Proposals for an English Academy - lists of proposals. In the early 17th century and continued in one form or another in the early 18th century, there are a ..


Proposals for an English Academy

In the early 17th century and continued in one form or another in the early 18th century, there are a number of proposals for an English Academy: some form of learned institution, conceived as a Royal support and leading role in the intellectual life of the nation. Some calls for an English Academy came in 1617, based on the Italian model Dating back to the 16th century, they were held later, after the 1635 founding of the French Academie, John Dryden, John Evelyn and Daniel Defoe.


1. Historical overview. (Исторический обзор)

Offers English Academy were initially and typically is characterized by historical interest, for example in heraldry and medieval history. They represented the conservative wing in the wider discussion, and they reported different approaches to the idea of an enlightened society as active educational and regulatory body. In fact, no such Academy is established, although discussion of the perceived need for continued in the XVIII century. The development of ideas about language-the regulation of the function of an imaginary English Academy were initially studied German Martin Flasdieck. Flasdieck distinguish three phases: the first private initiatives until the mid-17th century, then about the recovery period, in which the Royal society and its membership have an interest, and in the later period, which offers a mirror of the French Academie met fierce resistance.

Nothing special, came directly from such proposals, as a rule, for "the Royal Academy" or the court of the Academy, but they are part of a broader discussion, including the role of universities and the creation of new institutions such as serial Gresham College, Chelsea College, Durham College and the Royal society, which had very different destinies, and pansophic projects that failed to get off the drawing Board.


2. Offers Elizabethan. (Предлагает Елизаветинской)

In the early 1570s. Humphrey Gilbert published the construction achademy in London related to education of wards and the younger sons of the Lord. The proposed course included items are regarded as practical as well as classical studies. This concept is already a generation story: in the reign of Henry VIII, Nicholas bacon and Robert Cary, and Thomas Denton announced the creation of a new INN to court, conceived as a humanist Academy. Then bacon took the idea further and combined it with the experience of legal guardianship, and in 1561 made a recommendation to the Queen.

The home and library of John Dee at Mortlake from 1570-the beginning of 1580s was defined as the Academy of the prototype. His circle included Thomas Hariot and Walter Raleigh, and was closely associated with whats around Henry Percy, 9th Earl of Northumberland. These groups with Gresham College is in the heart of the English scientific life during the period.


2.1. Offers Elizabethan. The Elizabethan society of antiquaries. (Елизаветинское общество антикваров)

The College or society of antiquaries met from around 1586 to about 1607. It is composed of successful lawyers, members of the College of heralds, wealthy collectors of old manuscripts and several professional archivists. They met in London during each of the period, if not the plague intervened. Using laptop one member, Francis Tate, Wright date 22 occasions from 1590 - 1601. After that meetings became less regular, and not only because of plague, but also the suspicions of the government of James I after 1603.

Two topics for discussion were agreed in advance of the meeting and each member is expected to contribute. They sought to build a detailed and reliable story about the origin and development of the English people’. Some under the influence of William Camdens Britannia, discussed a broad historical picture with the pre-Roman times, some spetsializiruyutsya on the latest practices from the twelfth century. However, others have begun a serious study of the early medieval origins of English culture and identity. They are widely used Anglo-Saxon manuscripts in Old English and Latin to Supplement another fine literary sources.

A large amount of material for discussion was published by Thomas Hearne in the eighteenth century, and it gives some instructions on how antiquaries worked. For example, on 24 November 1599, the company has chosen to discuss the antiquity, etymology and the various English terms used to measure land. Arthur Agard or Agarde, in societys most respected members, was uncertain: although I must admit that in this sentence I am more traveled than any of the former, for it concerneth me to know how to do them correctly, especially in the Sundry come running to me about to know if I have in my custody all the records that vouch the same for certainty, so fareth with me, in the continuation of those abbreviations I noticed from the "Domesday book" and other chronicle. and those notes that I quoted from the ancient registers, and books that fell into my hands in these XXX. years, I found a variety of measurements so variable in the different. in the world, like I was in a mammering. It shows a lot about how antiquaries worked. The members of the society Agard advice on tips on how that material can be available. It was reasonable since he was Vice-Chamberlain of the exchequer since 1570, the responsibility for what would be a 40-year project to compile inventories of the four treasuries at Westminster, which contains the Royal Abbey and writing.

The society eventually closed due to the disapproval of James I. those involved included:

Robert Bruce cotton and others petitioned Elizabeth I for the establishment of National libraries and the Academy, referring to an institution for historical research. The society paid attention to the succession to Elizabeth, and then the Jacobean debate on the Union with the Union of treatises written by cotton and another member, John Dodderidge, the reports, read the names "Britain" in 1604, and Walter cope, a member of the M. P. participating in parliamentary debates.


3. Suggestions James. (Предложения Джеймса)

Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales has renewed his patronage the offer of Humphrey Gilbert. He combined this concept with the French model Antoine de Pluvinels Academy of equestrian sports, which includes a variety of studies. The project was designed to cover mathematics and languages, as well as the art of riding, but was interrupted due to the death of the Prince.

The suppression of the society of antiquaries leaving a break in intellectual life, at least with regard to antiquarian interests, Edmund Bolton put forward a plan of the Royal Academy his "Academ roial". In 1617 a list of 27 names were put forward: it included sir John Hayward, and Henry Ferrers. A similar list in 1624 included sir William Segar. Bolton suggested a complex structure, the outer ring of membership in listing 84, and role in the censorship of publications outside of theology, all with the help of subsidies. He received some support from George Villers, 1st Duke of Buckingham, who put forward a plan, ascribed to Prince Henry a Parliament 1621, but nothing came of it. By the end of the reign put an end to this plan.

