Spa town - recreation. The resort town is a resort town and mineral Spa. Patrons to visit spas to take the waters for their purported health benefits. The wo ..


Ski resort

Ski resort is a resort developed for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. In Europe most ski resorts are located in cities or villages adjacent to a ski area – a mountainous area with trails and a ski lift. In North America, as a rule, the existence of ski resorts away from cities, so the ski resorts usually are destination resorts, often purpose built and self-contained, where Skiing is the main activity.


Arcadia (Odessa)

Arcadia is located in the historical part of Odessa, Ukraine, which is known as a famous resort. It is located in the coastal part of the city, close to quarter of the 5th and 7th stations of the Great fountain. The quarter was named after the mountainous area in Greece, which was known as the home of pastoral villagers. The famous beach and Park Arcadia is located in the district.


Aflenz Kurort

"Avelniz" was first documented in 1025. Before its cancellation, the abbots of Sankt Lambrecht owned and managed municipalitys land. On the territory of present-day municipal was part of the Duchy of Styria, which was detached from Bavaria in 1180. Beginning in 1192, Styria and Austria have been United in a personal Union. In at aflenz are received the status of a market town in 1458 by Emperor Friedrich III. From 1564, Styria was seen as part of inner Austria, and, from 1804, the Austrian Empire. Summer tourism in the area began in the late 19th century. At aflenz are in was part of the A ...


Akhtala (Gurjaani)

According to Georgian scholar Prince Vakhushtis geography of Georgia completed in 1745, Akhtala ", said former village and was buried in the anger, the resin is discharged, steaming, and brings to the surface the spoons, jars, and the peasants of goods." By the time British diplomat, Oliver Wardrop visited Georgia in 1887, Akhtala is already used as a Spa, "muddy hollow, where the sludge baths are resorted to by persons suffering from rheumatism, scrofula, and many other diseases, the baths are just round holes, covered in mud, in the midst of evil-smelling gases which slowly emerges large ...



Borovets, known as Chamkoria until the middle of the 20th century, is a popular Bulgarian mountain resort situated in Sofia province, on the Northern slopes of Rila, at an altitude of 1350 meters. Borovets is 10 km from Samokov, 73 km from Sofia and 125 km from Plovdiv.



Rukatunturi is a 490 metres fell and a ski resort in Kuusamo, Finland. In addition to skiing, there are over 500 km of trails for cross-country skiing. Also snowmobiles can be rented to enjoy some of the areas 600 miles of trails for snowmobiles. The hand is also at the southern end of the Karhunkierros Hiking trail. The total number of trails in Ruka and Kuusamo area is: 160 km of Hiking trails, 605 km of Biking routes, 350 km of classified childrens trails and 100 km of boating routes. In winter 1954, the first slope, now called "Central" "slope" was opened. Now the total number of slope ...

Spa town

Spa town

The resort town is a resort town and mineral Spa. Patrons to visit spas to "take the waters" for their purported health benefits. The word SPA comes from the name of a Spa town in Belgium.

Thomas Guidott established medical practice in the English town of bath in 1668. He became interested in the healing properties of hot mineral waters there, and in 1676 he wrote a discourse of bathe, and no hot water. In addition, some queries into the nature of water. This brought the alleged healing properties of water, the attention of the aristocracy, who began to participate after.

The term Spa is used for towns or resorts offering hydrotherapy which can include cold water or mineral water and geothermal baths.


1. Australia. (Австралия)

The majority of mineral springs in Australia, in the Central highlands of Victoria, although there are a few springs in South Australia, Moree, New South Wales and Queensland. Most of them within 30 km of Daylesford, Victoria: the Daylesford and Hepburn springs call themselves a Spa and the Spa centre of Australia.


2. Brazil. (Бразилия)

In Brazil, a growing number of resort towns. The traditional ones are: águas de lindoia, Serra Negra, águas de são Pedro, Caxambu, pocos-de-Caldas Novas, the Aras, and San Lorenzo.


3. Bulgaria. (Болгария)

See: the list of Spa towns in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is famous for its over 500 mineral springs including the hottest spring in the Balkans in Sapareva Banya - 103 °C. other famous Spa towns include Sandanski, Hisarya, Bankya, Devin, Kyustendil, Varshets, Velingard.

