Marcus Aurelius Arnheiter - 1925 births. Marcus Aurelius Arnheiter, was a retired U.S. Navy officer, known for being relieved of command of USS Vance after o ..


Marcus Aurelius Arnheiter

Marcus Aurelius Arnheiter, was a retired U.S. Navy officer, known for being relieved of command of USS Vance after only 99 days.


1. Early life and education

Arnheiter was born to Theodore and Dorothy B. Arnheiter. He had a twin brother, Theodore Jr. d. 2005, and a sister, Dorothy. Raised in New York City, he was graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1952 and obtained his masters degree from Georgetown.


2. USS Vance DE-387

On 22 December 1965, just before Christmas, on Bravo Pier, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, Arnheiter took command of the USS Vance, a ship which was, in his opinion, unready for war. Having found it, in his words, "crawling with cockroaches", he instituted measures to get the ship cleaned up, to get the crew trained, and to institute activities which he thought would get the crew motivated.

Arnheiter also had more than his share of personality quirks, which led members of the crew to keep a "Mad Marcus Log".

One of the duties of the Vance was to search small coastal traffic junks for contraband, specifically weapons to be used by the Viet Cong in South Vietnam. Since the Vance s motor whaleboat was lacking in speed, Arnheiter had a speedboat purchased for that purpose; however, he used special services welfare & recreation money - a misappropriation of funds. Arnheiter also had the navigation personnel falsify the logs when he ordered the Vance closer to the coast than his orders allowed.

Eventually word of these activities and other allegations, including the complaints listed in the "Mad Marcus Log", reached higher command headquarters staff, most likely by way of a chaplain in whom the sailors had confided.

Three months after he assumed command, headquarters ordered the Vance to Manila for refitting. On 31 March 1966, Arnheiter was summarily relieved.

In an attempt to clear his name, Arnheiter sought a court martial from the Navy, but the Navy never took any additional action against him. Although he then swore out formal charges against the Navy, Arnheiter was not so much as reprimanded for charging that two- and three-star admirals had themselves been guilty of gross violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Arnheiter said that, either way, he should be the subject of a court martial - for his alleged actions on the Vance for his related charges against selected superior officers. The Navy ignored his requests. Arnheiter went so far as to participate in formal congressional hearings on the matter, and still the Navy ignored his demands for redress in any official capacity. On repeated appeals, his case was dismissed.

According to a Time magazine article, one officer admitted: "We all have a little of the Captain Queeg in us.But Arnheiter had more than his share."


3. Suppressed book

Journalist Neil Sheehan wrote a book titled The Arnheiter Affair in 1971, including a little-known indicium that Arnheiter, prior to his enrollment in the Naval Academy, had briefly been enrolled in the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. The Arnheiter Affair was well received. Litigation, however, brought by Arnheiter for libel and slander caused the book to be removed from print. Retired U.S. Air Force astronaut Frank Borman, USMA Class of 1950, confirms in his autobiography that Arnheiter was a member of the same cadet company H-1, and that Arnheiter had been expelled from West Point, only to be subsequently admitted to the Naval Academy.

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According to our latest records, Marcus Aurelius Arnheiter is 94 years old and born in Nov 1925. Marcuss phone numbers include 415. David E. Taylor Class of 1966 oral history and papers relating to. Married and maiden names for Marcus Arnheiter in Lovell, ME. M A Arnheiter Marcus Arnheiter Marcus Aurelius Arnheiter Jeff Arnheiter M Arnheiter Следующая Войти Настройки. The Sad Case of Marc, Arnheiter Is Revived USS Vance. Carl: What goes well with Arnheiter besides nothing? Oh, I know, Marcus Aurelius. Carl: My 4 year old daughter hasnt been smoking for 2. A taste for heroism and a talent for farce The New York Times. We found 2 records for Gregory Arnheiter in California and New York. Select the best result to Jeff L Arnheiter Marcus Aurelius Arnheiter. Show all locations.

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The Arnheiter affair by Sheehan, Neil. Subjects: Arnheiter, Marcus Aurelius ​1925 - Vance Destroyer - Vietnam War, 1961 1975 - Naval. Articles citations with the tag: ARNHEITER, Marcus Aurelius. The Arnheither Affair 1971 Random House, the store of 99 days aboard the U.S.S. Vance under Captain Marcus Aurelius Arnheiter a. Catalog Record: The Arnheiter affair HathiTrust Digital Library. Marcus Aurelius Arnheiter born November 8 1925 died August 18 2009 in Novato Cal was a retired US Navy officer known for being relieved of.

When did Marcus Aurelius Arnheiter die Answers.

Marcus Aurelius Arnheiter born November 8, 1925, died August 18, 2009 in Novato, CA, was a retired U. S. Navy officer, known for being relieved of command. Neil Sheehan ARNHEITER AFFAIR Signed 1st Edition Book. LCDR Marcus Aurelius Arnheiter, a real life LCDR Queeg, was not court ​martialed, though he requested one. LT Maryck was the one who got court ​martialed.

Arnheiter, Marcus Aurelius 1925 2009 Lovell Historical Society.

Other famous people named Aurelius include celebrities like Aurelius H. Piper, Sr​. and Claude Aurelius Elliott. 7 Marcus Aurelius Arnheiter Given name:. People Living at 168 Old Stage Rd Lovell ME Address Search. A journalists account of Captain Marcus Aurelius Arnheiter and the U.S.S. Vance. This officers deportment while deployed off the coast of Vietnam was bizarre.

9780394473635 The Arnheiter affair by Neil Sheehan.

Find a huge variety of new & used Marcus Aurelius books online including bestsellers & rare titles at the best prices. Shop Marcus Aurelius books at Alibris. Marcus Aurelius Books Alibris. Marcus Aurelius Arnheiter, was a retired U.S. Navy officer, known for being relieved of command of USS Vance after only 99 days. The arnheiter affair Book Reviews, Sites, Romance, Fantasy, Fiction. Marcus Aurelius Arnheiter 1925. 1 work Search for books with subject Marcus Aurelius Arnheiter 1925. Search. Not in Library. Foreword David Bruhns. Marcus Aurelius Arnheiter, was a retired United States. Navy officer, known for being relieved of command of United States Ship Vance after only 99 days. The Straight Dope The Straight Dope Chicago Reader. Times has published a book, The Arnheiter Affair Random House, $7.95, and those of us who supported Lieutenant Commander Marcus Aurelius Arnheiter. Arnheiter Affair. US book club in dj Doulls Books. Main Author: Sheehan, Neil. Language s, English. Published: New York. Random House Subjects: Arnheiter, Marcus Aurelius,.

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Topics: Arnheiter, Marcus Aurelius, 1925, Vance Destroyer, Vietnam War, 1961​ 1975. Publisher: New York, Dell Pub. Co. Collection: inlibrary. True Fiction: The Caine Mutiny HistoryNet. Lieutenant Commander Marcus Aurelius Arnheiter, the ships new captain, had Queeg like ambitions for restoring discipline. The ships operations officer soon. The Arnheiter affair Sheehan, Neil Free Download, Borrow, and. Marcus Aurelius Arnheiter. Novato, California. Open Full Report. Deceased at 83. Lived In Novato, CA, in zip codes 94947, 94949, and 94945 Santa Rosa, CA.

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