List of State Roads in Connecticut - lists of roads in connecticut. In the U.S. state of Connecticut, state highways are grouped into signed routes, unsigned ..


List of State Roads in Connecticut

In the U.S. state of Connecticut, state highways are grouped into signed routes, unsigned special service roads, and unsigned state roads. State roads are feeder roads that provide additional interconnections between signed routes, or long entrance/exit ramps to expressways. Roads classified by the Connecticut Department of Transportation as state roads are given an unsigned number designation between 500 and 999, with the first digit depending on which Maintenance District the road is primarily located in. Below is a list of the state roads that are classified as arterial roads.


1. State Roads 500-599

Roads mainly in the Hartford area District 1.

  • State Road 501 – I-84 Exit 43 ramp to Park Road
  • State Road 597 – short freeway from I-84 to Route 10 in Southington
  • State Road 572 Frontage Road/Worthington Ridge – Route 9 to Route 15 in Berlin
  • State Road 503 Sisson Avenue – I-84 Exit 46 ramp to Hartford
  • State Road 534 Charter Oak Street – Route 83 in Manchester to Route 85 in Bolton
  • State Road 549 Birdseye Road – U.S. Route 6 to State Road 531 in Farmington
  • State Road 541 – South Frontage Road / Bolton Road in Vernon from SR 533 to Route 30
  • State Road 540 Hatchett Hill Road – Route 189 to Route 187 in East Granby
  • State Road 532 Birch Street – one-way connector from Route 177 to Route 10 in Southington
  • State Road 529 New Britain Avenue – Route 173 in West Hartford to Newington Avenue in Hartford
  • State Road 526 Sheldon Street – Route 187 to Route 168 in Suffield
  • State Road 571 Polish Legion of American Veterans Memorial Highway – short freeway from Route 9 to Route 71A in Berlin
  • State Road 539 – Mountain Road in Granby, from Route 20 in Hartland to Route 189 in North Granby
  • State Road 535 Route 71 to Ridgewood Road in West Hartford
  • State Road 542 – Ferguson Road in Vernon from SR 533 to SR 541 in Vernon
  • State Road 543 Berlin Turnpike – northernmost segment
  • State Road 500 – I-84 Exit 56 ramp to Governor Street; stub freeway for cancelled Interstate 284
  • State Road 517 Main Street/High Street – Route 2 to U.S. Route 5 in East Hartford
  • State Road 552 Scott Swamp Road – U.S. Route 6 to Route 10 in Farmington
  • State Road 518 Roberts Street – SR 502 to I-84 in East Hartford
  • State Road 536 Pine Street/Woodford Avenue/Crooked Street – Route 372 to Route 372 in Plainville, with access to Route 10, I-84 East, and Route 72 East
  • State Road 533 Cider Mill Road/Tunnel Road – U.S. Route 6/44 in Bolton to Route 30 in Vernon
  • State Road 502 Silver Lane/Spencer Street – Route 2 in East Hartford to U.S. Route 6/44 in Manchester
  • State Road 504 Flatbush Avenue – I-84 Exit 45 ramp to Hartford
  • State Road 505 Fenn Road/Ella Grasso Blvd – Route 175 to Route 9 Northbound in Newington
  • State Road 531 South Road/Colt Highway– Route 4 to U.S. Route 6/I-84 East on-ramp in Farmington.
  • State Road 540 – Hatchett Hill Road in East Granby
  • State Road 508 – I-84 Exit 39 ramp to Route 4
  • State Road 524 Berlin Road – Route 3 to Route 372 in Cromwell
  • State Road 530 Airport Road – Wethersfield Avenue to Brainard Road in Hartford, with access to I-91 and Route 15
  • State Road 598 Whitehead Highway – short freeway from I-91 to Pulaski Circle in Hartford; stub for cancelled Interstate 484
  • State Road 555 West Main Street – Route 372 to Main Street in New Britain

2. State Roads 600-699

Roads mainly in the New London, Norwich, and Danielson areas District 2.