In Bulgarian the word for the Spa bath transliteration bath.


4. Canada. (Канада)

See: the list of Spa towns in Canada

Harrison Hot springs is one of the oldest among 18 in British Columbia, two in Alberta and in Ontario.


5. Croatia. (Хорватия)

See: the list of Spa towns in Croatia

In Croatia, the word Toplice implies a Spa town. The most famous resort towns in Croatia, Daruvar, Sisak, and Sibenik.


6. Czech Republic. (Чехия)

See: Spa towns in the Czech Republic

In the Czech language, the word lázně implies a Spa town. The most famous Spa towns in the Czech Republic Teplice and howl:Spa triangle West Bohemia Karlovy vary, Frantiskovy Lazne and Marianske Lazne.


7. France. (Франция)

See: the list of Spa towns in France

In France, the words Bains, Ben, and EO in city names often imply a Spa town. There are more than 50 Spa towns in France, including Vichy, AIX-Les-Bains, Bagnoles-de-Lorne, DAX, and Enghien-Les-Bains.


8. Germany. (Германия)

See: the list of Spa towns in Germany

In Germany, the word bad implies a Spa town. Among the many famous Spa towns of Germany bad Aachen, Baden-Baden, bad bruckenau, bad EMS, bad Homburg, bad Honnef, bad Kissingen, bad Kreuznach, bad Mergentheim, bad Muskau bad Oeynhausen, bad Pyrmont, bad Reichenhall, bad Schandau, bad Segeberg, bad Soden am Taunus, bad tölz, bad Wildbad, bad Wimpfen, bad Wildstein, Berchtesgaden, Binz, Freudenstadt, Heiligendamm, Sylt, Kampen, the Konigstein, Radebeul, Schwangau, St. Blasien, Titisee, Tegernsee, travemünde and Zingst. Wiesbaden is the largest Spa town in Germany.


9. Greece. (Греция)

See: the list of Spa towns in Greece

The most popular resort towns in Greece, aidipsos, Agkistro, Serres, Athens, Kamena Vourla, Kimolos, Loutra Kyllinis, Sidirokastro, Serres, Lakkos in Milos, Loutrochori, Aridaia, Pella Pozar


10. Hungary. (Венгрия)

See: the list of Spa towns in Hungary

In Hungary, in addition to words or more archaic fured "bath", furdovaros "resort town" or furdohely "bathing place" implies a Spa town. Hungary is rich in thermal waters with health benefits, and many resort towns are popular tourist destinations. In Budapest there are a few resorts, including Turkish resorts style, built in the 16th century. Eger also has a Turkish bath. Other famous resorts like those in hévíz, harkány, bük, hajdúszoboszló, Gyula, Bogacs, hits the spot in many ways, Zalakaros, the cave bath in Miskolctapolca and half Board-in Addition to in mezőkövesd.


11. Italy. (Италия)

See: the list of Spa towns in Italy

In Italy, a resort town, called Citta Termal from the Latin Thermae, are very numerous throughout the country because of the strong geological activity of the territory. These places have been known and used since the Roman era.


12. Lithuania. (Литва)

  • Birštonas is famous for its mineral springs and curative mud applications.
  • Druskininkai is famous for its mineral springs. The name comes from the Lithuanian word Donald Tusk Sol.

13. Netherlands. (Нидерланды)

  • BAD Nieuweschans in the North on the border with Germany, "bad", referring to a resort town.
  • Valkenburg, near Maastricht, who wants to become a "city of health".

14. Poland. (Польша)

See: the list of Spa towns in Poland

Most resort towns in Poland located in lesser Poland and lower Silesia. Some of them have the affix "zdrój" in the title is written with a hyphen or separately, which means "water source" to denote their status as Spa, but it is not the General rule, for example, Ciechocinek and inowrocław several resort towns, but not to use attach.


15. Portugal. (Португалия)

Portugal is known for its famous resort towns of the whole country.

