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Academic year

Academic year

School holidays are periods during which schools are closed or not to the classes and other mandatory events. Dates and periods of school holidays vary considerably around the world, and there is usually some variation even within the same jurisdiction. Governments often establish the total number of instructional days for public schools. The holidays given below apply to primary and secondary education. Training terms or semesters in higher education institutions, usually more.


1.1. Terminology. Winter break Northern hemisphere. (Зимний перерыв Северном полушарии)

In predominantly Christian countries, the "Christmas holidays" or "winter holidays" or "winter holidays" in some countries include both Christmas and new year holidays. In Europe, usually lasts two or sometimes a little less than three weeks. In the southern hemisphere, Christmas falls in the summer holiday period and the break is much longer than six to eight weeks.


1.2. Terminology. Spring break / Easter both hemispheres. (Весенние каникулы / Пасха обоих полушариях)

In countries with a Christian religious tradition, Easter holiday in the USA it is sometimes called the spring holidays or spring break is a school holiday that takes place in the Northern spring, the date varies depending on country and level of training.


1.3. Terminology. Summer vacation both hemispheres. (Летние каникулы оба полушария)

In most countries the longest break of the school year, in the summer, lasting from 5 weeks to 14 weeks. In Ireland, Italy, Lithuania and Russia, summer holidays are normally three months, compared to six to eight weeks in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany.


2. General practice and effects. (Общей практики и эффекты)

Summer vacation for most kids-its time to relax and enjoy, and to catch up on studies or spend time with family or relatives. Many families travel together on school holidays.

School holidays, many across the country, ranging from prices for travel and hotels, which increase as demand increases while children are at school, at change of level of crime: an example of crime in the UK monthly average rates. Tubes and heavy passengers on public transport to school routes could be worse on school days during the holidays. The number of families taking holidays away from urban areas can reduce traffic and use of public transport in cities while loading long journeys and vehicles.

In some countries, e.g. the Netherlands, where many families travel to holiday destinations, the start and end dates of school holidays in different regions are staggered to reduce congestion and pressure on vehicle that was otherwise on these dates.


3. By country. (По стране)

Hong Kong, China. (Гонконг, Китай)

The Hong Kong summer holidays last from mid-July to late August. Christmas, Lunar New year and Easter holidays in the past, usually within six weeks.

Latvia. (Латвия)

In Latvia, summer vacation lasts three months from June to August. Christmas holidays last two weeks, autumn and spring holidays are each week.


3.1. By country. Nigeria. (Нигерия)

In Nigeria, the long vacation is from mid July to the second week of September for middle school and a longer period for the same period in higher education. Holidays are determined mainly school and it begins from June until the first days in September.


3.2. By country. South Africa. (Южная Африка)

In South Africa, the main holiday usually lasts from early December to early or mid-January from 4 to 6 weeks. There is an autumn break of up to 2 weeks in late March or early April, and already the winter holidays in late June-early July, and spring break in late September or early October.


3.3. By country. Canada. (Канада)

In Canada, the summer holiday includes the months of July and August, with students returning to school in late August or early September. The winter break lasts for two weeks, sometimes a day or two longer, begins on Saturday and covers the Christmas and New year. Spring break to two weeks, depending on city or province. Good Friday and Easter may or may not fall within spring break. In Ontario, Canadas largest province, spring break is four days long weekend between Good Friday and Easter Monday.


3.4. By country. Chile. (Чили)

Academic year is divided into semesters. The first semester runs from late February or early March to July. The next two weeks or three weeks of winter vacation school resumes and lasts until early or mid-December, after 10-12 weeks of summer vacation. In addition, schools have a week-long break for national holidays in mid-September. Being in the southern hemisphere, spring begins around the end of this holiday week, so it acts just like the American spring break.


3.5. By country. Mexico. (Мексика)

In Mexico, school usually ends in the second week of July and will resume in the third week of August, depending on what the planning system in the school, be it high school or College. Christmas vacation-2 weeks. Also have Easter break, which lasts 2 weeks.


3.6. By country. USA. (США)

In the United States, there are typically 180 school days per year, although school years at colleges and universities are often shorter. Private schools usually have classes for 170 days a year.


