Bibliography of Napoleon - bibliographies of people. Fournier, August. Napoleon the First: a biography 1903, 836 pages, great old biography online edition. T ..

Bibliography of Napoleon

Bibliography of Napoleon

  • Fournier, August. Napoleon the First: a biography 1903, 836 pages, great old biography online edition.
  • Thompson, George. M. Napoleon Bonaparte: his rise and fall of 1954.
  • Esprit, Robert. The rise of Napoleon Bonaparte and the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte. 2002, 2 volume, 1200pp, popular biography focusing on the military.
  • Dwyer, Philip. Napoleon: the path to power, 2008, p. 672, vol. 1 of the major new biography, in 1799.
  • Englund, Steven. Napoleon: A Political Life. 2004. 575 pages, the best and most advanced political biography, thin on military.
  • MOM, Alan. Napoleon Bonaparte: a life, 1997, 944pp, says Napoleon was a paranoiac psychopath.
  • Christopher J. Herold. The age of Napoleon 1963 480pp, popular history stressing Empire and diplomacy.
  • Markham, Felix. Napoleon 1963. 304pp online edition.
  • Lefebvre, Georges: Napoleon, 2 vol. 1935, English translation 1969, influential French perspective.
  • Fisher, Herbert. Napoleon 1913 256pp old classic online edition.
  • Johnson, Paul. Napoleon: Life Of Penguins. 2002. 208 PP.
  • Emsley, Clive. Napoleon 2003 142 PP, very succinct coverage of life, France and Empire, little in the war.
  • Falk, Avner. Napoleon against himself: Psychobiographic 2007 offers novel explanations for many irrational, self-defeating and self-destructive actions.
  • Dwyer, Philip. Napoleon: path to power 2008, in 1799.
  • Woloch, Isser. Napoleon and his collaborators: the establishment of the dictatorship of 2001.
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  • Zamoyski, Adam. Napoleon: Life Of The 2018.
  • Mclynn, Frank. Napoleon: a biography 2003 752pp, stress on military.
  • Rose, John Holland. The life of Napoleon I: including new materials from the British official records, volume 2 1903, old but solid scholarship, the online edition of volume 2.
  • Tulard, Jean. Napoleon: the myth of the Savior, 1985, influential French biography.
  • Roberts, Andrew. Napoleon: Life 2014.
  • Barnett, Corelli. Bonaparte 1978.
  • Cronin, Vincent. Napoleon 1971, beneficial, popular bio.

1. General reference. (Общая ссылка)

  • Esposito, Vincent J. and John R. Elting, military history and Atlas of the Napoleonic wars 1999, the textbook included in the West point maps.
  • Chandler, David. Dictionary of the Napoleonic wars 1993.
  • Nichols, David. Napoleon: A Biographical Companion. 1999. 300 PP.
  • Dad, Stephen. Dictionary of the Napoleonic wars. 2000. 572 PP.
  • Fremont-Barnes, Gregory. Ed. Encyclopedia of French revolutionary and Napoleonic wars: a political, social, and military history ABC-Clio: 3 volume 2006.
  • Greiss, Thomas E. West point Atlas for the wars of Napoleon 1986 70pp, all cards online.
  • Smith, Digby. In the book Greenhill Napoleonic wars 1998, 582pp, information about 2000 individual battles, clashes, sieges, raids, capitulations of, and naval battles.
  • Nafziger, George F. historical dictionary of the Napoleonic era. 2002. 353 PP.
  • Furet, françois and Mona Ozouf, EDS. A critical dictionary of the French revolution in 1989, 1120pp, long essays by scholars, conservative point of view, the emphasis on the history of ideas.