  • State Road 637 Lake Hayward Road – Route 11 to Route 354 in Colchester
  • State Road 607 Westcott Road – Route 12 to U.S. Route 6 in Killingly
  • Former State Road 601 – Former bridge over the Willimantic River, Route 32 to Route 66. Decommissioned in 2001.
  • State Road 693 Montville Connector – Route 32 to I-395 in Montville
  • State Road 664
  • State Road 635 Williams Street – I-95 to Route 32 in New London
  • State Road 614 Allyn Street – U.S. Route 1 to Route 184 in Groton
  • State Road 633
  • State Road 695 Connecticut Turnpike – easternmost segment
  • State Road 668
  • State Road 641 Huntington Street – alternate to U.S. Route 1 in New London
  • State Road 636 Briggs Street – U.S. Route 1 to Route 32 in New London
  • State Road 632
  • State Road 626
  • State Road 642 West Town Street – former surface alignment of Route 2 in Norwich
  • State Road 600 Kinsman Hill Road – Route 138 to Route 169 in Lisbon
  • State Road 649 Rainville Avenue – Route 349 to U.S. Route 1 in Groton
  • State Road 661 Thread City Crossing – Route 32 to Route 66 in Windham across the Willimantic River
  • State Road 610 Baltic Road – Route 32 to Route 207 in Franklin

3. State Roads 700-799

Roads mainly in the Bridgeport, Stamford, and New Haven areas District 3.

  • State Road 796 Milford Parkway – freeway connector from Route 15 to U.S. Route 1 with access to I-95
  • State Road 715 Montowese Avenue – Route 103 to I-91 in North Haven
  • State Road 737 Seaside Avenue – Route 162 to Silver Sands State Park entrance
  • State Road 703 Lichtfield Turnpike – Route 42 to Route 63 in Bethany
  • State Road 719 Main Avenue – U.S. Route 7 to Route 123 in Norwalk
  • State Road 794 Branford Connector – I-95 Exit 53 to U.S. Route 1 and Routes 142 and 146.
  • State Road 745 Kimberly Avenue/First Avenue – Junction of I-95 and Route 122 in West Haven to Route 10 in New Haven
  • State Road 734 Daniels Farm Road – Route 25 to Route 127 in Trumbull
  • State Road 714 Bridgeport Avenue – old surface alignment of Route 8 in Shelton
  • State Road 730 Huntington Turnpike – SR 711 in Trumbull to Route 127 in Bridgeport
  • State Road 705 Ocean Avenue – alternate route of Route 162 along the West Haven shoreline
  • State Road 738 East Center Street – I-91 Exit 14 to Route 150 in Wallingford
  • State Road 732 Black Rock Turnpike – U.S. Route 1 near I-95 Exit 24 to Route 58 in Fairfield
  • State Road 797 Oak Street Connector – short connector from Route 34 and York Street.
  • State Road 727 Pershing Drive – Route 8 in Derby to Route 115 in Ansonia
  • State Road 702 Wharton Brook Connector – I-91 Exit 13 ramp to U.S. Route 5 in Wallingford
  • State Road 729 Broadway – Route 103 to U.S. Route 5 in North Haven
  • State Road 736 Buckingham Avenue/Edgefield Avenue – alternate route of Route 162 through the coastal village of Morningside
  • State Road 712 Bridge Street – Route 34 in Derby to Route 110 in Shelton across the Housatonic River
  • State Road 740 Cedar Street/Brushy Plain Road/Totoket Road – U.S. Route 1 in Branford to Route 80 in North Branford with an interchange with I-95 at Exit 54.
  • State Road 785 Northfield Parkway – Junction of I-91 and Route 71 in Wallingford to Route 71 in Meriden streets of East Colony Street
  • State Road 711 Huntington Turnpike – Route 8 to Route 108 in Trumbull
  • State Road 710 North Main Street – old surface alignment of Route 8 in Naugatuck
  • State Road 707 Whitney Avenue – Route 10 in Hamden to New Haven city line
  • State Road 717 Dixwell Avenue – Route 10 in Hamden, Connecticut to U.S. Route 5 in North Haven


4. State Roads 800-899

Roads mainly in the Danbury, Waterbury, and Torrington areas District 4.