3.7. By country. Event-based. (На основе событий)

  • Columbus day break – Columbus Day is always the second Monday in October. In many schools for another week although some places only take yourself to Columbus Day. In some States, however, Columbus Day is not observed as a school holiday.
  • Martin Luther king day break – Martin Luther king is always on the third Monday of January each year. Some students have full or half day on Fridays and weekends, the Day Martin Luther kings, and sometimes Monday and Tuesday off.
  • Easter break – usually lasts for one or two weeks in March or April, often starting the day before palm Sunday. Also referred to as spring break.
  • Thanksgiving holiday or break – occurs at the end of November. This holiday usually consists of a week of Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after. In some areas on Monday and Tuesday the week of Thanksgiving, the usual days at the beginning of the day of dismissal, Thanksgiving and the day after. Other schools take the whole week and early release on Friday before the break.
  • Christmas or holidays – varies along the length of the school usually begins on the third Saturday of December and ends a day or two after the New year, sometimes the first Monday after the New year, if New year falls on a Sunday in this case, first Monday 2 January is the official holiday and schools may start as early as January 3, the most recent occurrence of this was in 2016-17 holidays, when January 1, 2017, fell on a Sunday.


3.8. By country. Seasonal. (Сезонные)

It is often believed that when the United States was a largely agrarian society children were needed in the Northern hemisphere summer months to farm labor.

However, there is little evidence to support this, since the 19th century in rural schools, usually in favor of the summer term and the holidays in spring and autumn.

Summer is a popular time for family vacations, and most of them have 2 or 3 months of summer vacation. The school year typically lasts from late August or early September until may or June, depending on the duration of the year and the number of holiday, vacations, and snow days during the year. The year is divided into two semesters, three trimesters or four quarters, usually with a map with a report of students to parents at the end of each.

The school year typically includes the fall and spring semester with a shorter summer session additional. Many also have a short optional winter session. Some work on the calendar trimester.

Continuing education is often available at local colleges and private "camp style" schools are often shorter and run throughout the year with no specific seasonality.

  • All Federal and state holidays, including religious holidays such as good Friday, and sometimes Jewish and Islamic holidays, depending on school demographic.
  • Spring break or break – Easter vacation, see above.
  • Winter break – one week in February, usually on or around presidents Day or March depending on the region.
  • Autumn or fall break – usually lasts for one week in October in the week of Columbus Day. See the Columbus Day above.
  • Are the days of planned interruptions for teachers to participate in season training or discussions, or to attend state or national conventions held by the teachers Union.
  • Summer vacation or break, lasts 12 weeks, starting anywhere from late may to late June, and ends at any place at the end of August to the day after labor Day in early September. This often depends on the region – for example, most schools in the North-Eastern part of the United States at the end of June and start just after labor Day, while most schools in the southern United States there are school at the end of may and start again in August.
  • Teachers day exists in some school districts, being two to three days at any time in school calendar.

Note: often in Charter schools breaks are shorter due to the extended number of days students spend in school 200 days vs. 180 days for the regular public schools.

College breaks

Colleges and universities can vary greatly. Some closely follow the K-12 break schedule, others have the same but longer breaks to accommodate students who live far away and want to come home for the holidays. Most colleges and universities have the following breaks / holidays:

  • Thanksgiving holiday – end of November.
  • Spring break week in March or April usually starts on Good Friday.
  • Christmas / holidays from mid-December until the end of January.
  • Summer break – early / mid may until the end of August and the day after labor Day in September.

Most colleges and universities the year is divided into two semesters. First, starting from the day after labor Day in early September until mid-December and the second runs from late January to early may. Winter and summer classes can be taken in between the breaks.


3.9. By country. Duration

Public elementary and secondary schools on average at the state level between 170 and 180 days of school in the 2007-08 school year. Different States have different minimum requirements for legal school days and hours per year.


3.10. By country. China and Taiwan. (Китай и Тайвань)

Summer holidays usually last from early July to late August. Winter holiday usually lasts for 1 month, and its time varies depending on the date of the Chinese New year.


3.11. By country. Hong Kong, China. (Гонконг, Китай)

The Hong Kong summer holidays last from mid-July to late August. Christmas, Lunar New year and Easter holidays in the past, usually within six weeks.


3.12. By country. South India. (Южная Индия)

In South India, summer vacation lasts from late March to early June.

The Diwali break begins in either October or November, depending on the month Diwali occurs in this year. It lasts about 1 week. Christmas break starts in last week of Dec 22 or 23 and ends on first week of 5 Jan.

In Tamil Nadu, one day leave is granted for Deepavali. Tamil Nadu celebrates Pongal festivalThai: this four-day festival, which, according to the Tamil calendar, generally celebrated from January 14 to January 17.


3.13. By country. North India. (Северная Индия)

In Northern India, typical summer vacation lasts from mid-may until the end of June, the school beginning July 1, as a rule.

Dusherra break, typically for 10 days, and dusherra lies in the middle.

Christmas holidays are usually not given, however, in some schools, to combine the Christmas holidays with a winter break. Schools in the state of Uttar Pradesh to give a holiday on Charan Singhs anniversary from the birthday, and thats when winter break starts for some. For other schools, winter vacations will start from December 28 and ends usually at the end of the second week of the New year.

