Bibliography of Richard Nixon - bibliographies of people. This bibliography includes publications by Richard Nixon the 37th President of the United States of ..


Bibliography of Richard Nixon

This bibliography includes publications by Richard Nixon the 37th President of the United States of America Richard Nixon and books and scientific articles about him and his policies.


1. Primary sources. (Первичные источники)

  • Foreign relations of the United States: Nixon-Ford administrations.
  • Public papers of the presidents of the United States, Richard Nixon, 1969-1974, 6 volume. Washington: U.S. government printing office, 1970-1975.

1.1. Primary sources. Richard Nixon. (Ричард Никсон)

  • Leaders. Random house, 1982 ISBN 0-446-51249-4. The study of the nature of the various leaders that Nixon met during his career.
  • A Real War. Sidgwick Jackson ISBN 0-283-98650-6 1980. Written as a cry from the heart against what Nixon saw as a serious threat to U.S. security from Soviet expansionism in the late 1970-ies.
  • Asia After Vietnam”. Foreign Affairs, Vol. 46, No. 1, October 1967. Published by the Council on foreign relations.
  • "Second office", the world book encyclopedia 1964 year book, field enterprises educational Corporation, 1964, Asin B000K6CGVU.
  • Six crises 1962 publisher ISBN 0-385-00125-8. Written following Nixon losing to John F. Kennedy in the 1960 U.S. presidential election, this story includes six major professional crises Nixons life, including - in addition to the campaign against Kennedy in the Alger hiss trial, checkers speech and debate in the kitchen with N. S. Khrushchev.
  • The Real World. Sidgwick and Jackson Ltd 1984 ISBN 0-283-99076-7.
  • RN: the memoirs of Richard Nixon. Simon & Schuster reprint, 1978 ISBN 0-671-70741-8.
  • The challenges we face: edited and compiled from the speeches and papers of Richard M. Nixon 1960 ISBN 0-7581-8739-4.
  • Outside Of The World. Random house, 1994 ISBN 0-679-43323-6. Completed two weeks before his death and published posthumously.
  • Seize the moment: Americas challenge in a one superpower world. Simon & Schuster 1992 ISBN 0-671-74343-0.
  • No more Vietnam arbor publishing house 1987 ISBN 0-87795-668-5.
  • American Foreign Policy: Agenda For The Bush”. Foreign Affairs, Vol. 68, No. 1, America and the world 1988. Published by the Council on foreign relations.
  • In the arena: a memoir of victory, defeat, and renewal. Simon & Schuster 1990 ISBN 0-671-72318-9. More personal memoir than RN: the memoirs of Richard Nixon, shows Nixons reflections on life, politics, and personal philosophy.
  • Reagan and Gorbachev: superpower summits”. Foreign Affairs, Vol. 64, No. 1, Fall 1985. Published by the Council on foreign relations.
  • 1999: Victory without war Simon & Schuster 1988 ISBN 0-671-62712-0.

1.2. Primary sources. Other authors. (Другие авторы)

  • Drury, Allen. Courage and hesitation: notes and photographs of the Nixon administration in 1971.
  • Kissinger, Henry. Years of upheaval 1982.
  • Stans, Maurice H. One of the presidents men: twenty years with Eisenhower and Nixon 1995.
  • Safire, William. Before the fall: an inside view of the pre-Watergate White house, 1975.
  • Burns, Arthur F. 2010. Ferrell, Robert H. ed. In the Nixon administration: the Secret diary of Arthur burns, 1969-1974. The University Of Kansas. ISBN 9780700617302. LCCN 2010021333.
  • Ehrlichman, John D. witness to power: the Nixon years, 1982.
  • Price, Raymond. With Nixon In 1977.
  • Kissinger, Henry. The White House 1979.
  • Nixon, Edward & Karen Olson. In The Nixons: A Family Portrait 2009. ISBN 978-1-935359-05-0.
  • Haldeman, H. R. Bob Haldeman Diaries: inside the Nixon White house 1994, an abbreviated version of the complete diaries were published on CD-from Sony.
  • Dean, John. Blind Ambition 1976.
  • Gergen, David. Witness to power: the essence of leadership 2000.


2. Secondary sources. (Вторичные источники)

  • Hall, Mitchell K. Ed. Historical dictionary of the Nixon-Ford era 2008 285pp.
  • Small, Melvin, Ed. Comrade Richard Nixon Wiley Blackwell, 2011, 656pp, comprehensive coverage of professionals online.