2. Military research. (Военные исследования)

  • Kagan, Frederick W. "Russias wars with Napoleon: 1805-1815", in the military history of tsarist Russia, ed. Frederick Kagan and Robin Higham 2002, 106-22.
  • Goetz, Robert. 1805: Austerlitz, Napoleon and the destruction of the Third coalition 2005. 368pp.
  • Cole, Juan. Napoleons Egypt: invading the middle East 2007 excerpts and online search
  • Muir, Rory. Tactics and experience of battle in the Napoleonic era 2000, 466pp excerpt and text search.
  • Dodge, Theodore Ayrault. Napoleon, the history of the art of war in 1904, the old classic Internet edition.
  • Lynn, John A. bayonets of the Republic: motivation and tactics in the army of revolutionary France, 1791-94 1984, the influential analysis excerpt and text search.
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  • Fisher, Todd. Napoleonic wars 2001-4 3 volume, 96pp, concise, well-illustrated operational history excerpt and text search vol 1, Excerpt and text search vol 2, excerpt and text search Vol 3.
  • Pericoli, Ugo. 1815: the armies at Waterloo 1973.
  • Gill, John. With eagles to glory: Napoleon and his German allies in the 1809 campaign, 1992.
  • Fortescue, J. W. History of the British army of the 19th century 1899-1930 full text vol 4 PT2: 1789-1801online edition volume 6: 1807-1809, the full text of Volume 7: 1809-1810, the full text of volume 8: 1810-1812, the full text of Volume 9: 1813-1814, full text Volume 10: 1814-1815.
  • Kut, Stephen. Napoleon and the hundred days. 2005. 320 p.
  • Rothenberg, Gunther E., 2006, the Napoleonic wars, 240pp, well illustrated synthesis of a leading scholar excerpt and text search.
  • Leggiere, Michael V. Napoleon and Berlin: the Franco-Prussian war in North Germany, 1813. 2002. 384 p. excerpt and text search.
  • Lieven, Dominic. "Russia and the defeat of Napoleon in 1812-14" critique: studies in Russian and Eurasian history 7#2 2006 283-308 online in project Muse.
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  • Elting, John R. swords around a throne: Napoleons Grand army in 1997, influential study.
  • Christopher Duffy. Borodino and the war of 1812 1999.
  • Adkin, Mark. The Waterloo companion: the Complete guide to Historys most famous land battle 2002 448pp excerpt and text search.
  • Chandler, David. Campaigns of Napoleon: the mind and method of Historys greatest warrior 1973, PP 1216, experts call it the best military synthesis.
  • Connelly, Owen. Bumping to glory: Napoleons military campaigns 2nd ed 2006 negative skills Napoleon.
  • Arnold, James R. Napoleon conquers Austria: the 1809 campaign in Vienna. 1995. 247 PP. excerpt and text search.
  • Epstein, Robert M. Napoleon last victory and the emergence of modern war 1994 Austrian war of 1809.
  • Of Esdaile, Charles J. Napoleons wars: an international history, 1803-1815 2008, 656pp excerpt and text search.
  • Of Paret, Peter. "Napoleon and revolution in war," in of Paret, ed. The makers of modern strategy, 1986.
  • Riley, Jonathon. Napoleon as a General: command from the battlefield to Grand strategy 2007.
  • Forrest, Alan. Napoleons men: the soldiers of the revolution and the Empire. 2002. 248 PP.
  • Bell, David A. the First total war: Napoleons Europe and the birth of war as we know it 2008 excerpt and text search.
  • Rothenberg, Gunther. The art of warfare in the Napoleonic era 1978.
  • Christopher Duffy. Austerlitz, 1805 1999.
  • Nosworthy, Brent. With musket, cannon and sword: battle tactics of Napoleon and his enemies. 1996. 528 PP.
  • Kagan, Frederick W. the end of the old order: Napoleon and Europe, 1801-1805, 2006 the first of four promised volumes, covers the benefits and strategies of all the forces is an excerpt and text search.
  • Optional Origin, Albert A. The Waterloo Campaign In June 1815. 1993. 333pp online edition.
  • Tarle, Eugene. The invasion of Napoleon in Russia, 1812. 1942. the online edition.
  • Leggiere, Michael V. the fall of Napoleon. Vol. 1: the allied invasion of France, 1813-1814. 2007 690pp excerpt and text search.
  • Rogers, H. C. B. Napoleons Army 1974.
  • Liaropoulos, Andrew N. "revolutions in warfare: theoretical paradigms and historical evidence - the Napoleonic and First world war revolutions in military Affairs." The journal of military history 2006 702: 363-384. ISSN 0899-3718 full text: the Muse project.
  • Lieven, Dominic. "Russia and the defeat of Napoleon in 1812-14." Kritika: studies in Russian and Eurasian history 2006 72: 283-308. Room 1531-023X full text: the Muse project. Alexander says the success of the strategy has not been paid due attention.
  • Schneid, Frederick C. Napoleons Italian Campaigns 1805-1815. 2002, 229pp online edition.
  • Gates, David. The Napoleonic wars 1803-1815 1997 304pp, attacking Connolly says NA "brilliance as a leader was rarely alone surpassed".
  • Luvaas, Jay. Napoleon on the art of war 2001 288 S. Synthesis, placement and transfer Napoleon thinking. excerpt and text search.
  • Hamilton-Williams, David. Waterloo: New Perspectives The Great Battle Of The Revaluation. 1994. 416 p. excerpt and text search.
  • Christopher J. Herold. Napoleon in Egypt, 1962 online edition.
  • Riley, J. P. "How Good Was Napoleon?" History today, July 2007 57#7 10ПП in EBSCO database.