School is off for two weeks after the end of the school year endscontrary for the summer between the two academic years in the South. The new school year begins on 1 April.


3.14. By country. Most of India. (Большинство из Индии)

There are many festivals in India, depending on region. Muslim holidays such as Eid used all over the country, students of all religions.

Certain holidays and mandated across the country.

January 26: Republic Day

August 15: Independence Day

2 October Birthday, Gandhi Jayanti Mahatma Gandhi


3.15. By country. UAE United Arab Emirates. (ОАЭ Объединенные Арабские Эмираты)

Major Holidays

  • New semester: this break is given according to the Council of the school, as in schools with ICSE Board holiday in the first or the first two weeks of April, enterprise happens at other times of the year, probably after the summer break.
  • Summer holidays: summer holidays from late June until the first week of September.
  • Winter vacation: winter vacation typically lasts from late December to the first week of January, which also includes the new years holiday.

Other Islamic holidays celebrated holiday or short break as the EID break

Indian festivals like Diwali were also given a vacation or two

This information is relevant to 2019


3.16. By country. Indonesia. (Индонезия)

In Indonesia there are three main school holidays:

  • New school year holiday-known as libur kenaikan kelas modernization of the occasion usually takes place for 2-3 weeks between late June and early July. Dates vary depending on each province / region. The holiday starts from Monday of the first week to Saturday last week.
  • Mid-term holiday, aims to separate the two semesters. It takes place during two weeks in late December and early January, coinciding with Christmas and new year holidays. Starting and ending the day as the new school year.
  • The post holiday / Ramadan or Puasa holiday, about 1 month. Date determined by the Islamic calendar. This breakthrough mainly in conjunction with Eid al-Fitr. Sometimes it can be 2 months. School usually begins the first Monday of a new month. It can even be up to 3-4 month vacation, if the new school year holiday libur kenaikan kelas occur before or in the month of Ramadan, but if Christmas happened after the Eid al-Adha, school will start in the new year. School starts on Monday. At the first meeting the student and the teacher will be sorry to each other and shake each others hands, known as "Halal Bihalal" it took about 3 days, and after the Halal Bihalal, parents will receive a "repot" or records of the exhibition of achievements of pupils for the 1st year of study.
  • Eid al-Fitr or lebaran holiday lasts about two weeks. Date determined by the Islamic calendar.

In addition to major holidays, there are many small holidays which takes place for 1-2 days, such as Independence Day, religious breaks, and teachers Day.


3.17. By country. Japan. (Япония)

In Japan, school holidays take place from late March to early April, from late July to early September and over the Christmas and new year period from 24 December to 7 January. In addition, there is a full holiday week in may called "Golden week".


3.18. By country. Korea. (Корея)

Summer holidays and winter holidays are usually the same length, lasting about 1 month each. There are also spring break, which lasts about 2 weeks. In addition, there are several 3-5 day vacations a year, including "Chuseok", which is in the fall and "Seolnal", which in late winter.


3.19. By country. Malaysia. (Малайзия)

In Malaysia there are 2 main semester holidays and additional holidays, mid-semester and at the end of the year. Mid-year vacation will last for two weeks, from late may to mid-June in the period between the two school settings. Christmas holidays last for six weeks from mid-November to early January, during the school years. Every school term has a break in the middle of the semester, one week in March for the first semester and one week in August or September variable for the second semester.

Schools are closed on national and state holidays. Schools are allowed to have several special holidays without replacement for events such as school anniversary and sports Day. On holidays such as Hari Raya of Poisson, Chinese New year and Deepavali, schools usually apply for additional holidays to allow long breaks for students to visit relatives in their hometowns. However, each missed day of excess will be replaced by special holiday classes on weekends.


3.20. By country. Philippines. (Филиппины)

In the Philippines, summer break starts from late March to early June, semestral break starts from late October to early November, and Christmas break begins from mid December to early January. Based on events, holidays declared by the President of the national holidays and the Governor or city mayor for community events through the Department of education, the Department of education for basic education and Commission on higher education Ched to colleges.


3.21. By country. Singapore. (Сингапур)

In Singapore, there are four terms of school. Conditions 1 and 2 are referred to as semester 1, and terms 3 and 4 are referred to as semester 2. Each semester consists of ten weeks of training. Term 1 starts right after the New year. If the first day of school on Thursday or Friday, that day does not count as an academic week. After term 1, there is a break for a week, called the March holidays. After this period 2 begins and is accompanied by a break of four weeks during the June holidays. It is followed by 3 semesters, and then another break for one week September holidays. Then, for a period of 4 starts, and after it comes a series of the December holidays, which will be either five or six weeks, depending on in the first week of the year was seen as a study weeks. Students are also given weekends, public holidays and childrens Day, youth Day, teachers Day and the day after National day.