2.1. Secondary sources. Biography. (Биография)

  • Aitken Jonathan. Nixon: A Life, 1993.
  • Ambrose, Stephen E. Nixon: the education of a politician 1913-1962 1987.
  • Ambrose, Stephen E. Nixon: the triumph of a politician 1962-1972 1989.
  • Ambrose, Stephen E. Nixon: the ruin and recovery 1973-1990 1991.
  • Morris, Roger. Richard Milhouse Nixon: the rise of American political figure 1990 ISBN 978-0805018349.
  • Morgan, Iwan. Nixon 2002.
  • Black, Conrad. Richard M. Nixon: a life in full 2007.
  • Crowley, Monica. Nixon in winter: his final revelations about diplomacy, Watergate, and life out of the arena in 1998.
  • Farrell, John A. Richard Nixon: The Life Of 2017.
  • Endicott, Michael A. after Watergate: the Resurgence of Richard Nixon 2018.
  • Greenberg, David. Nixons shadow: the history of the image, 2003. An important study of how Nixon was perceived by media and scholars.
  • Hoff, Joan. Nixon To Reconsider 1994.
  • Reeves, Richard. President Nixon: alone in the White house, 2002.
  • Parmet, Herbert S. Richard Nixon and his America 1990.
  • Wicker, Tom. One of us: Richard Nixon and the American dream 1991.
  • Pipe, S. Casey after the fall: the return of Richard Nixon 2019.

2.2. Secondary sources. Political studies. (Политических исследований)

  • Congress and the nation: vol. III 1969-1972 summarizes the annual almanacs, DOI.
  • Dallek, Robert 2007. Nixon and Kissinger: partners in power. Harper Collins. ISBN 0-06-072230-4.
  • Bochin, Hal Richard Nixon: Rhetorical Strategist 1990.
  • In Congressional Quarterly, Inc. CQ almanac, annual, 1947-1975, 900 pages each, very detailed reports on national politics.
  • Congress and the nation, 1973-1976, vol. IL DOI.
  • Mason, Robert. Richard Nixon and the quest new majority 2004. 289 PP. online.
  • Friedman, Leon and William F. Levantrosser, EDS. Richard M. Nixon: politician, President, administrator, 1991, essays by scholars.
  • Thomas, G. Scott. A new world to be won: John Kennedy, Richard Nixon, and the tumultuous 1960
  • White, Theodore. Decisions of the President 1960, 1961 story of the history.
  • Evans, Rowland and Robert D. Novak. Nixon in the White house: the frustration of power 1971.
  • Small, Melvin. The Presidency Of Richard Nixon In 2003.
  • Marvillas, Anthony Rama. "Nixon in Nixonland". Southern California Quarterly, 2002, 842: 169-181. 0038-3929 literature.
  • Schudson, Michael. Watergate in American memory: how we remember, forget and reconstruct the past 1993 /.
  • Gellman, Irwin. The contender: Richard Nixon: the Congress years, 1946 to 1952 1999.
  • Genovese, Michael A. the Nixon presidency: power and politics in turbulent times, 1990.
  • Reichley, A. James. Conservatives in an era of change: the Nixon administration and Ford 1981 online.
  • Perlstein, Rick. Nixonland: the rise of a President and the fracturing of America 2008 881 PP.
  • Matusow, Allen J. Nixons economy: booms, busts, dollars and votes. U. press of Kansas, 1998. 323 PP.
  • White, Theodore. Decisions of the President, 1968 1969.
  • Greene, John Robert. The limits of power: the administrations of Nixon and Ford 1992.
  • Gellman, Irwin. The President and the student: Eisenhower and Nixon, 1952-1961 2015.
  • Friedman, Leon and William F. Levantrosser, EDS. Watergate and later: the legacy of Richard Nixon 1992, essays by scholars.
  • White, Theodore. Decisions of the President, 1972 1973.
  • Kraus, Sidney. The great debates Kennedy and Nixon 1960 1977 online.
  • Summers, Anthony. The arrogance of power the Secret world of Richard Nixon 2000.
  • Woodward, Bob and Carl Bernstein. The Last Days Of 1976.
  • Wills, Harry. Nixon inconsistency: the crisis of the self-made man 1969.
  • Woodward, Bob and Carl Bernstein. All The Presidents Men Is A 1974.