3. Impact on France. (Воздействие на Францию)

  • Furet, François. The French revolution, 1770-1814 1996, pp. 211-65 on Napoleon.
  • Sutherland, D. M. G. the French revolution and Empire: the quest for civil order, 2nd ed 2003, a comprehensive survey.
  • Lyons, Martin. Napoleon and the legacy of revolution, 1994.
  • Scott, Samuel F. and Barry design. Historical dictionary of the French revolution, 1789-1799 1984, short essays by scholars.
  • Furet, françois and Mona Ozouf, EDS. A critical dictionary of the French revolution in 1989, 1120pp, long essays by scholars, conservative point of view.
  • Sutherland, D. M. G. France 1789-1815. Revolution and counter-revolution 2nd ed. 2003, 430pp excerpts and online search
  • Forrest, Alan. "Propaganda and legitimation of power in Napoleonic France." French History, 2004 184: 426-445. ISSN 0269-1191 fulltext: in OUP journals.
  • Hubert, Pierre. The course of French history. 1991, French textbook, Chapter 14 online edition.
  • Paxton, John. Companion to the French revolution in 1987, hundreds of short entries.
  • Bergeron, Louis. France under Napoleon, 1981 French point of view.


4. Diplomacy and impact on Europe. (Дипломатия и влияние на Европу)

  • Rude, George F. and Harvey J. Kaye. Revolutionary Europe, 1783-1815 2000, research.
  • Lyons, Martin. Napoleon and the legacy of revolution, 1994.
  • Broers, Michael. Europe under Napoleon 1799-1815 1996 291pp, covers everything except the battles.
  • Rothenberg, Gunther E. "the origins, causes, and extension of the wars of the French revolution and Napoleon" journal of interdisciplinary history, vol. 18, vol. 4, spring, 1988, pp. 771-793 in JSTOR.
  • Muir, Rory. England and the defeat of Napoleon, 1807-1815. 1996. 466 PP.
  • Bruun, Geoffrey. Europe and the French Imperium 1799-1814 1938. an excellent overview of the whole of Europe.
  • Dwyer, Philip G. ed. Napoleon and Europe, 2001, essays by scholars on each major powers.
  • Parker, Harold T. "Why Did Napoleon Invade Russia? The study of motivation and relationship of the individual and social structure", the journal of military history 54, April 1990: 131-46. in JSTOR.
  • Schroeder, Paul W. "Napoleons foreign policy: a Criminal enterprise", journal of military history 54, April 1990: 147-62. Negatively.
  • Cambridge modern history, 1907 No. 9: Napoleon online edition, old articles of scientists, 900pp.
  • Blanning, T. C. V. The French Revolutionary Wars 1787-1802 1996.
  • Schroeder, Paul. The transformation of European politics, 1763-1848. 1996, detailing, advanced history, very hostile to Napoleon, the online edition of.
  • Ellis, Jeffrey. The Napoleonic Empire 1991.
  • Hill, Peter P. Napoleon Troublesome Americans: Franco-American Relations, 1804-1815 2005.
  • Woolf, Stuart. Napoleons integration of Europe, 1991 320pp online edition.
  • Take, Alexander. Napoleon and the transformation of Europe. 2003, pp. 249, maps, excellent synthesis excerpt and text search.

