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Artavasdes V

Artavasdes IV was a legendary figure, who is mentioned as the "king of the Armenians" under the Sasanian monarch Shapur I in the Historia Augusta.


Caranus of Macedon

Caranus or Karanos was the first king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon according to later traditions. According to Herodotus, however, the first king was Perdiccas I. Caranus is first reported by Theopompus and is the mythical founder of the Argead dynasty.



Khidr or al-Khidr, also transcribed as al-Khadir, Khader, Khizr, Khazer, Khadr, Khedher, Khizir, Khizar, is a figure not mentioned by name in the Quran as a righteous servant of God possessing great wisdom or mystic knowledge. In various Islamic and non-Islamic traditions, Khidr is described as a messenger, prophet, wali, slave or angel, who guards the sea, teaches secret knowledge and aids those in distress. As guardian angel, he prominently figures as patron of the Islamic saint Ibn Arabi. The figure of al-Khidr has been syncretized over time with various other figures including but not ...



In the Hebrew Bible, as well as non-Jewish ancient texts from the region, the Northwest Semitic term Rephaite ; Phoenician: rpm) refers either to a people of greater-than-average height and stature or to dead ancestors who are residents of the Underworld.



Wilgefortis is a female saint of the Catholic Church whose legend arose in the 14th century, and whose distinguishing feature is a large beard. Her name is thought to have derived from the Latin "virgo fortis". In England her name was Uncumber, and in Dutch Ontkommer. In German lands she was known as Kummernis. She was known as Liberata in Italy and Librada in Spain, and as Debarras in France. In places such as Siguenza, Spain, she was sometimes conflated with another Saint Liberata, the sister of Saint Marina of Aguas Santas, whose feast was also celebrated on July 20. She was venerated b ...


Legendary people

  • A legendary progenitor is a legendary or mythological figure held to be the common ancestor of a dynasty, people tribe or ethnic group. Masculinity, femininity
  • Legendary Pictures Productions, LLC, doing business as Legendary Entertainment or simply Legendary is an American film production and mass media company
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  • by his stage name The Legendary Tigerman born 9 September 1970 is a Portuguese musician. Furtado played in various legendary portuguese bands such
  • The following list of legendary kings of Britain derives predominantly from Geoffrey of Monmouth s circa 1136 work Historia Regum Britanniae the History
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender is an animated mecha web television series produced by American companies DreamWorks Animation Television and World Events
  • following is a list of demons, ghosts, yōkai, obake, yūrei and other legendary creatures that are notable in Japanese folklore and mythology. Contents
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  • Barcelos, a mythological rooster from Portugal Sarimanok, a legendary chicken of the Maranao people who originate from Mindanao Philippines Vidopnir, a rooster
  • The legendary kings of Denmark are the predecessors of Gorm the Old, half legend and half history. The accounts of the Danish kings are confusing and
  • impeded by the watchful and jealous Soa. The protagonists seek the legendary People of the Mist, said to possess a fabulous hoard of jewels. On finding
  • Unlike a fictional king, aspects of their lives may have been real and legendary or that the culture through legend and story telling believed to be
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  • born September 5, 1947, in Lubbock, Texas known professionally as the Legendary Stardust Cowboy, is an outsider performer who is considered one of the
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  • antagonists on the television shows Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Young Hercules. He was portrayed by New Zealand actor Kevin
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  • replacing them with Roman Catholicism and the Roman alphabet. Urduja was a legendary woman warrior who is regarded as a heroine in Pangasinan. Malong and Palaris
  • Elvis: A Legendary Performer Volume 4 is a compilation album featuring recordings by American singer Elvis Presley. It was the last in a series of albums
  • beyond its religious use. Sarimanok, Papanoka Mra or Mara patik is a legendary bird of the Maranao that is a ubiquitous symbol of their art. It is depicted
  • Elvis: A Legendary Performer Volume 2 is a compilation album featuring recordings by American singer and musician Elvis Presley. As with the first volume
  • The Longana is a legendary aquatic creature of the feminine gender. The Longana appear in legends of the people living in Cadore, Italy. According to the
  • of ecology and Third World versus First World, depicting the East as a legendary place having a mystical knowledge not shared by the West including Japan

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Artavazd V data.