2.3. Secondary sources. Foreign policy. (Внешняя политика)

  • Levantrosser, William F. Ed. Cold war Patriot and statesman, Richard Nixon 1993, essays by scholars and senior officials.
  • As gaddis, John Lewis strategies of containment: a critical appraisal of postwar American national security policy 1982.
  • Shawcross, William. SideShow: Kissinger, Nixon and destruction of Cambodia, 1979, Simon and Schuster. Strong criticism of the policies of Cambodia. Kissinger responds directly Shawcross says in addition to years of upheaval.
  • Kimball, Jeffrey P. Nixon Vietnam War 2002.
  • Bundy, William. Tangled web: the creation of foreign policy during the presidency of Nixon. 1998. 647 PP. online review.
  • Christopher Andrew. For the Presidents eyes only: secret intelligence and the American presidency from Washington to Bush, 1995, pp. 350-96.
  • Tucker, Nancy Bernkopf. "Taiwan Expendable? Nixon and Kissinger go to China" journal of American history 2005 921: 109-135. ISSN 0021-8723 text in history cooperative and EBSCO. Analyzes U.S. policy toward China and finds that Nixon and Kissinger pursued a deeply flawed and ultimately harmful path toward establishing relations with Communist China. Nixon and Kissinger operated in secrecy in order to hide the "collateral damage" of their China, especially for the damage it did to the former government client, the US and Taiwan.
  • Thornton, Richard C. The Nixon-Kissinger Years: The Restructuring Of Americas Foreign Policy 1989.
  • Daum, Andreas W., Gardner, Lloyd C., Mausbach, Wilfried, EDS. America, the Vietnam war and world comparative and international perspectives publications of the German historical Institute in 2003.
  • Herschensohn, Bruce. American amnesia: how the US Congress forced the surrender of South Vietnam and Cambodia 2010.
  • Warner, Geoffrey," Nixon, Kissinger, and the breakup of Pakistan in 1971,” international Affairs in London, 81 Oct. 2005, 1097-1118.
  • Goh, Evelyn. "Nixon, Kissinger, and the Soviet card in the U.S. opening to China, 1971-1974." Diplomatic History 2005 293: 475-502. ISSN 0145-2096 text in Ingenta and EBSCO, Kissingers to use the "Soviet card" in relations with China between 1971 and 1974 offers diplomatic historians an interesting, if not definitive, view of the UPS and downs of détente and the problems of "triangular diplomacy." Kissinger sought to play up the Soviet threat to the Chinese as a way of promoting closer relations with China. Though at times he suggested that the US-PRC Alliance, declassified sources indicate that his suggestions were more hyperbole than actual U.S. policy. He was really using the Soviet threat as a means to a closer relationship with China, but one that was still subordinate to the improvement of Soviet–American relations. Unfortunately for Kissinger and the Nixon administration, triangular diplomacy failed because of Chinese suspicions and the Watergate crisis.
  • Preston, Andrew Preston and Fredrik Logevall, EDS. Nixon in the world: American foreign relations, 1969-1977 online 2008.

2.4. Secondary sources. Domestic politics and issues. (Внутренняя политика и вопросы)

  • Kutler, Stanley I. wars of Watergate: the last crisis of Richard Nixon. 1990.
  • Hood, J. Larry. "The Nixon administration and the revised Philadelphia plan for affirmative action: a study in expanding presidential power and divided government" presidential studies quarterly 23 Winter 1993: 145-67.
  • Schell, Jonathan "the time of illusion" Vintage 1976.
  • Zipper, Jay Brooks. Nixon and the environment 2000.
  • McAndrews, John. Lawrence, "the politics of principle: Richard Nixon and school desegregation" the journal of Negro history, vol. 83 #3, 1998 PP 187.
  • Burke, Vincent J. Nixons Good Deed: Welfare Reform 1974.
  • Sussman, Glen and Daynes, Byron W. "spanning the century: Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, bill Clinton and the environment". White House Studies 2004 43: 337-354. ISSN 1535-4768.
  • Bound, Kenneth Nixons piano: presidents and racial politics from Washington to Clinton 1995.
  • Matusow, Allen J. Of Nixons economy: booms, busts, dollars, and votes, 1998.
  • Olson, Keith W. Watergate: The Presidential Scandal That Shook America. 2003. 220 PP.
  • Kotlowski, Dean J. Nixons civil rights: politics, principles and policies in 2001.
  • Kotlowski, Dean J., "Richard Nixon and the origins of affirmative action" historian. Volume: 60. Question: 3. 1998. S. 523 FF.
  • Kotlowski, Dean J. "business versus words: Richard Nixon and civil rights policy". New England journal of History 1999-2000 562-3: 122-144. Abstract: political considerations and his personal opinion, he gave President Nixon a controversial civil law, which includes such achievements as the implementation of affirmative action, school desegregation, and other types of economic support racial equality, but against busing, ignored women, and made compromises to placate southern conservatives.