5. Historiography and memory. (Историография и память)

  • Hazareesingh, Sudhir. The legend of Napoleon 2005 excerpt and text search.
  • Pinkney, David. Ed., Napoleon: Historical Enigma 1969.
  • Black, Jeremy. "Why the French failed: new work on the military history of French imperialism 1792-1815." European History Quarterly 2000 301: 105-115. ISSN 0265-6914 full-text in Sage journals.
  • Datta, Venita. "Lappel AU soldier: visions of the Napoleonic legend in popular culture of the Belle époque." French Historical Studies 2005 281: 1-30. ISSN 0016-1071.
  • Heit, Siegfried. "German romanticism: an ideological response to Napoleon", consortium on Revolutionary Europe 1750-1850: 1980, 1: 187-197. Claims that the German opposition to Napoleon led German romanticism to reject the main implementation of the ideals of the French revolution and Napoleon. Uses the works of Arndt, Fichte, Jahn, Kleist, and Schleiermacher, to show how German romanticism became identified with political reaction and nationalism, and how it opposed political liberalism, rationalism, neo-classicism, and cosmopolitanism.
  • Wilson-Smith, Timothy. Napoleon and his artists 1996.
  • Hazareesingh, Sudhir. "Memory and political imagination: the Legend of Napoleon again." French History, 2004 184: 463-483. ISSN 0269-1191 full text: Oxford up.
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  • Newman, Edgar Leon. "Defanging the revolution: how the memory of the French revolution was changed in French working class and poetry, 1830-52", consortium on Revolutionary Europe 1750-1850: Selected papers 1995: 591-605.
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  • Stock, Paul. "Imposing on Napoleon: romantic appropriation of Bonaparte", journal of European studies 2006 364: 363-388, deals with English writers of the romantic period.
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  • Dwyer, Philip G. "Napoleon Bonaparte as hero and Saviour: image, rhetoric and behaviour in the construction of a legend", French history 2004 184: 379-403.
  • Schonpflug, Daniel. "So far, but so close: comparison, transfer and memory in recent German books on the age of the French revolution and Napoleon", French history 2004 184: 446-462.
  • Prendergast, Christopher, 1997. Napoleon and history painting: Antoine-Jean gross La Bataille dEylau. Oxford: Clarendon Press. ISBN 0-19-817422-5.

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A Biography of Americas foremost success motivation author, includes many quotes by him plus a list of all his available books and audio cassettes. Napoleon Bonaparte Military History Oxford Bibliographies. Title. Napoleon der Dritte oder, des Kriegs verfehlte Wirkung historisches Schauspiel. Bibliography for Huit Tableaux Art and Politics in 19th Century. French Revolution, the Revolutionary Wars, the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, economic warfare with Britain. Bibliography. Works by J. B. Say. Historical Facts About Napoleon Bonaparte HistoryExtra. Опубликовано: 20 февр. 2014 г. Breeding, Napoleon Bonaparte Bio Page San Jacinto Museum. Kids learn about the biography of Napoleon Bonaparte, the first Emperor of France who conquered much of Europe before being defeated and sent into exile​.

Napoleons Road to Glory J. David Markham Napoleonic History leo.

All Drawn By Horses! Newton Abbott, Long & NY David & Charles, 1979. Good text with line drawings by the author, and an invaluable 2 page glossary of​. Catalog Record: Bibliography of Napoleon. A systematic HathiTrust. Other Battles: Bexar Comments: Snively Expedition Donation Certificate: 354 Wife: Charlotte T. OBar Children: Cornelia M. Breeding Black Hodges David S. Napoleon Bonaparte: Brief Overview SparkNotes. Napoleon Maxwell 23 Running Back Career Highs Rush Attempts – 18 vs. UMass 9 15 18 Rush Yards Farragut Academy. Bio Related Stats Historical​. Napoleon Hill Full information including Bio, Books, Videos, Audios topresu. Bibliography of Napoleon For his life and a basic reading list see Napoleon I of France Major biographies Asprey, Robert. The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte and​. A German Conscript with Napoleon. Check out the Napoleon The Floofy store and Instagram posts from link in bio. Discover all our products, photos, and posts from Instagram.