Due to its high quality, as well as the landscape, where the most important ones are:

  • Caldas de Monchique. (Калдаш-де-Моншик)
  • Hotel Pedras Salgadas. (Отеля Pedras Salgadas)
  • Caldas da Felgueira located in Viseu district, 5 km from the city Nelasa.
  • Caldas da Rainha. (Калдаш-да-Раинья)
  • Caldas de Vizela. (Кальдас-де-Визела)
  • Vidago. (Видагу)
  • Sao Pedro do Sul.
  • Chaves. (Шаве)
  • Caldas das taipas. (Калдаш-Даш-тайпаш)

16. Romania. (Румыния)

See: the list of Spa towns in Romania

In Romania, Baile word implies a Spa town. The most famous Spa resorts in Romania, băile Herculane, băile Felix, Romania, Covasna, Calimanești & Borsec.


17. Serbia. (Сербия)

See: the list of Spa towns in Serbia

Serbia is famous for its many resorts. Some of the most famous sources of Vrnjacka Banja, bukovicka Spa, Vrujci, sokobanja and niška Banja. Hot spring in Serbia in vranjska banja at 96°C

In Serbia, the word bath means a resort town.


18. Slovakia. (Словакия)

See: the Spa town in Slovakia

Slovakia is known for its resort towns. The most famous is Piesťany. The most important thermal spas in Slovakia:

  • Bojnice. (Бойнице)
  • Turcianske Teplice. (Турчанске Теплице)
  • Liptovský Ján. (Липтовски Ян)
  • Trencianske Teplice. (Тренчьянске Теплице)
  • Smrdáky. (Смрдаки)
  • Rajecké Teplice. (Раецке Теплице)
  • Piesťany.
  • Lucky. (Повезло)
  • Dudince. (Дудинце)
  • Kúpele Bardejov. (Купеле Бардеев)
  • Sliac Kúpele. (Слиача Купеле)

19. Slovenia. (Словения)

Spa towns in Slovenia include in rogaška Slatina, Radenci, čatež Ob Savi, Dobrna, Dolenjske Toplice Smarjeske and Moravske Toplice. They offer accommodation in hotels, apartments, bungalows and campsites. Slovenias Terme, or the word Toplice implies a Spa town.


20. Spain. (Испания)

Resort cities in Spain include:

  • Zestoa. (Сестона)
  • Montemayor. (Монтемайор)
  • Arnedillo. (Арнедильо)
  • Karrantza.
  • Caldes de Montbui. (Кальдес-де-Монтбуй)
  • And Toja, an island resort in the North-Western Galicia.
  • Panticosa in the high Pyrenees.
  • Caldes dEstrac. (Кальдес dEstrac)
  • Archena. (Арчена)
  • Mondariz. (Мондарис)
  • Caldes de Malavella. (Кальдас-де-Малавелья)
  • Alhama de Aragon. (Альхама-де-Арагон)
  • Lanjarón. (Ланхарон)
  • Caldas de Luna. (Кальдас де Луна)
  • Riofrio. (Риофрио)

21. Switzerland. (Швейцария)

  • Davos. (Давос)
  • LaVey-Les-Bains. (ЛаВей-Ле-Бэн)
  • Baden. (Баден)
  • Bad Ragaz Ragatz, also known as "old baths of Pfafers" or "old baths Pfafersin.
  • Ragatz.
  • Zurzach. (Цурцах)
  • Schinznach-Bad. (Шинцнах-Бад)
  • Yverdon-Les-Bains. (Ивердон-Ле-Бэн)
  • Leukerbad. (Лейкербад)

22. Taiwan. (Тайвань)

Taiwan is home to a number of towns and cities with tourism infrastructure is concentrated at the hot springs. These include:

  • Taian, Miaoli. (Тайань, Мяоли)
  • Wulai, New Taipei City.
  • Guguan, in Heping, Taichung.
  • Taipei City. (Тайбэй)
  • Jiaoxi, Yilan. (Цзяоси, Илань)

23. United Kingdom. (Соединенное Королевство)

Some, but not all UK Spa towns contain "Spa", "wells", or "bath" in their names, e.g., Matlock bath. In some cities, places of resort towns heritage. Two of the three English cities received the title "Royal", Royal Leamington Spa and Royal Tunbridge wells, a few resort towns.