2.5. Secondary sources. Cultural studies. (Культурология)

  • Frick, Daniel. Reinventing Richard Nixon: a cultural history of an American obsession.
  • Feeney, Mark. Nixon at the movies: a book about faith. Chicago: University of Chicago, 2004.

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Bibliography of Richard Nixon Richard Nixon: Life Before the Presidency Miller Center. TIMELINE. 1968. November 5 Richard Milhous Nixon, 55 year old former vice president who lost presidency for the Republicans in 1960, reclaims it by. .. Bibliography of Richard Nixon The Fall of Richard Nixon by Tom Brokaw: 9781400069705. Richard Nixon: A Resource Guide Virtual Services and Programs, Digital Reference Section, Library of Congress. .. Watergate Story The Washington Post. Nov 9, 2009 Richard 1913 94, 37th U.S., is best remembered as the only president ever to resign from office. Nixon stepped down in. .. Research Bibliography Richard Nixon Museum and Library. Fall of by Tom Brokaw in Watergate scandal could no longer be denied, Richard Nixon became the first and A Lucky Life Interrupted.. .. Bibliography of Richard Nixon 37 Fascinating Facts About Americas 37th President Richard. Aug 13, With inflation on the rise run looming, team enacted a plan that President Richard Nixons actions in 1971 end dollar convertibility to gold and implement wage price Bibliography.. .. Bibliography of Richard Nixon Richard Nixon Accomplishments, Watergate, Impeachment. History. Article Contributors. icon. Where do the Britannica SearchBot recommendations come from?. .. Bibliography of Richard Nixon Nixon, Richard M. Naval History and Heritage. Biography. NIXON, RICHARD MILHOUS, Representative Senator from California a Vice and 37th President of the United States born in. .. Richard Nixon Biography life, family, childhood, parents, wife. Jul 6, 2012 This companion offers an overview of Richard M. Nixons life, presidency, legacy, well as a detailed look at the evolution and current. .. Nixon Ends Convertibility of US Dollars to Gold and Announces. Feb 18, 2015 joined U.S. Navy at the age of 29. Richard Milhous Nixon was born on 9 January 1913 to Francis Anthony and Hanna. .. Bibliography of Richard Nixon Richard Nixon Resource Guide: Bibliography Virtual Programs. Feb 10, 2012 Richard Nixon is hardly role model, overall he was a devious to look back at one of the biggest and best flip flops in American history.. Bibliography of Richard Nixon Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon was thirty seventh president United States. He successfully served as a member House Representatives of the Senate and. .. Bibliography of Richard Nixon Richard M. Nixon The White House. Richard Nixon suffered two great personal losses as young man: the deaths His school life brought a string of successes in endeavors common to. .. Bibliography of Richard Nixon Nixons great decision on China, 40 years later The Washington Post. Nov 13, 2019 Richard Nixon was 37th U.S. president and only commander in chief to resign from his position, after the 1970s Watergate scandal.. .. Bibliography of Richard Nixon A Companion to Richard M. Nixon Wiley Online Books. From prize winning biographer comes the defining portrait man who led America in time of turmoil and left us darker age. We live today, John A. Farrell. .. Bibliography of Richard Nixon Richard M. Nixon HISTORY. Research Bibliography. Compiled from a variety of sources, the non exhaustive list below includes books, articles, and dissertations about Richard Nixon, his. .. Bibliography of Richard Nixon Richard Nixon: Life, by John A. Farrell Doubleday The. Richard Nixon was elected 37th President of the United States 1969 1974 1994, he had written numerous books his experiences in public life and on. .. Bibliography of Richard Nixon Richard Nixon Death, Impeachment & Presidency Biography. Today, its still closest election in history. The Nixons retired York City later moved to New Jersey where Richard Nixon wrote, traveled and. .. Bibliography of Richard Nixon Richard Nixon. Biography. Richard M. Nixon, the son of grocer, was born on 9th January, 1913. His father owned a small lemon farm in Yorba Linda,. .. Bibliography of Richard Nixon Richard Nixon: The Life 9780385537353 John A. A tale that presents Nixon from boyhood to senator, power broker president, in all of his complexity and contradiction..

