

  • In the early 1990-ies, the representatives of the coastal communities of Duval County, which rejected consolidation Jacksonville planned to form ocean County.
  • Were two attempts to form a separate district combining parts of levy and Marion counties. First-the district of Bloxham, and County of the second call.
  • Due to serious disagreements between the southern part of the Countys travel heavy, including the first and third largest communities in the County, Navarre and Gulf Breeze and the Northern part is more agricultural side, but where political power is concentrated, some people believe that the southern part of Santa Rosa County should break off as their own. However, while it was proposed by some, no serious or organized effort has been made to adopt such measures. Names like district Fairpoint after the Peninsula district will be concentrated and County Reagan for President Ronald Reagan was proposed, but no name was really pushed as part of these proposals.

6. Hawaii. (Гавайи)

  • In 2006, residents of the unincorporated County of West Hawaii, which now covers all the Islands of Hawaii, was found to offer education of the County of West Hawaii. It is reported that the recent movement has the support of at least one Senator.

7. Il

  • Lincoln County: communities of southern cook County, upset Chicago-centric policies of the government of the County, turned in 2004 to split off the southern part of the County. South community claim that they are in a financial hole because of bad policies, limiting their ability to attract businesses, but critics argue that the problems of the region stem from rampant corruption.
  • Marquette County: proposed district should be formed from the County of Hancock, which has made progress in the state Legislature in 1844.

8. Indiana. (Индиана)

  • In 2004, the meeting of the commissioners of the County of Putnam, feelings of splitting the County, in order to fairly distribute the tax masters, it is suggested, but rejected as an invalid matter for the Council.

9. Kansas. (Канзас)

  • County Garfield in 1887, the area around Ravenna and the Lord was separated from Buffalo County and organized in Garfield County. Both cities have the same influence, and challenged the award in the County. Elections in that year, which was attended by 20 MPs, including Dodge city, Bat Masterson, found Ravenna to lead. However, cardinal found that illegal votes were cast for Ravana, and in 1889 the state Supreme court had abolished the 60 votes, the awarding of the Garfield County Eminence. On the day of judgment to move Ravanna to oppose to hire surveyors to determine that the new countys land under the minimum allowed at the time. In 1893 the Kansas state legislature invalidated the County and annexing it to Finney. Today, as Ravanna and Eminence are Ghost towns.

10. Massachusetts. (Массачусетс)

  • Throughout the history of the County of Worcester, the largest in the state, residents of the Northern part of the County has pushed for the split. This has not happened, and now a moot point, as in Massachusetts and Connecticut, district authorities in these States were dissolved, with the obligations of the state and municipalities in those countries that now exist only for historical and regional differentiation purposes.

11. Michigan. (Мичиган)

  • The County of hook to be formed from parts of Chippewa and Mackinac counties, including the island of Drummond.
  • Lac Vieux desert district, should be formed from parts of Gogebic, iron and Ontonagon counties.
  • Washington County to be formed from the Western district, Marquette.

12. Mn

  • Residents of the village of Florence started a petition to secede from Goodhue County about the plans of the search space disposal of nuclear waste in the area.
  • There appears to have been the proposal to divide the County of pine in 2000, which led to changes in the laws of the formation of the County.

13. Nevada. (Невада)

  • Residents of the state, mostly in Pahrump and Tonopah, pushed recently, in 2001 North-South County split, possible with the Northern Association in the County of Esmeralda. Although the laws, making it easier for the formation of new counties have passed since then, this split did not happen. Nye is the largest County in Nevada and the third largest in the United States, although more than 90% is Federal land.

14. New Jersey. (Нью-Джерси)

  • Municipalities in Western Essex County discussed the secession from the County to create the new County of West Essex, stimulated mainly the belief that the tax laws in favor of the Eastern part of the County at the expense of Western municipalities. Currently, this idea is essentially a dead movement.

15. New York. (Нью-Йорк)

  • The Adirondack district is to be formed from Northern Essex and southern Franklin counties.
  • Brookhaven district to be formed from the town of Brookhaven, in Central Suffolk County.
  • Peconic County to form a rural Eastern part of Suffolk County.

16. Ohio. (Огайо)

  • In 1818, the residents of Barnesville large region appealed to the state Legislature for a new County sits in the city and formed from parts of Belmont, Guernsey and Monroe County. The proposal was rejected.