  • State Road 810 Watertown Road – U.S. Route 6 to Route 254 in Thomaston
  • State Road 801 East Main Street – From I-84 Exit 25 in Waterbury to Route 70 at I-84 Exit 26 in Cheshire
  • State Road 822 West Mountain Road/Barry Avenue/High Ridge Road/Catoonah Street/Main Street – Route 35 to New York Border
  • State Road 853 Division Street – SR 727 in Derby to junction of Routes 115 and 243 in Ansonia
  • State Road 816 Church Hill Road/Glenn Road – U.S. Route 6 in Newtown at I-84 Exit 10 to Southbury town line
  • State Road 806 Newtown Road – From White Street in downtown Danbury to U.S. Route 6 at I-84 Exit 8
  • State Road 844 Meriden Road – Route 69 in Waterbury to Route 322 in Wolcott
  • State Road 855 Buckingham Street – Route 73 to Route 262 in Watertown
  • State Road 845 Chase Parkway – Route 64 at I-84 Exit 17 to Sunnyside Avenue in downtown Waterbury
  • State Road 805 Federal Road – From White Street in downtown Danbury to U.S. Route 202 in Brookfield
  • State Road 807 Main Street – Route 222 to Route 254 in Thomaston
  • State Road 847 South Main Street/Thomaston Avenue – Route 8 in Naugatuck to Route 262 in Waterbury
  • State Road 809 Riverside Avenue – U.S. Route 1 to Route 123 in Norwalk
  • State Road 841 Downs Street – Fairview Avenue to Route 53 in Danbury
  • State Road 846 Watertown Avenue – SR 847 to Route 73, with access to Route 8

5. State Roads 900-999

Very short state-maintained roads located statewide.

  • State Road 919 Berlin Turnpike – From Route 314 to southbound Route 15 in Wethersfield. 0.25 miles
  • State Road 918 Farmington Avenue – Route 372 in New Britain to Route 71A in Berlin. 0.16 miles
  • State Road 908 Colman Street – From Route 1 to SR 623 in New London. 0.16 miles
  • State Road 911 – Part of Interchange 8 of I-84 where U.S. Route 6 leaves I-84. It is a one-way road that connects westbound Route 6 to eastbound Route 6 across I-84. Also notable because the overpass is labeled by its hidden designation "SR 911" on I-84. SR 911 is 0.14 miles 0.23 km long.
  • State Road 916 Forbes Avenue – One-way road connecting northbound Route 1 to southbound Route 1 in New Haven. 0.16 miles
  • State Road 921 – Part of Interchange 50 of I-95 in New Haven, connecting Main Street Annex to Fulton Terrace. The westbound direction can only be accessed by taking a hairpin turn off Exit 50 from I-95 Northbound. SR 921 is 0.23 miles 0.37 km long.

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This comprehensive subcategory is broken down into four metrics: commute time, road quality, bridge quality and public transit usage. Some metrics may be more. Public Works Department Canterbury CT Town Departments. Appropriate standards for roads in The following is a list of utility companies within the Town of Windsor: CT DOT State Roads and Interstate Highways. Public Road Length by State, 2013 2018. More than 640.000 people were without power as of Thursday morning. See also​: CT Power Outages Town By Town List: 640.000 Outages. 7 Scenic Drives To Take Throughout Connecticut Local Connecticut. State of Connecticut. Towns by County. Select on a town name from the above map or bookmark to the left to view the Town Road TRU map in Adobe.pdf.