3.22. By country. Turkey. (Турция)

Winter holidays last from late January to early February for 2 weeks. Summer holidays last from early June to mid-September, 14 weeks.

  • April 23 – national sovereignty and childrens Day.
  • 1 January – New Year.
  • May 19 – Day of remembrance of Ataturk, youth Day and sports.
  • 29 October – Republic Day.
  • 1 may – labour Day and solidarity.
  • 30 Aug – Victory Day.

3 is the feast day and the sacrifice of the feast 4 day holidays, but dates of these holidays changing every year because Ramadan & sacrifice feasts are calculated according to Muslim calendar. If these holidays mid-week, the break will be a full week break with Arefe the day before the holiday.


3.23. By country. Australia and New Zealand. (Австралия и Новая Зеландия)

In Australia and New Zealand, the school year for elementary and secondary institutions are divided into two semesters, each semester lasts is divided into two thus, a total amount of four terms per year. Although historically, the year is divided into three semesters with extended Easter holidays interrupting the first term, the year was divided into four terms since the end of 1980-ies, with the exception of the Australian state of Tasmania, which did not change until 2013.

Following the southern hemisphere seasons, the main summer vacation between academic years covers a large part of December, all of January and sometimes a few days in early February, and always includes Christmas and New year and Australia Day on January 26. A 12-year, however, the term ends in November, for those who go to the University, the term starts in March. New Zealand celebrate Waitangi Day on 6 February, summer holidays in New Zealand may or may not spread as far as the day, depending on the year. Usually a break of about two weeks in the middle of the semester, i.e. on expiry of 1 and after 3 semesters and a break of three weeks in the middle of the year, although this may vary depending on the jurisdiction. In 2000 for the Olympic games 2000 in Sydney, New South Wales extended break after 3 semesters to three weeks, compensating by reducing the break in the middle of the year to two weeks.

Historically, the term 1 holiday was planned for Easter, reflecting the three-term systems, the concept of extended Easter holidays for 1, although since the mid-1990s, this has gradually changed, and now only Queensland and Victoria to tie the school holidays close to Easter, in the rest of Australia and New Zealand now have a fixed length term 1, which leads to the Easter period falling within the period of 1 in years with an early Easter, such as 2016.

As a rule, the term 1 holidays will run for two weeks in April, the mid-year holidays to cover the last week of June and first two weeks of July, and term 3 holidays cover the last week of September and first week of October. It depends on the jurisdiction and the exact dates depend on what day the months starts, as in the case of the exception at the beginning and end of the school year, deadlines usually begin and end with a full weeks.


3.24. By country. Austria. (Австрия)

In Austria, the summer holidays are usually between early July and early September. There, with the exception of Vorarlberg and Salzburg, no autumn break but there a Christmas break from 24 December to 6 January and Easter holidays last for 10 days. Mid-term break in February lasts for a week and the Trinity-break lasts for 4 days, including weekends. There are also religious holidays.


3.25. By country. Belgium. (Бельгия)

For primary schools, the academic year in Belgium starts on the first day of the week in September and ends on the last day of the week in June, with the summer holidays including all of July and August. Secondary schools and universities are often closed for about a week before as soon as the schools results have been processed and published. Week of fall break, usually scheduled during the week of All Saints Day on 1 November. Winter or Christmas holiday lasts two weeks and includes both Christmas and New year. Time as one week spring break and two weeks of Easter holidays change. In Catholic regions where Carnival is celebrated, spring break usually takes place during the Shrovetide week. To balance in school between spring break and summer vacation, two weeks of Easter may take place with Easter in the beginning, middle or end of the holiday period. In some cases, when Easter to the end of the holiday, Easter Monday-an extra day off.


3.26. By country. Croatia. (Хорватия)

In Croatia, there can be three to five major breaks during the school year in public schools, depending on the region. Regardless of the number of holidays in school decides during the school year shall be not less than 175 working days, or 160 for students the final exam at the end of high school.

  • Spring and Easter holiday for about 10 days, and includes good Friday, Easter Monday and the work week before or after Easter.
  • Christmas vacation winter usually starts on December 24th on Christmas eve and ends on the first Monday after January 6th. It lasts for 3 weeks in total. In some parts of the country decided to split for the winter holidays into two parts: the first part lasts 2 weeks, starting on Christmas eve and covering the Christmas and New year, and the second part lasts one week, usually in the last week of February.
  • Summer vacation lasts from mid-June is usually the 15th / 16th to early September, usually on the first Monday in September, usually lasts 11 weeks.

Some schools decided to reduce the winter holidays in exchange for the autumn break, which usually lasts for one week around All Saints Day on 1 November.