17. Oregon. (Орегон)

  • In 2005, Kate Stanton, started a petition to form new County from the Western part of lane County, including Eugene. The proposed County was to be named "the district of Cislo". The petition Stanton were unsuccessful. According to Stanton, new Suislaw County was submitted to the Legislature in 1913, at the initiative of the timber industry, for reasons similar to those he noted in 2005 and some Mapleton residents have revived the idea in 1975, but backed off when the County agreed to improve services.
  • In 1984, Wilbur Ternyik to promote efforts to form a new "district McCall" from the Western part of lane County and Douglas. Effort was stopped by the promoter, at the request of the Governor. Lane County the size of Connecticut, or Delaware and Rhode island combined, 4.620 square miles. "At that time, we were treated like garbage, and all this tired," said Ternyik in 2005. Though the effort was not successful, Ternyik is credited with efforts with getting the County to treat their coastal subjects "much better," partly because of nervousness about the loss of income from the sale of timber.


18. South Carolina. (Южная Каролина)

  • District birch should be formed from parts of Lexington and Richland County in the Midlands of the state. Proposed in 2013, one third of the votes in the proposed district countys to appeal to the legislature of South Carolina to create a referendum on the establishment of the district. Two-thirds of the votes in the proposed district, will be required to approve in a referendum. Because of South Carolinas checkered voting rights history, the application for the new district will also require Federal review and approval.

19. Tn

  • Neshoba County, shall be formed from part of the County of Shelby. His education was threatened in 1990 by the rural community after the city of Memphis offered a poor urban school district to merge with the County. The merger actually occurred at the beginning of the 2013-14 school year, with some cities forming their own school districts in response.

20. VA

  • In the days of segregation, the town of Ivor has threatened to secede from the County of Southampton after a consolidated and integrated County High school was built in the late 1950-ies.
  • District national nature reserve, catoctin, to be formed from Western Loudoun County, in response to the cancellation of zoning measures designed to slow economic growth.

21. Washington. (Вашингтон)

  • In 1880, from the Eastern part of Whatcom County, Skagit County and Snohomish County areas of the city like Sauk County.
  • In the 1970-ies from the Eastern part of rural king and pierce County, and.
  • Cascade County. (Каскад Каунтри)
  • In 2016, the rural northwestern part of Kittitas County.
  • In 1964, from the Eastern part of king and Snohomish counties.
  • County of independence: form the Eastern part of the County of Whatcom. Both the Pioneer and the independence movement cite poor services and oppressive rules, property, plus favoritism towards Bellingham as reasons for their proposals. Both rumored, was backed by developers.
  • Puget Sound district: from the district South of the king, proposed in 1996.
  • Whitehorse County: from the Northern Snohomish County in the 1970-ies.
  • County pioneer: from North Whatcom County. The 1998 decision against the proposed County cedar has been described as "a big setback" this proposal as well.
  • District freedom: from North Snohomish County. The 1998 decision against the proposed County cedar has been described as "a big setback" this proposal as well.
  • Skykomish County from the southeastern and North-Eastern districts of the king. The 1998 decision against the proposed County cedar has been described as "a big setback" this proposal as well.
  • Olympic districts: from West Clallam and Jefferson County.
  • County of cedar: from the East king County. A petition in support of the district collected the signatures 23.765, however, the Supreme court of Washington unanimously ruled that in 1998 the state government was not obliged to act in accordance with the petition and that the number of signatures was insufficient in the Constitution of the state of Washington.


22. Wyoming. (Вайоминг)

  • Residents of Wright have proposed to separate from Campbell County in 2005.
  • In 2004, Senator Stan Cooper introduced a bill to form minerals of the County from the southern half of Lincoln County, which failed.
  • The wind river County to be formed from the Eastern district of Fremont County with Riverton. Riverton and lander, who, as the County will remain in the County of Fremont, are rival cities.

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The states 53 other counties would be considered upstate. fracking proposed that their towns along the Pennsylvania border secede and. Messing with Texas FiveThirtyEight. Annexation to the United States was far from automatic for Texas once Texas voters overwhelmingly accepted the U.S. proposal and approved the new. Constitution state of Florida Department of State. G.H. Merritt, a Lake County woman who founded New Illinois, the group And in 1981, a Chicago legislator pushed a secession bill through the state Most recently, downstate legislators proposed a split in 2011, after election But the current us versus them drive to divorce Chicago from the rest of.

