BMW M1 - bmw m. BMW M1 is a mid-engined sports car produced by German automaker BMW between 1978 and 1981. In the late 1970-ies, the Italian car manufacturer ..



BMW M1 is a mid-engined sports car produced by German automaker BMW between 1978 and 1981.

In the late 1970-ies, the Italian car manufacturer Lamborghini entered into an agreement with BMW will build a plant for production racing car in sufficient quantity for homologation, but conflicts arose that prompted BMW to produce the car. As a result, the car was sold to the public, from 1978 to 1981, as the BMW M1.

This is the first mid-engined BMW car for mass production, the second-from i8 hybrid sports car.


1.1. Overview. The engine and transmission. (Двигатель и трансмиссия)

BMW M1 is the first car to be exclusively developed by BMW M and uses 3.453 CC, 3.5 l М88 / 1 six-cylinder petrol engine with Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection, Bosch and Magneti-Marelli ignition system. The engine was designed by Paul rosche, who was also responsible for the S14 inline 4 engine and S70 / 2 V12 engine. Later this engine was used in the South African version of the 745i, of which 209 examples were built between 1984 and 1986, and E24 M6 / M635CSi and E28 M5. The engine has six individual throttle valves, twin Cams,4 valves per cylinder, and generates a power output of 277 HP 204 kW; 273 HP at 6.500 rpm and 330 nm 243 lbf⋅ft of torque at 5.000 rpm in a road version, which makes the machine a maximum speed of 260 km / h 162 km / h. the Engine is mated with 5-speed manual transmission made by ZF Friedrichshafen with 40% lock limited slip differential.


1.2. Overview. Steering, suspension and brakes. (Рулевое управление, подвеска и тормоза)

M1 has independent rack and pinion steering, double wishbone suspension with adjustable springs and Bilstein gas-filled shock absorbers. On the way the car had softer suspension bushings to have the best ride quality and compliancy.

Ventilated car brake is measured 300 mm 11.8 in front and 297mm 11.7 in rear and was constructed of steel. The M1 used special Campagnolo aluminium wheel size 7x16 inches on the front and 8x16 cm in the rear equipped with Pirelli P7 tires, size 205 / 55 VR15 front and 225 / 50 VR15s on the rear panel.


1.3. Overview. Interior. (Интерьер)

M1 has a half leather and half cloth interior. Its roots in motor racing means that the car had a basic interior layout with many details obtained from other BMW models. The interior was services, such as air conditioning, electric Windows and stereo system, but with the seat adjustment and only left hand drive configuration.


1.4. Overview. Production. (Производство)

Fiber glass body of the M1 was manufactured by the Italian company Italina resin, which was located in Modena, Italy. The chassis was made of Modenese firm, Marchesi. The car body was completed Studio Italdesign to its plant in Turin, along with the interior.

Then, partially finished cars were delivered in the German specialist manufacturer of Baur, where final Assembly took place manually. Manual Assembly М88 / 1 engines supplied by BMW from Munich to be installed in cars. The completed car was sent to BMW Motorsport in Munich for final inspection and delivery. Was built, making it one of the rarest models only 453 BMW production cars. Of the 453, 399 units were going on the road, and 53 were made for Motorsport.


1.5. Overview. Awards. (Награды)

The M1 had various successes in motorsports. In 2004, sports car international put the car at number ten in the list of top sports cars of the 1970-ies.


1.6. Overview. Note

Not M1 related to the BMW 1 series is a compact Executive car that began production in the 2004 model year, and it has nothing to do with the BMW 1 series M coupe, which was launched in 2010 and is a high performance variant of the 1 series.


2. Motorsport. (Мотоспорт)

In 1979 the head BMW Motorsport, Jochen Neerpasch, devised a one-make championship using racing modified M1. The series was created to help BMW in building enough cars to enter the group 4 classification in the world championship for makes. A new series, known as the "Procar BMW M1 championship", served as a support series to the Formula One, and included many formula one drivers in identical cars.

The series ran for two years, with Niki Lauda winning the 1979 season, and Nelson Piquet the 1980 season. After BMW standards group 4, the procars were used by various teams at the world Cup and other national series.

M1 also campaigned at the 24 hours of Le Mans from 1981 to 1986, where he was low.

The M1 Pro car has also been converted to US spec by BMW France to the 1982 season. The car was campaigned for the 1983 season, and before the car was put solely on the team Motul private racers for the season 1984. In 1984 the season was the most successful for M1 as a former ERC champion Bernard Begen won back to back in the rally De La Baule and Rallye de Lauren this season, and even claimed outright cher podium on rally Antibes four months later. The vehicle was not further agitated after 1984.


3.1. The anniversary car and a spiritual successor to the. The concept of a tribute to the M1. (Понятие дань М1)

In April 2008, BMW unveiled the M1 homage concept, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the M1. The concept vehicle uses a mid-engine layout, which borrows cues from both the original M1 and the BMW Turbo show car.