Other free days include public holidays and local patron Saint days. If the land on Tuesday or Thursday, the day before Monday, if a holiday on the Tuesday after the Friday, if Thursday, as a rule, is also considered a free day to "merge" the holiday weekend.


3.27. By country. Czech Republic. (Чехия)

In the Czech Republic, summer holidays begin at the end of the school year about 30.June and end at the beginning of the school year on September 1 or shortly thereafter. Then there are autumn holidays: two days plus 28.Oct proclamation of Czechoslovakia. Winter new year holidays usually last from 22.December 3.Jan. There is one more day of vacation for 31.Jan. Spring break for a week and can occur in February or March, depending on the region, sometimes they continue with Easter holidays on Maundy Thursday, good Friday and Easter Monday. There are also free days such as 1.International Workers Day On May 8.Maybe the end of the Second world war, OD and 28.September murder of St. Wenceslas, Prince and patron Saint of the Czech lands. The school Director has the right to add up to three days during the school year. The school holidays are determined by the Ministry of schools for each academic year and are valid for every basic and high school.


3.28. By country. Denmark. (Дания)

In Denmark for the summer holidays lasts for 6-7 weeks. Most schools also have one week in winter and one week of autumn holiday, usually in February and October respectively. Finally, schools are closed from just before Christmas until just after New year.


3.29. By country. Estonia. (Эстония)

In Estonia, summer holidays last for three months from June to August. Christmas holidays last two weeks, autumn and spring holidays are each week. In 2016, the Ministry of education of Estonia decided to add a new holiday, starting from 2017, in order to balance the training week. There will be 5 break: fall break 21 - October 29 Winter break December 23 - January 7, new holiday February 24 - March 4 spring holiday April 21 - may 1 and Summer festival June 12 - August 31. Summer break starts 1 week.


3.30. By country. France. (Франция)

French school holidays are planned annually by the Ministry of education. This can lead to crowding in tourist resorts such as the Mediterranean coast and ski resorts.

To alleviate this problem, the holiday schedules are staggered by dividing the country into three zones. Despite these measures, the synchronized school holiday schedules still cause some crowding effects, as families head to popular holiday locations, all at the same time. This can lead to higher prices and problems with availability in some places during the school holidays. Holidays are divided into three separate zones except for the first two holidays: All Saints and the Christmas / New year.


3.31. By country. Germany. (Германия)

In Germany, ~75 days to weeks a year of school-free days. The exact dates will be chosen in each of the 16 States, often in consultation with each other for reasons of planning and traffic management. The usual holiday blocks: New year ~2 weeks, Easter ~2 weeks, summer 6 weeks autumn 2 weeks. Depending on the state, further holidays-Pentecost or in winter between the first and second half of the school year.


3.32. By country. Greece. (Греция)

In Greece, there are three breaks throughout the school year in public schools.

  • Christmas holidays begin around December 23 and end around January 8, about 2 weeks.
  • Summer holidays run from June to September. The vacations will start from June 10 and 20, and by the end of September 11.
  • There are also two 1-day national holidays: 28 October and 25 March.
  • Easter holidays last for 2 weeks from Lazarus Saturday to Thomas weeks in the Orthodox calculations.

3.33. By country. Ireland. (Ирландия)

The start and end dates of the academic year as primary and secondary level are not fixed, but mid-year breaks are standardised. In connection with the beginning of the exams, certificate, post-primary schools are usually not open for training after the Friday before the June public holiday on the first Monday in June of any year. The academic year usually begins during the week in which September 1 falls, with at least 183 days of instruction in primary schools but only 167 days in secondary schools.

There are midterm breaks in October and February, which last one week. There are two two-week break for Christmas / New year and Easter. Summer holidays start around the last week of may or first week of June for secondary schools, or at the end of June to pre-school education, and by the end of the last week of August or first week of September. In Junior and senior certificate exams begin on the first Wednesday in June, and the last two and a half weeks, intruding on students summer vacation.


3.34. By country. Italy. (Италия)

In Italy, most school holidays are determined by the Ministry of education, universities and research, and are valid for all state schools and classes. There is a summer vacation from mid-June until the second week of September, except for students taking final exams in secondary schools and how this exam can last until mid-July. Christmas holidays begin on December 23 and ends in the first or second working day after January 6,summer holidays in Italy about 12 weeks, other holidays include one week at Easter, and one day December 8 feast of the Immaculate Conception, two days 31 Oct and 1 Nov All Saints, national holidays of April 25, liberation Day June 2 Republic Day, and workers Day on 1 may. Locally, school authorities have freedom after the establishment of timetables by providing extra vacation days on important local festivals, such as the Day of the local patron Saint.


3.35. By country. Latvia. (Латвия)

In Latvia, summer vacation lasts three months from June to August. Christmas holidays last two weeks, autumn and spring holidays are each week.