Kovacs, F. Tigranes IV, V, and VI: New Attributions in AJN 20 2008. Nercessian, Y. Silver Coins of Artavasdes II of Armenia in Armenian Numismatic​. RARE Armenian Byzantium Emperor for sale $33.000 opening bid. Believing himself betrayed by Artavasdes, king of Armenia, he invaded his PHRAATES V., Or PHRAATACES, the younger son of Phraates IV. and the. Phraates IV of Parthia Heller - Major Reference Works Wiley. B.C. 248 47–211 10, to the reigns of Artabanus V and Artavasdes circ. A.D. 224–​228, under whom the rule of the Arsacids was subverted by. Ardashir and the. Artavasdes V Mili, The Free Encyclopedia. In 34 Antony captured king Artavasdes of Armenia, whom he held poisoned the king, and Phraatakes became successor as Phraates V.

What Does The Name Caranus Mean?.

Caranus? Learn the origin and popularity plus how to pronounce Caranus. He holds the title King of Macedon and List of ancient Macedonians. Popularity. Macedonia National Geographic Society. JULY 356 BC PELLA, MACEDON JUNE 323 BC AGED 32 BABYLON. Photo by Brothers Phillip 3, and Caranus of Macedon. Photo by. 10 Amazing Facts About Philip II of Macedon, the Father of. The kings of Macedon pretended to descend from Hercules by Caranus, and consequently to be Greeks by extraction. Philip was the son of Amyntas II, who is​. Caranus of Macedon Citizen of The New World eRepublik. Caranus also came to Emathia with a large band of Greeks, being instructed by an oracle to seek a home in Macedonia. Here, following a herd of goats running.

Khidr Ilyas Mehmet Aslan.

Listen to Head On History episodes free, on demand. Who is Al Khidr and what can he tell us about Islam? In this episode we examine the enigmatic figure of Al​. Mousa und Khidr 2 by Abdelhay Fadil Mixcloud. How does Kuwaiti history, myth and legend relate Alexander the Great, St. George of the Dragon and Al Khidr the Green Man of pre Islamic. Al Khidr definition of Al Khidr and synonyms of Al Khidr English. Understanding the stories of Al Khidr as To those who faithfully believe, Allah gives some special knowledge of the Unseen. These people. Al Khidr. He was to take a fish with him, as its disappearance would be an indication of the place where he was to meet Khidr. Accompanied with his servant, Moses set.

Acephate 95% Sg Rephate 95, Packaging Type: Packet ID.

The meaning of the name Rephaite goes beyond the bounds of its origin, to uncover valuable insights into a persons destiny and luck, as well. 832 Rephate Dont Start The Fire YouTube TEC. Debuting earlier this year at Munich infamous Rote Sonne club, Rephate finally got the chance he deserved to share his strict vision of an intoxicating DJ set. Rujm el Hiri And The Rephaite – Whales In Space wha. Looking for Rephaite? Find out information about Rephaite. in the Bible. 1 Pre ​Israelite race of giants. They were also referred to simply as giants. 2 Valley, SW​. Rephaite hashtag on Twitter. Rephates own productions are highly distinctive due to their dramatic synth lines and escalating structure. Embedding harmonic melodies in unbelievable hard. Rephaite Photos images pics instagram dm Rephaite instagram photos, rephaite instagram videos hashtag instagram search on stagramer instagram downloader, instagram viewer.

Prayer to the Bearded Virgin Martyr: On Hieronymus Boschs St.

Wilgefortis. 30. 5. 1 mont ago. Ja wiem, ze w taka pogode wszyscy mysla o czytaniu pod palmami Tokarczuk A ze za oknem jest prawdziwy koszmar, odsylam. The Female Crucifix: Images of St. Wilgefortis Chicago Journals. Search through the Wellcome Collection image catalogue. Ode to Wilgefortis Hystamina Wilgefortis i. The name Wilgefortis may come from the Latin virgo fortis strong virgin. In Spanish she is Librada meaning liberated from hardship. How does Saint Wilgefortis affect Dunstans personality? ProProfs. RNS An exhibit in Berkeley, Calif., questions the gender of popular female Catholic saints, affording artist Alma Lopez a chance to ask viewers what is feminine. The Female Crucifix: Images of St. Wilgefortis since the Questia. Saint Wilgefortis prayed to avoid marriage to a pagan king and her prayers were answered when she grew a beard! This gender bending.

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