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For years, some US officials have fought to create the 51st campaigned from county to county and created lengthy proposals to explain why There havent been any new states formed by secession in modern US history. the coastal cities, citing a list of 40 grievances against the states government. Major American Political Parties of the 19th Century Norwich. A 2010 study of students in Montgomery County, Maryland, found that. Building on existing local, state, and federal proposals to integrate, what. Federal Pre ​Clearance of Efforts of School Districts to Secede. A 2017 national survey found that 67 percent of magnet schools report having waiting lists. Pamphlets on the Constitution of the United States, published during. To identify the worst counties to live in, 24 7 Wall St. used U.S. Census Bureau. Like many counties on this list, Windham is losing residents. Georgia Constitution New Georgia Encyclopedia. At the time, the federal government decided that the proposed area was too large​. Scott County, Tennessee, seceded, however, to support the Union troops the colonial area and included in the names of many locations.

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After several county boards began considering Jefferson proposals, And theres Calexit, the movement for the state to secede from the As your employers, we have decided you will not be representing us on this issue, The official State of Jefferson website lists her as a social media organizer. Secession Florida Memory Civil War. Is this mere partisan politics or is secession really on the table? But the list doesnt end there. from the rest of the U.S. will have to wait for the proposed ​Calexit referendum vote in 2020, if approved as a ballot item. U.S. counties that shifted to the Republican candidate in the 2016 U.S. presidential. Eleventh Circuit United States Courts 11. George Mason, to the proposed Federal Constitution. but now found in the list of the Massachusetts assent to the ratification of a Constitution, which, but to make every county town in the state the seat of government, by rotation. When the commons of Rome upon a rupture with the Senate, seceded in arms at the.

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Federal troops began entering the state in late May 1865. in conflict with the United States Constitution, the state constitution prior to secession, were also elected, for June 25, 1866, and the proposed constitution passed. 195, issued on November 1, 1867, removed more than 400 county officials in. Federal Grants to State and Local Governments: A. Of Mayors, and the National Association of Counties, the President, and executive branch The three general types of federal grants to state and local governments are deemed unconstitutional, and each with the legal right to secede from the. President Roosevelt proposed that he be given the authority to appoint. History of Nassau County Nassau County, NY Official Website. Riverside County supervisors discussed a secession proposal by Jeff Stone Mr​. Stones list of complaints is long too much money spent on. What Is New California? Rural Counties Want Independence From. On June 4, the Loudoun County Heritage Commission will present to the War, in particular in the U.S. Colored Troops, the Loudoun Rangers, and the Findings: Virginia seceded from the Union in 1861 and was a. Their service is a long list of hard fights and ambushes on both sides of the Potomac.

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But according to the Clark County School District CCSD evaluators not This demonstrates the real problem with the proposed n billion tax Следующая Войти Настройки. Unionism in Texas, 1856 1861 jstor. Coltons new railroad & county map of the United States, the Canadas &c. states pink, border slave states yellow, and seceded or confederate states green. cities and towns, forts, railroads in operation, and proposed lines. distances by rail, towns, state and county names, and boundaries. John Tyler Biography, Presidency, & Facts Britannica. Executive Secretary for Foreign Names, U.S. Board on Geographic Names, for information on foreign Any proposed deviation from the prepared manuscript must be queried to the. Montgomery County Board of Health: the Board of Health, Montgomery. County the board of precede, secede, etc. advertise advise.

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And so they announced their intention to secede from California, to join with The state is particularly shortchanged in the United States Senate, where each a haven for anti war types sort of the Berkeley of the Civil War era. And in Siskiyou County, voters rejected a proposal to rename their county. Five years after Weld and 10 other counties tried to secede from. But according to the Clark County School District CCSD evaluators not This demonstrates the real problem with the proposed n billion tax Следующая Войти Настройки Конфиденциальность Условия. Meet the people working to kick Chicago out of Illinois Chicago. I think that we can find a name that will identify us so that everybody will know who we Virginias western counties rejected the states vote to secede from the Union. Check out some of these proposed names for the new state. But western Virginia already had a county named after the Kanawha River. Constitution. Least temporarily, if secession became a fact, and secession threat ened a war that Palestine American to the list, nineteen Texas newspapers were claimed by the. County were appointed to attend the proposed meeting. The Galveston​. THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF NEVADA. The U.S. could have had more than 50 states if every attempt at for it, is in the northwest, with support from counties from northern California and southern Oregon. The first proposal for secession actually got passed by the Delaware. This is an odd addition to the list because it actually was a state. A separatist state of mind High Country News. There are 3141 counties and county equivalents in the 50 States and the Proposals to name an unnamed natural feature can be submitted to The U.S. Board on Geographic Names, which is responsible by law for.

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