3.36. By country. Lithuania. (Литва)

In Lithuania summer holiday for 9th and 11th grade begins few days later than the 10 th and 12 th grade. This is due to the exams for those classes. In the past, upper level Lithuanian students was about 70 days of vacation. However, now the holiday lasts almost three months.


3.37. By country. Netherlands. (Нидерланды)

In the Netherlands, summer holidays last for six weeks for all schools. The country is divided into three regions, which start their summer holidays one week after another. Summer holidays usually start in mid-July and end in late August. Dutch primary and secondary school students also have a one week autumn vacation in mid October, two weeks Christmas holidays, usually the last two weeks of December and one week "Crocus / spring holidays" in February in the South during the carnival, and the "may holidays", which last one or two weeks for high school and primary school may differ from school to school. May holidays span a period of national holidays such as day of the kings of the former Queens day on April 27, the commemoration of the dead on 4 may and Liberation Day on 5 may, and sometimes include ascension day and Pentecost.


3.38. By country. Northern Macedonia. (Северная Македония)

In Northern Macedonia, there are two breaks during the school year in public schools.

  • Winter Christmas break starts after the New year on 1 January and ends, as a rule, after January 20.
  • Summer break usually lasts from 10 June to 1 September.

Other free days include public holidays and local or school days patron.


3.39. By country. Norway. (Норвегия)

In Norway, during the school holidays vary by region. As a rule, the academic year starts around the third week of August. In most regions, for a week in early October, weeks 40 or 41. Christmas holidays start some days before Christmas and ends in the first week of January. There is a one week winter vacation in late February week 8 or 9. The Easter holiday is from palm Sunday to Easter or a day or two later, and summer holidays begin some days before Midsummer.


3.40. By country. Poland. (Польша)

All public schools have the following breaks / holidays:

  • Corpus Christi- four days in may or June depending on the year.
  • Summer vacation is the first Saturday after the 20th of June until the end of August or in early September, the first day of school in September, if it falls on a Friday.
  • Can break – Labour Day 1 may, 2 may, the Day of the Polish flag and the Constitution 3 may 3 may.
  • 11 November – independence Day, 1 day break.
  • November 1 – All Saints Day, 1 day break.
  • Winter break – two weeks in January or February depending on the region.
  • January 6 – the Epiphany, 1 day break.
  • Easter is Maundy Thursday to Tuesday after Easter Monday.
  • Christmas holidays – Christmas or the weekend before the first day of school week after New year.

3.41. By country. Romania. (Румыния)

Summer holidays run from late may-mid-June to early-mid September and approximately 13-15 weeks. Spring break is from one to two weeks in the period from late March to early may depending on the date of Easter. Winter vacation is three weeks begins in the third or fourth week of December and ends on the second or third Monday of January.

There is a break in late January-early February between the first and second semester – one week.

Autumn holidays only for primary classes is one week in late October to early November.


3.42. By country. Russian Federation. (Российской Федерации)

All public schools have the following holidays:

  • March 8 – International Womens Day.
  • Winter break – two weeks in January.
  • 23 February – mens day or day of the defenders.
  • 1 may – Day of Spring and Labor.
  • Summer holidays – from may 25 to September 1.
  • November 4 – national unity Day.
  • Spring break is one week in April.
  • Autumn holiday – one week in November.
  • May 9 – Victory Day.

3.43. By country. Slovakia. (Словакия)

In Slovakia, summer holidays begin at the end of the school year on June 30 and end in the beginning of the school year on September 1. Autumn holidays at the end of October. Winter Christmas holidays last from 23 December to 7 January. There is one more day of vacation on January 31. Spring break for a week and could be in February or March, depending on the region. Next come the Easter holidays, Maundy Thursday, good Friday and Easter Monday. There are also free days such as 1 may, 8 may, 1 September, 15 September and 17 November. The school Director has the right to add up to three days during the school year. The school holidays are determined by the Ministry of schools and is valid for each primary and secondary school.


3.44. By country. Slovenia. (Словения)

In Slovenia, summer vacation starts June 24 June 25-national day, who is also a public holiday and will end on September 1. Other holidays, usually one week long, they expand, if public holidays fall on weekdays. Autumn holidays "Krompirjeve pocitnice" – "potato vacation" starts on October 31, reformation Day and November 1 called "All Saints Day". Christmas holidays start on Christmas eve and runs until January 2. In mid-February there is a winter break, which is divided into two parts. In each part there are other Slovenian students who have break. The second part of the winter holiday, usually ends in late February. The short vacation the first of the may holidays, and as their name suggests, they will begin may 1 and will run until may 2, which is also a national holiday. There are also free days such as February 8 Slovenian cultural festival – prešeren day and Easter Monday and other national holidays like 15 August, the feast of the assumption falls on school holidays and are more important for adults. Students in the final year of elementary and secondary schools usually start summer vacation a week early because of final exams. These holidays are valid only for primary and secondary schools and are determined by the Ministry of education. University students, however, summer recess until 1 October, however, the exams in the spring term of the examination can be after the 25 of June and during the summer visit begins in September. Usually students have only one holiday and that the New year holiday, but this depends on every College, what days will be free for students. For example, in 2015 the majority of students of the University also held the first may day celebrations. Short holidays start after the exams and depend on how well the students on the exam or how many exams they had for each term. Most of the time students have holidays in national holidays.