The salomons House, the proposal or the model of Francis bacons New Atlantis to the Institute of natural philosophy, also dates from this period at the end of the reign of James I. It is ordered and royally authorized research Institute. Follower of Francis bacon and Thomas Bushell was later rumored to want to create a real institution in London, or wells, in the County of Somerset.


4. Kynaston Academy in. (Академия Кинастон)

The founding in 1635 of the French Academy closely coincided with Francis Kynastons the creation of a specific educational institution, you Museyon, in his own house in Covent garden. The king gave the money, and the Academy admitted young gentlemen only on an exclusive basis. Teachers were chosen Kynaston. The new Institute was satirised, though, to put it mildly, Richard Bromes to play in the New Academy dates back to 1636.

Kynaston gave his house in Bedford street, Covent garden, for College, with ambitions to move into Chelsea College. He gave his books, manuscripts, musical and mathematical instruments, paintings, and statues, at their own expense. He was the Regent himself and his friends Edward may, Michael Mason, Thomas hunt, Nicholas Fiske, John Spiedal Spidall, and Walter Salter were professors in various fields. According to the Constitution, Kynaston published in 1636, was only the nobility and gentry, to be admitted into the College, the purpose of which was to prepare candidates for the tour. A full course is seven years, no gentleman was to prove himself right more than two of the individual Sciences, arts, or quality, of which one shall be intellectual, the other corporall.’ Regent taught the following subjects: heraldry, practical knowledge and the principles and processes of customary law, antiquities, coins, husbandry. Music, dancing, and behavior, riding, sculpture, and writing are also important parts of the curriculum.

The idea of the Academy was still in the air in the years before the First English Civil war, and Thomas Howard, 21st Earl of Arundel, put forward a proposal for a short Parliament. Samuel Hartlib was talking about a pilot scheme it ran. In the years Balthazar Gerbier 1648-1650 revived the idea of the Academy on the line Kynastons in a series of brochures. Peter Chamberlen the third invited the Academy to monitor the public welfare, as part of his reform plan.


5. After the restoration of 1660. (После реставрации 1660 года)

Circa 1660, John Evelyn and Robert Boyle became interested in the idea of the Academy. Evelyns experience abroad-meeting Umoristi Academy in Rome, dedicated to the verse and linguistic issues. Language has now become aspect of the "English edition of the Academy" which continues to resonate with the English writer, and was launched a small group from time to Time, and Evelyn was a regular defender on him. Evelyn sent Boyle a plan that costs over £1000, in a letter in September, 1659, 1660 Bengt skytte, a follower of Comenius, raised pansophic concept with Boyle and others, on such a scale. These ideas have been overtaken by the involvement of Boyle in the 1660 Committee of 12 which led shortly to the formation of the Royal society.

Abraham Cowley in 1661 explicitly and in detail argued for the "philosophical College" near the Central London, which will function as innovative educational institutions, the proposals for the advancement of experimental philosophy. One supporter of an English Academy to regulate the language was Thomas sprat of the Royal society, founded in 1662. The group met at grays INN in 1665 the plan of the Academy, as he recalled later Evelyn: Cowley and sprat were involved with George Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham, Matthew Clifford, Cyril Wyche, John Dryden and others. After little progress, London suffered the great Plague,

Wentworth Dillon, 4th Earl of Roscommon to set, about 1682, a literary society which attracted Academy. He participates Dryden, the remaining members of George Savile, Marquis of Halifax, Richard Maitland, Charles Sackville, 6th Earl of Dorset, Lord Cavendish, sir Charles Scarborough, and Heneage Finch. My linguistic interests are distributed mainly on the problems of translation. This group was documented of Knightley Chetwood, each Roscommons.

Giovanni Torriano, in his Italian Revivd, to equate some English clubs in the period of restoration groups in France or Italy would be called "academies."


6. Later suggestions. (Позже предложения)

At the beginning of the reign of William III and Mary II offered the company Royal academies scheme is a lottery. Lewis Maidwell 1650-1716 had some success in promoting their school on king Street, London, as chartered by William III, with a modernized curriculum. He proposed a tax on publications to support it, but was opposed in Parliament and met with serious resistance from the universities. At the same time, Daniel Defoe in his essay on projects section on academies.

Jonathan swift in his proposal for correcting, improving and definitions of the English language, he played for the Academy to regulate the English language. In the form of a call to a "peoples dictionary" to regulate the English language, on the French model, the concept had great support from the August writers: Defoe, Joseph Addison, spectator 135 in 1711 Alexander Pope. At the end of the reign of Queen Anne some Royal back again, but this ended with the change of monarch in 1714.

The whole idea was later met with harsh opposition, however, from lexicographer Samuel Johnson, referring to the "English freedom" in relation to involved in the recipe: he predicted the disobedience of the Academy should set use. Matthew Arnold, in his essay of 1862 literary influence of academies, has been positive in the French and Italian cultural academies, but marks an end point in a tradition. In culture and anarchy Arnold denies that he supports the establishment of an English Academy, setting the probable membership as figures of the establishment.

In the course of his diplomatic mission in 1780 Amsterdam, statesman, and later U.S. President, John Adams advocated the official of the British Academy as part of the Federal government in a letter to the second Continental Congress. This proposal was later rejected by the continental Congress for reasons of personal freedom, and marked one of the earliest instances of the government relating to the linguistic diversity.

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