Bonaparte: Napoleons Siblings Infoplease.

The first superstar in American League history, Napoleon Lajoie combined graceful, effortless fielding with powerful, fearsome hitting to become one of the. A biography of Napoleon Hill 1883 1970 Founder of The Science. Eighty three satirical drawings, or caricatures, from the Napoleonic Period, all giving political Home Napoleonic Period Collection Bibliography. There is No Need for God as a Hypothesis Quantum Diaries. Mini BIO Napoleon YouTube CC Cycle 2 Week 12 History Sentence. Lenyn Napoleon Baseball Monroe College Athletics. The Josephine B. Trilogy NAPOLEONIC BIBLIOGRAPHY with a few comments. Dictionnaire de Biographie Française. Sous la direction de M. Prevost et. Napoleons Obsession with Britain – Part 4: Conclusion & Bibliography. Biography and work for Napoleon Coste, Listen to classical music and albums or compositions by Napoleon Coste online.

Napoleonic Europe Bibliography Historical Novelists Center

An international actor, singer and entrepreneur, Napoleon earned a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Drake University and a M.B.A. in Entrepreneurship from Southern. The Essential Bibliography The Napoleon Series. Fourth Government of the French Revolution. Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon Bonaparte. Mini Bio: Napoleon. If you build an army of 100 lions and their leader​. Napoleon Hill Books Biography and List of Works Author of 365. Bibliography. At least three important military theorists emerged from the experience of the wars of the French Revolution and Napoleon: The Austrian Archduke. Nap Lajoie Society for American Baseball Research. Bibliography. In my quest to find Napoleon, Im exploring places such as Corsica, Paris, Brienne and St Helena. Equally important, Im finding him in written. The Louisiana Purchase Thomas Jeffersons Monticello. Wes Hoffmire. Campus Pastor. Email: wes@crossroa. Wes has been married to his wife, Lynne, since 1991. They have two daughters, Carley.

Bibliography Napoleon Bonaparte.

Without a doubt, hands down: Napoleon: A Life by Andrew Roberts I cannot stress this enough. I remember distinctly being in the shower one morning. As these. Selected bibliography Napoleon and the Scientific Expedition to. Vote Smart provides free, unbiased, in depth information about current officials, candidates, issues, legislation, and voting. Non partisan and nonprofit since. Jhonson Napoleon – Haiti Tech Summit haiti. Known as the Napoleon of India for his conquests, he was also a man of many talents Conquests: The Indian Napoleon. Bibliography. Impact on France. Napoleons Obsession with Britain – Part 4: Conclusion & Bibliography. From what has been discussed, one can see the potential that was. Bio Senator Napoleon Harris senatornapo. An epitome of dynamism, foresight and talent, Napoleon Duraisamy like his a winning politician and an astute entrepreneur, Napoleon has carved a niche in.

Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes, Death & Facts Biography.

J. David Markhams Napoleons Road to Glory: Triumphs, Defeats and Immortality London: Brasseys, 2003. 320 pages. ISBN 1857533275 belongs in every. Napoleon Military Leader Mini BIO YouTube. Napoleon Bonaparte was one of historys greatest military commanders. Learn more about the life and accomplishments of this French. Annotated Bibliography Napoleon First French Empire Scribd. Birthdate: July 18, 1998. Parents: Father Napoleon Outlaw Jr., Mother Dara Ford Father played football at Michigan State, grandfather played at Cincinnati,. Napoleon on Napoleon: An Autobiography of the Emperor by. The latest Tweets from Napoleon @Napoleonuk. Exeter​, United We start our last ever tour tomorrow, Ticket link is in our bio. See you. Napoleon Terre Napoleon by Ernest Scott May 2011. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Ernest Scott Publisher: Cambridge University Press DOI:. Napoleon Bonaparte Biography life, family, children, name, history. 20 Kylie Napoleon. Height: 5 6. Class: Redshirt Junior. Highschool: Pearland HS. Hometown: Pearland, Texas. Bio Related Stats Historical. Bibliography Finding Napoleon. Sport: Athletics Country: Greece Years: 1936 See page for full bio and event results.

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