24. USA. (США)

  • West Baden Springs, Indiana.
  • Waukesha, Wisconsin. (Waukesha, Штат Висконсин)
  • Warm Springs, GA. (Уорм-Спрингс, Джорджия)
  • Bath Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.
  • Palm Springs, CA. (Палм-Спрингс, Калифорния)
  • Gila Hot Springs, New Mexico.
  • Jemez Springs, New Mexico.
  • Desert Hot Springs, CA.
  • Pagosa Springs, Colorado. (Пагоса-Спрингс, Колорадо)
  • Chena Hot Springs, Alaska.
  • Truth or consequences, new Mexico.
  • Saratoga, WY. (Саратога, Вайоминг)
  • Hot Springs, Arkansas. (Хот-Спрингс, Арканзас)
  • Connell, Washington. (Коннелл, Вашингтон)
  • Lava Hot Springs. (Лава Хот Спрингс)
  • Ballston Spa, New York.
  • Hot Springs, North Carolina.
  • Hot Springs, South Dakota.
  • Thermopolis, WY. (Термополис, Вайоминг)
  • Mount Clemens, Mi. (Маунт Клеменс, Мичиган)
  • Warm Springs, VA. (Уорм-Спрингс, Вирджиния)
  • Excelsior Springs, Mo. (Эксельсиор-Спрингс, Миссури)
  • Saratoga Springs, New York.
  • Mineral Wells, TX. (Минерал-Уэлс, Техас)


25. Other countries. (Другие страны)

See: the list of Spa towns

  • In Mexico - or Termas Balneario.
  • In Latvia - Jurmala.
  • In the Czech Republic - lázně.
  • In Belgium. (В Бельгии)
  • In Spain, Termas Balneario or.
  • In Ethiopia Filwoha. (В Filwoha Эфиопии)
  • In Iran - "Cheshme AB-e-Garm" or "Cheshme AB-e-Madani".
  • Jamaica -. (Ямайка -)
  • In Japan Onsen. (В Японии Онсен)
  • In New Zealand - Rotorua.
  • In Australia. (В Австралии)
  • In Ukraine - Lcould VOD.
  • In Romania, Baile. (В Румынии, Бэйле)
  • In Cyprus - Loutra-Therma.
  • In Italy Terme. (В Италии Терме)
  • In Slovakia Liecebne kúpele.
  • In Turkey or Termal kaplica.
  • In the Arab world - Turkish bath.
  • In Malaysia - read.
  • In Germany, Austria and Switzerland - bad, the first part of the names of most Spa towns, a cognate to the English "bath" and "baths" are used for the Spa.
  • Portugal - Caldas Termas or.
  • In Bulgaria - Bani.
  • In Greece - Loutra-Therma.
  • In Korea 온천 or 사우나.
  • In Chile - Termas.
  • In Georgia - სამკურნალო წყლები.
  • In Croatia Toplice. (В Хорватии Топлице)
  • In Hungary - or in addition - fured.
  • In Peru - Cusco, Cajamarca.
  • In Russia - Mineral waters or Medicinal waters.
  • In Poland, Krynica zdrój.
  • In Serbia Banja. (В Сербии, Баня)
  • In France, bene. (Во Франции, бэнэ)

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Recreation at Meadowood. Enjoy the sporting life at Meadowood through croquet, golf, tennis, swimming, hiking and fitness experiences. We invite you to. Marriott 2 Recreation Attendant JW Marriott Hotel 17000IYF. Unwind while enjoying the numerous recreational activities offered by JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge. Our hotel invites guests to take advantage of our pools,. Spa & Beauty Appointments Southernmost Beach Resort. A spa is a location where mineral rich spring water and sometimes seawater is used to give medicinal baths. Spa towns or spa resorts including hot springs resorts typically offer various. These baths became centers for recreational and social activities in Roman communities. Libraries, lecture halls, gymnasiums, and. Holiday Apartment 97688 Bad Kissingen, Recreation, spa Treatment. Reho Spa Recreational Resort Namibia. The hot springs in small town Rehoboth are located close to business centre with shops and services. Name. Sports, Recreation & Spas Page 2 Go To Bermuda. The Resort Accommodation Restaurant & Bars Recreation Facilties Photo along the exuberant drift, Titanic Palace offers a totally unique spa encounter.

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