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  • West Malaysia Depictions of Jesus in film Depictions of Muhammad in film Aloysius Pieris, Love Meets Wisdom: A Christian Experience of Buddhism, Maryknoll
  • heroic light the depictions began to encounter protests from Muslims. In the age of the Internet, a handful of caricature depictions printed in the European
  • prehistory. Both male and female nude depictions were common in antiquity, especially in ancient Greece. Depictions of the naked body have often been used
  • Cultural depictions of dogs extend back thousands of years to when dogs were portrayed on the walls of caves. Representations of dogs in art became more
  • of the standard depiction such as the image of Edessa and later the Veil of Veronica. Partly to aid recognition of the scenes, narrative depictions of
  • Cultural depictions of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania range from depictions of major historical events to the city being used as a minor backdrop
  • Cultural depictions of John F. Kennedy, the 35th American president, include films, songs, games, toys, stamps, coins, artwork, and other portrayals.
  • Africa, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. All sexualized depictions of people under the age of 18 are illegal in Australia, and there is a zero - tolerance
  • Cultural depictions of the Salem witch trials abound in art, literature and popular media in the United States, from the early 19th century to the present
  • Frieze in the courtroom of the Supreme Court of the United States depicts King John granting Magna Carta. John was the subject of a Shakespearean play
  • young NRI returning to India to help the country and its people a tale similar to that of Gandhi s life. 2005: Gandhi is portrayed by Mohan Jhangiani
  • conventional, how understanding novel depictions is possible, the aesthetic and ethical value of depiction and the nature of realism in pictorial art. Figurative
  • and disseminate these depictions In early times, erotic depictions were often a subset of the indigenous or religious art of cultures and as such were
  • William I of England has been depicted in a number of modern works. William I has appeared as a character in only a few stage and screen productions.
  • are depicted as separate tribes on older ethnographic maps. People reports a population of 851, 359 Lungu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Sodoma. Done in oil on canvas, the work depicts the biblical scene in which Jesus Christ is presented to the people by Pontius Pilate with the phrase Ecce
  • Cultural depictions of lions are known in European, African and Asian countries. The lion has been an important symbol to humans for tens of thousands of years
  • them. This page is a list of depictions of Thatcher on stage, in film, TV, radio, literature, music and in other forms of the arts and entertainment
  • Amar Ei Desh Arunodoyer Agnishikha Liberation 71 Heroes of 71 Sector 71 Artistic depictions of the Bengali Language Movement Liberation War Museum Muktijuddho
  • Cultural depictions of dinosaurs have been numerous since the word dinosaur was coined in 1842. The non - avian dinosaurs featured in books, films, television
  • 10, 000 people living in the mountains of northeastern Uganda near the border with Kenya, next to the more populous Karamojong and Turkana peoples The Ik
  • Letter People is a children s literacy program and the television series based on said program. The term also refers to the various characters depicted in
  • been regularly portrayed in film, television, radio and other media. The depictions range from minor character to the biographical centerpiece, exceeding
  • Irish Travellers have been depicted in film, radio, and print. Some depictions have been both negative, while some have been with care and sympathy. This
  • Salon of 1831. Delacroix depicted Liberty as both an allegorical goddess - figure and a robust woman of the people The mound of corpses acts as a kind of pedestal
  • Cultural depictions of Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom have become commonplace since the term s first use in 1905. However, they have been applied
  • interpretations of specific Bible passages, pictorial depictions of God in Western Christianity had been avoided by Christian artists. At first only the Hand of God
  • Federal Reserve Bank use. Five people have been depicted on U.S. currency during their lifetime, with each of those depictions occurring during the American
  • significance that was meant to ward off evil. Amulets and objects with depictions of the turtles represent the turtle as a force to defend health and life
  • which include items of historic interest, enduring works of high art, and recent representations in popular culture. Only people and works with Wikipedia

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