3.45. By country. Sweden. (Швеция)

In Sweden the school year starts around mid or late August, September 1 at the universities. A week before All Saints Day taken on Saturday November 2, students in elementary and middle school autumn holiday. Christmas holiday starts around December 19-20, depending on the day of the week on which Christmas eve happens. This usually ends in a few days after January 6, which is also a public holiday. In March, students in elementary and middle school-one week winter break, the exact week varies by location. Easter public to last four days-from Friday to Monday holidays. Easter school holidays either the week before Easter or the week, depending on location. Primary and secondary school summer holidays last about ten weeks starting from the second week of June.


3.46. By country. United Kingdom. (Соединенное Королевство)

School holidays in the UK follow a standard pattern, with a school year of 190 days of teaching, beginning with the autumn term, but the exact date varies from country to country and County. Local authorities set the deadlines that apply to all community, voluntary controlled, community special schools and maintained nursery schools. Academies, schools, voluntary Aided schools and Foundation schools can choose their own dates, but many follow the same dates as the local authority. Although these schools can set their own terms, they continue to open for the same period of time. Independent private schools, usually set to a longer vacation than public schools.

In the UK, the academic year usually lasts from September to the end of July of the following year, with time divided into three periods. Each of them, as a rule, are divided into two half-week "holiday" break in between. Primary and secondary 1-11 11-16 schools, as a rule, adhere to the 39-week school year, and another 16 and above, 18 educational institutions often have 36 or 33-week terms, usually without a break. Oxford and Cambridge have shorter terms still, usually 8 weeks of each semester.

For English state schools, the year starts in the first week of September with holidays 1 week at the end of October, and the period ends just before Christmas. After a two-week holiday embracing the New year, second term runs until Easter and of variable length, allowing the occasion. He has half the holidays in mid-February. There are two weeks of Easter holiday, then the deadline starts and continues until the third decade of July. Holidays in late may and the students in the exam is often done their research on what to break and pass the exams in June and July.

Summer break lasts about 6 weeks and was originally designed to allow children to help with the harvest. In Scotland, summer vacation early due to different lengths of day and agricultural practices.

Private public schools may follow different terms, and some authorities academies to follow the different semester structures.


3.47. By country. In England and Wales. (В Англии и Уэльсе)

Summer vacation in public schools, as a rule, from five to seven weeks, starting in mid-late July and ends in early September. Schools have Christmas and Easter holidays, each usually lasting about two weeks. The academic year consists of three sections: in the first semester between summer and Christmas, the spring term between Christmas and Easter, and the summer term between Easter and summer holidays. About halfway through every term, the students will have one week from the school, known as Half-term. Half term often falls on the week of Halloween and close to fireworks night, but this did not happen in late autumn, in February half term usually also fall in the week of Valentines Day, and Holidays in the summer semester, as a rule, should be at the end of may with students returning on the first Monday of June.

Independent schools often have longer holidays including up to 10 weeks for the summer, but often have longer school days and sometimes lessons on Saturdays.

See school holidays in England for the effect of school holidays on tourism and life for parents and others.


3.48. By country. Scotland. (Шотландии)

In Scotland, the school year generally begins in the third week of August. In October, there are one or two weeks, which is halfway between the summer and Christmas holidays. The Christmas holiday usually begins a few days before December 25 and ends a few days after January 5th. There is up to a week in the middle of the spring semester and a two-week break for Easter. After Easter is summer term and the 3rd half of the vacation is halfway to summer vacation. The summer holiday usually begins at the end of June for most pupils in primary 1-7 and secondary years 1-3. Years 4, 5 and 6 for exam leave at the end of may or in early June, but may return for the last few weeks before summer vacation starts.


3.49. By country. Northern Ireland. (Северной Ирландии)

Schools in Northern Ireland the same school holidays in Ireland. Schools in Northern Ireland a short break in the middle of the semester than in the rest of the UK, and to replace the long summer holiday that includes all of July and August.

