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  • A light - sport aircraft LSA or light sport aircraft, is a fairly new category of small, lightweight aircraft that are simple to fly. LSAs tend to be
  • Cycle sport is competitive physical activity using bicycles. There are several categories of bicycle racing including road bicycle racing, time trialling
  • A blood sport or bloodsport is a category of sport or entertainment that involves bloodshed. Common examples of the former include combat sports such as
  • rules, different youth categories are in use in the sport often in the form of two - year or single age groupings. Age categories are more extensive for
  • Animals in sport are a specific form of working animals. Many animals, at least in more commercial sports, are highly trained. Two of the most common
  • categories metaphysics, ethics and moral philosophy, philosophy of law, political philosophy, and aesthetics. The philosophical perspective on sport
  • Gran Turismo Sport グランツーリスモ SPORT Guran Tsūrisumo Supōtsu, commonly abbreviated as GT Sport is a racing video game developed by Polyphony Digital and
  • Sport utility vehicle SUV is a category of motor vehicles that combine elements of road - going passenger cars with features from off - road vehicles, such
  • can be more faithful Sport Sport Sport Sport Uma razão para viver A reason to live Sport Sport Sport Sport Sport Sport It is well defined
  • motorbike racing is a motorcycle sport involving racing motorcycles. Motorcycle racing can be divided into two categories tarmac - based road disciplines
  • Speed Sport News title in favour of the now familiar Speed Sport title, with coverage including both domestic and international motorsport categories The
  • Awards is Memphis Sport s annual celebration of the best of the best in Memphis sports. The M awards celebrates excellence in categories such as: favorite
  • sport may refer to: Super Sport a brand given to television sports channels operated or originally launched by MultiChoice in South Africa Super Sport
  • combat sport or fighting sport is a competitive contact sport that usually involves one - on - one combat. In many combat sports, a contestant wins by scoring
  • sport as the theme of the film. It is a production in which a sport sporting event, athlete and their sport or follower of sport and the sport they
  • journals in the category Sociology and 18 out of 44 journals in the category Hospitality, Leisure, Sport Tourism Journals Ranked by Impact: Sociology
  • BT Sport is a group of pay television sports channels provided by BT Consumer a division of BT Group in the United Kingdom and Ireland that was launched
  • Sport Exercise, and Performance Psychology is a peer - reviewed academic journal published by the American Psychological Association7. The journal was established
  • Under - 23 sport is a competitive age category grouping within sports for athletes under the age of twenty - three. An extension of age categories found in
  • The CSA Sport Cruiser is a two - seat, single engine, tricycle undercarriage, fixed - wing aircraft that was introduced in 2006 by Czech Aircraft Works CZAW
  • may be required for a successful outcome by Dr. Rhonda Cohen 2012 While use of the term extreme sport has spread everywhere to describe a multitude
  • particularly unforgiving crash landing. There are three main categories of sport kites: Traditional sport kites were most prevalent in the mid - 90s and early 2000s
  • SPORT was an American sports magazine. Launched in September 1946 by New York - based publisher Macfadden Publications, SPORT pioneered the generous use
  • announced that sport climbing would be a medal sport in the 2020 Summer Olympics. The inclusion was proposed by the International Federation of Sport Climbing
  • Football is the most popular sport in Portugal. Other than football, many other professional or semi - professional well organized sport competitions take place
  • Renault Sport Trophy was the second season of the Renault supported sports car category a one - make racing series that is part of the Renault Sport Series
  • High performance sport or elite sport is sport at the highest level of competition. In sports administration high performance sport where the emphasis
  • The M - Sport Ford World Rally Team formerly M - Sport World Rally Team, Qatar M - Sport World Rally Team and Stobart M - Sport Ford Rally Team is the privately
  • on the radio, 2RN, RTE s predecessor. RTE Sport is probably the second most significant of the categories since often hundreds of thousands would watch
  • Equestrian sport in Armenia was founded in 1953 and is currently directed by the Federation of Equestrian sport of Armenia FEA globally recognized by the

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