Ethnosport - sports science. Etnosporta is a set of traditional types of physical activity, methods of their preservation and development as described in the ..



Etnosporta is a set of traditional types of physical activity, methods of their preservation and development as described in the theory of ethnosport Russian cultural anthropologist Alexey Kylasov.


1. Methodology. (Методология)

Etnosporta is the institutional form of organization of socio-cultural space for all conventional types of physical activity. The goal of the theory of ethnosport is to provide a methodological basis for designing and predicting the formation and functioning of sociocultural systems in terms of growth of representations of ethno-cultural processes sports.

Sports became emancipated as traditional games and sports turned into the advertised product. The sport has become more independent from the Playing of ethnic and cultural traditions, which in the past belonged to entertainment in society.

A sport emancipation led to its emergence and consolidation, which was followed by a new social function. Currently, the "sport for all" is often a symbol of the values of a liberal society that are easily adopted throughout the world as "universal" because of its popularity. This new feature allows sports to impose "standard values" and "ideal models" for all peoples, which requires the automatic copying to the detriment of age-old traditions and identity. Its like the public consciousness "reads" the ideals of sport, such as Olympic games and international sports.

The international nature of the sport contribute to the strengthening of this new ideological function, available for all countries that do not belong to any of them. Sport also has the ability to mask the deepening polarization between countries in the global division of labor, as well as their political divisions. Sport provides a focused ideological impact of the proliferation of liberal ideology to the imaginary de-ideology. These differences do not seem as important if athletes from Communist, capitalist, developed, and developing countries have equal chances of success.


2. Definition. (Определение)

Etnosporta reveals traditional types of physical activity that have undergone sportization, such as the introduction of sports-type institutions of sport, as expressed in the formation of federations, good judging, standard equipment, standard scoring system, and regular, predictable results.


3. Efforts to preserve etnosporta. (Усилия по сохранению этноспорта)

Today the cultural diversity of the sport brings the institutional level the promotion and development of traditional physical activities. Many countries are beginning to move traditional sports in a certain direction, offering these traditional activities for the protection and preservation. Traditional games proclaimed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Department of social and human Sciences, UNESCO coordinates the efforts of various organizations and educational institutions in relation to traditional sports.

Globalization has led to the need to consider local cultural heritage, local cultural resources, particularly traditional types of physical activity are under threat of total or partial destruction, if they are not included in the global sports projects such as the Olympic games, world games, Commonwealth Games, Mediterranean games and the Asian games. International sports organizations such as IOC and SportAccord, Ivga, IMSA, and Phil to admit it to treat and try to fight him.


3.1. Efforts to preserve etnosporta. Phil. (Фил)

Phil moved further in this direction. Phil has launched a broad program of cooperation in the field of ethnosport. Now, with the Olympic games in freestyle wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling and womens freestyle Wrestling FILA develops grappling, pankration, beach wrestling, and many other traditional styles of wrestling. Phil works with the world Committee of the grappling and pankration and the world of traditional wrestling FILA Committeeto to put on the World wrestling games. Due to Files efforts tatarcha Koresh and the Kazakh Kores was incorporated in the program of Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan as a new discipline: wrestling on belts. The recognition of Yakut wrestling khapsagai and Mas-wrestling has allowed these disciplines to create federations and will hold their first continental Championships using Files infrastructure.


3.2. Efforts to preserve etnosporta. Reaction. (Реакция)

Although there is a General positive impact on the recognition of ethno-cultural activities as subjects of international activities, such progress does not satisfy fans of ethnosport who want full autonomy. Their distrust is expressed as: sportization can help spread at least some traditional physical activity? Immanuel Wallerstein, who argues that the country cant jump from the previous stage of development to another, if the previous stage is not included in the capitalist system of relations. By analogy, ethno-cultural styles of competition can be a sport if their country of origin is not included in the global world of sports.

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The World Ethnosport Association Ethnosport was also affiliated in the General Association of Asia Pacific Sports Federations as full member. 中文. IMG 4803. Turkish presidents son urges youth to participate in traditional sports. A key partner in this quest is the World Ethnosport Confederation WEC. WEC organizes local and international activities with the intent to. Ethnosport: The End of Decline by Alexey Kylasov, Paperback. Ethnosport is a set of traditional styles of physical activity, methods of their preservation, and their development, as described in the ethnosport theory of Russian. Vladislavs Redjkins @wsfstrongman Twitter Profile and Twipu. The study known as Ethnosport describes the cultural diversity, identity, and folk traditions in sports, with special reference to Eastern cultures.

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