Richard Nixon: The Life by John A. Farrell Goodreads.

Fact 10. In 1960, Nixon ran for President and lost to JFK by only 113.000 votes. Today, its still the closest election in history. New Richard Nixon biography uncovers Vietnam War bombshell. Richard Nixon was the 37th president of the United States. Learn more about his life and legacy. Richard M. Nixon Ohio History Central. Richard Nixon: The Life delivers a rich, precise portrait of Richard M. Nixon, one of the most complex, complicated and fascinating presidents. Richard M. Nixon Museum of American History Smithsonian. National First Ladies Librarys biography for Pat Nixon. 21 June, 1940 at Mission Inn, Riverside, California to Richard Milhous Nixon born 13 January 1913,.

Secondary sources.

Comprehensive information about Richard M. Nixon, the 37th president of the Health and Medical History of Richard Nixon: Medical background of each. Moves To Impeach Presidents: Richard Nixon And History Extra. It seems an impossible task to tell the story of the life of someone as complex and inscrutable as Richard Milhous Nixon, even in 558 pages. Richard Nixon – Brief Biography Watergate scandal. Richard M. Nixon was the 37th president of the United States. Kids learn about his biography and life story.

The best and worst autobiographies by US presidents Business.

Richard Nixon defy confident analysis, and what he will do in the. William Costello, The Facts About Nixon: An Unauthorized Biography New York, 1960. Biography National Archives. History will remember Richard Nixon as the only president who was forced to resign. But the bad parts of the Nixon presidency overshadow much good that he​. Richard Nixon Accomplishments, Watergate, Impeachment. Learn about Richard Nixon, the 36th president of the United States. Nixon spent a lot of time talking to the leaders of Russia and China, supported. Richard Nixon Jstor. Reinventing Richard Nixon. A Cultural History of an American Obsession. Daniel Frick. Nixons the One! proclaimed his campaign paraphernalia. Tricky Dick!. The Week that Changed the World: The Inside Story of Richard. Presidents under pressure: the resignation of Richard Nixon and the Histories magazine – on sale from 7 November 2019 – has the facts.

10 fascinating facts about Richard Nixon National Constitution Center.

Nixon served as Vice President under Dwight D. Eisenhower before losing election to John F. Kennedy in 1960. He finally won the presidency in 1968,. Political studies. When Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon attended Egyptian President Anwar Sadats funeral in Cairo in 1981, U.S. Sen. Bob Dole. Biography of President Richard M. Nixon for Kids Ducksters. The Paperback of the Richard Nixon: The Life by John A. Farrell at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $35.0 or more!. By Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon discography and songs: Music profile for Richard Nixon, born 9 January 1913. Genres: Speeches. Albums include Bootleg Vol. III: Live Around.

Pat Nixon Biography National First Ladies Library.

Richard Nixon: A Resource Guide Virtual Services and Programs, Digital Reference Section, Library of Congress. Richard Nixon Facts S. There may be no other statement that so succinctly describes Richard Nixon. John A. Farrell eludes to as much when he utilizes this quote in. 10 fascinating facts about Richard Nixon Yahoo News. When Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon attended Egyptian President Anwar Sadats funeral in Cairo in 1981, U.S. Senator Bob. Bibliography of Richard Nixon pedia. Article History. Article Contributors. Richard Nixon Biography – 37th U.S. President Timeline & Life tota. Instead, it was taken with Richard Nixon in the Oval Office at p.m. on Dec. 21, 1970 and it was, as of 2015 at least, the most requested. Bibliography of Richard Nixon. Reviewed by William C. Berman Department of History, University of Toronto Published on H Pol May, 2000. Nixon Is the One. When Richard Nixon.

PHOTOS: Richard Nixon biography Entertainment.

Biography of richard nixon. Richard nixon biography of. If, on the other hand, the range of the wing be small, the speed should also be low, as the short stroke. Revelations About Richard Nixon Emerge From New Biography. Let there be no mistake in the history books about that. Richard Nixon was an evil man - evil in a way that only those who believe in the Следующая Войти Настройки. Biography of Richard Nixon, 37th U.S. President ThoughtCo. John Dean, who brought down President Nixon by helping unravel the Watergate cover up, You just dont know where life is going to turn.

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