The M1 homage concept was first shown to the public on dEleganza Villa deste Concorso 2008. The design was written by Giorgetto Giugiaro who got his idea from the BMW Turbo concept, designed field Bracq. The BMW turbo was a lot of technical and cutting-edge innovations from BMW that was part of the inspiration of the concept M1 homage. The front of the car is different from other parts of the car. The front sports double head lights that do not coincide with the pop-up type that are on the original M1, but the usual trademark grille is present. The M1 also includes a double badge on the back of the car as the original M1. No photos of the interior of the car or the car in action, nor in the specification of the car was released as the car was intended only to implement the design.


3.2. The anniversary car and a spiritual successor to the. The vision concept is equipped with EfficientDynamics and BMW I8. (Концепция Vision оборудован EfficientDynamics оснащен и БМВ И8)

After the M1, BMW developed some mid-engine concept cars, but none of them inspired a production car until 2013, when the concept vision EfficientDynamics features led to the production i8. The BMW i8 is based on the vision EfficientDynamics concept, which is a range-extender electric vehicle with three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. The production car was designed by Benoit Jacob. Series production of customer vehicles began in April 2014. This is also the first production mid-engined BMW M1 car.


3.3. The anniversary car and a spiritual successor to the. Vision the following concepts m. (Видение следующих понятий)

The vision ms Plug-in hybrid concept sports car that was introduced in June 2019. Design partially inspired from the M1, such as blinds rear window and BMW roundels, which is located inside the taillight. It is powered by an electric drive system PHEV, which offers a choice between four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive or with an electric thrust or power with a turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine. Total system output is claimed to 441 kW 591 HP, 600 PS. He also claimed, from 0 to 100 km / h 62 mph acceleration Time of 3 seconds and a top speed of 300 km / h 186 mph. The maximum range when driving in all-electric mode, as stated, 100 km 62 Mi.

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3 The BMW DME M1. 0L, BMW F07 N63 4. To confirm, you could run your vehicle through an emissions test. Heated O2 Sensor HO2S 11 At Adaptive Limit. Andy Warhol Painted a BMW M1 Race Car, and Its Gorgeous The. Jun 25, 2019 June 25, 2019 BMW today in Germany revealed the Vision M Next supercar concept, an M1 aping hybrid capable of 600 system horsepower. The Full Story: How Canepa Built A Street Legal 1979 BMW M1 Procar. Apr 9, 2018 In 1974 he made his first appearance in Formula 2, and by 1975 Ertl had convinced the Warsteiner brewery to foot the bill for three drives in a. Bmw air to egr mass flow plausibility. May 16, 2018 1981 BMW M1 for sale. Despite not being restored at all, the mid engined coupe looks great inside and out. The M1 needs no introduction as. BMW Are We There Yet? Commercial Song by AC DC. May 25, 2018 If you are a fan of the BMW M lines as I am then this is where it all began: The BMW M1 internally, the E26. The hand built supercar was. The First Mid Engined BMW Supercar The BMW M1 Silodrome. Get the latest on new BMW models including spy shots, first drives, in depth reviews, concept car photos, new features and more. 1981 BMW M1 for sale.

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Apr 14, 2019 A long lost one off BMW M1 is heading to the auction block. Back in 1981, the supercar managed to hit an impressive top speed of 186 mph. 1980 BMW M1 5857 Canepa. What a sound! Experience some laps on the German Norisring in a lengendary BMW M1. BMW Digital Trends. Aug 8, 2018 This unrestored 1981 BMW M1 is going up for auction. Having remained in the hands of the same owner for nearly 30 years, the vehicle was. 16 Things We Need To Stop Ignoring About Audi And BMW. Jun 5, 2019 In 1966, Lamborghini proved there was no better place for a sports car to have the engine, than over the drivers shoulder. many mid engine.

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Sep 7, 2019 1972 First Electric BMW 1979 BMW M1 2005 BMW Hydrogen 7 2014 Team USA Bobsled 2014 i8 Safety Car 2019 BMW i Formula E 2019 Auto. Help the BMW M1 become a Lego set you can buy Get the latest. Results 1 48 of 82431 Bmw e90 body panels. BMW 3 Series E92 Coupe and E93 Convertible with this M1 Style Widebody Conversion Kit by Prior Design. Buy BMW M1 Procar Rally Microsoft Store. Bmw Terminal 30b Connection Faulty. 2005 BMW 525i Code 9AFF Safety battery terminal firing circuit resistance too high. 88 production Complaint: M1. Andy Warhols BMW M1 Art Car Uncrate. The BMW M1 BMW type code E26 is a sports car produced by German automotive manufacturer BMW from 1978 to 1981. In the late 1970s, Italian automobile. Bmw e90 body panels. I knew I was missing something with all the muffled M1s I saw previously. Now thats a proper. Lost speed record BMW M1 could be yours Classic & Sports Car. Displaying 2 total results for classic BMW M1 Vehicles for Sale.

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