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Intramural Sports. Check out the schedule for Intramural Sports this academic year! From Badminton to Billiards, Basketball to Archery Tag, & more!. University Recreation Center. The Lair, located in Room 139 of the Student Union, is a center for recreation Academic Year fall and spring semesters 4 – 11 p.m. Summer 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Recreational Therapy Grand Valley State University. Hours are modified throughout the year for breaks and holidays. Please keep in mind that all activity areas including Stephens Fitness Center close 15 minutes. Student Memberships – University Recreation & Wellbeing – UW. Academic Year 2018. Outdoor Recreation Therapy. Associate of Science. 60 credits. First Year. FALL SEMESTER - 2018. 16 Credits. Prerequisites. Credits. Recreation Facilities Fee Stony Brook University. International Year One Sports and Recreation Management at James Madison.

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Welcome to Recreation, Hospitality, and Parks Management RHPM at About 2 3rds of the student volunteers are first term, first year students Fee, Latinas in Action, five academic departments and the CSU, Chico Research Foundation. Student Connection Department of Recreation and Wellness. 25 Mar 2019 just now, but in the generations before us as well as the years ahead. for school age children, fun for pre schoolers, sports for all ages and. Facility Hours Campus Recreation Princeton University. Posted 2 years ago. Student Trainee Outdoor Recreation Planner a qualifying educational institution, equivalent to at least one academic year of full time. Winter Camp Stanford Recreation & Wellness. Shepherd University offers a comprehensive major in recreation and leisure in their concentration during the academic years while pursuing this major. CSB Campus Recreation – CSB SJU. Rhythmic Arts is Sports Center with competitive and recreational programs. Most Loved Gymnastics & Cheer St Thomas School Sanford Child Care Centers who comprise this years top 10 graduates of Noble High Schools Class of 2012.

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The Recreational Sports office located in the Office of Student Life at Franklin among the various recreational activities offered throughout the academic year. Recreation Hall Ready for New Academic Year Box NYIT. Recreation and Wellness Center. Academic Year Hours, Summer 2019 Hours. Monday Friday, 6 a.m. 11 p.m., 6 a.m. 7 p.m. Saturday, 8 a.m. 7 p.m., 9 a.m. 1. Recreation Programs City of Gonzales. The Department of Campus Recreation at Mount St. Marys Unversity enables students to run on the Here are our available positions for the academic year. Memberships, Guess Passes & Services Case Western Reserve. Friday. 6 am 9 pm. Saturday. 10 am 9 pm. Sunday. 10 am 9 pm. Monday. Noon Midnight. Thursday. 6 am 9 pm. Friday. Noon 9 pm. Saturday. 10 am 9.

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The application is valid for one academic year August – July and must be renewed Group youth programs or recreational sport activities offered by Mountain. International Year One. During the academic year, the Beckerman Recreation Center membership fee for all current full time and part time University of New Haven students is included. Office of Recreation Students at Washington University. The Main Office is located on the second floor of the Texas Tech Student Rec Center, room 202. Annual Membership Rates for 2019 2020 Academic Year. Student Recreation and Wellness Center 2019 2020 Academic Year. Yates Field House operates on Academic Year Hours from late August through mid May. The Fall 2019 Academic Year Hours will be in effect starting August 28,.

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If you are interested in a position on the Advisory Board, applications are available during the month of March for the next academic year. Contact. rwconnect. Rec Pass for UCSF Students UCSF Campus Life Services Fitness. Recreation and Wellness Inspiring Active and Healthy Lifestyles Recreation AND SRC OPEN RECREATION 2014 2015 Academic Year Data View All. Therapeutic Recreation Kean University. Child teen of current, full time UCSB student, age 17 and under are free for access during the permitted times of the academic year. Child teen of Rec Cen. The Lair Recreation Center Lincoln University. 26 Aug 2019 We are returning to Academic Year Hours on Sunday September 1. Visit our Facility Calendar for details! New Balance Student Recreation. Appalachian State University Recreation Management BS. Recreation Worcester is a free, year round, out of school time program for youth run by the City of Worcester. Youth participate in curriculum based learning.

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Study therapeutic and recreational theory and practice to enable individuals to improve function and lead a healthy lifestyle. Curriculum Sheets and 4 Year. Madison School & Community Recreation LinkedIn. Learn about working at Madison School & Community Recreation. Join LinkedIn today for free. See who you know at Madison School & Community Recreation,. About Recreation John Carroll University. Recreation Center & Fields Fee. For the 2017 2018 academic year, the fee is $83.25 per semester for all undergraduate students. Graduate students, faculty. Ole Miss Campus Recreation We are hiring for 8 Graduate. Wingate University community and commercial recreation majors are active. experience is a full time summer internship between your junior and senior years. Therapeutic Recreation Ontario College Graduate Certificate Full. All Northwood University current students, faculty, staff and retirees are eligible for The year membership is good for an entire calendar year, not a school year,.

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