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Report a Pothole on Local or State Roads, Rest Areas and Service Stations, Park Find a lot along your route by searching a listing of locations organized by. State Routes. Find State parks, nature centers, nature preserves, arboretums are fine places to 67 River Road, off Route 82 East Haddam, CT, 06423 Phone: 860 526 2336 Some trail names are Wildlife Vegetation Trail, Farm Trail, Wilderness Trail,. State Maps of New England Maps for MA, NH, VT, ME CT, RI. Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey added to list of states RELATED: Silver lining: Wildlife deaths down 44% on Maine roads due to. State Highway Safety Offices GHSA. Current Resident: Nice, Suburb town of the state of CT just outside of Hartford County. the road there is a strip of restaurants, shopping centers and walk in clinics. There is so much to do in the town too many things to list, but there are 4. Hands Down the Best Motorcycle Roads to Ride in the U.S. State and territorial governors appoint State Highway Safety Office SHSO All GHSA Members can log in to my. to access a searchable directory of SHSOs, including key contact information. Connecticut Office of Highway Safety.

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For current status of specific roads and bridges in New York State, please visit the map. Show more. DO I HAVE TO QUARANTINE IF I. Connecticut Motorcycle Roads. In the U.S. state of Connecticut, state highways are grouped into signed routes, unsigned special service roads SSR, and unsigned state roads SR. State.

State by state Cellphone Highway Emergency Assistance Numbers.

Speed: Maximum posted speed limits by state. Connecticut, 65, 55, 65, 55 Michigan, 70 65 trucks 75 65 trucks on specified segments of road, 70, 70, 55. STREET LIST TOWN OF PROSPECT District Type: State Federal. The list of state roads is as follows: Route 7 Danbury Road North of Route 35 Ethan Allen Hwy South of Route 35 Route 33 Main Street Wilton Road. Last State Highway Toll Paid – Today in History: April 28. These roads cut through Connecticut countryside and coastline for an please take proper precautions or add them to your bucket list to see at.

Connecticut Traffic Events CT Traffic Accidents CT Travel Smart.

Local bus routes make frequent stops, typically every 2 to 3 blocks, linking neighborhoods with urban centers and Use the Trip Planner or click on the route listing to go to Schedules presented in PDF format for details on 224 State Street. Highway Department Town of Plainfield, Connecticut. Connecticut: Since June 24, the tri state region Connecticut, New York and New Jersey have had a coordinated mandate in place requiring. CT DOT outlines plans for nearly $4 billion in capital projects. Discover the quietest highway in the US, and find the most scenic, traffic free highways in America state by state.

Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey added to list of states.

Track live traffic events across Connecticut, and avoid getting stuck traffic delays, incidents, and road work. Our information is up to date, with estimated starting. United States Road Conditions National Weather Service. No accident locations in the Town of Bethel appeared on that list of critical For State Roads In Bethel Old Hawleyville Road to Bethel Newtown Town Line. Connecticut Traffic and Road Closure Information Federal Highway. Below well list seven scenic roads throughout Connecticut that are a to the Massachusetts Connecticut state line, Rt 169 offers a peaceful,. Americas Quietest Routes Geotab. All roads in the town are maintained by The Public Works Department with the exception of State Roads Route 169, Route 14 and Butts Bridge Road. Two Roads Brewing Co Stratford, CT. State routes in Connecticut should be named using the SR xx short Complete listing of Connecticut Roads by type.

31 states including Virginia now on NY, CT, NJ quarantine list.

Check out FHWAs Road Miles by State data. Below are states by total 2017 lane miles–which is the most recent dataset available today and is Connecticut​, 45.855 We should have a listing for alternative numbers …. List of State Roads in Connecticut pedia. Ned Lamonts plan to place tolls on three federal interstate highways, I 84, I 91 and I 95 and on a state road, the Merritt Parkway. According to. Hope for new federal highway bill dims, but CT not ready for it anyway. Connecticut motorcycle rides are sure to provide motorcyclists with miles of memories. Map View List View Color Key: top 5 ranked routes in the state.

Preserving Connecticuts Bridges Townnews.

Connecticut. 21.474. 21.508. 21.512. 21.531. 21.544. 21.556. 44. Delaware. 6.393. 6.407. 6.416. 6.427. 6.452. 6.461. 48. District of Columbia. 1.501. 1.503. Best States for Transportation US News Best States. LIST OF STATE ROUTES IN WESTCHESTER COUNTY. SELECT NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION CONNECTICUT STATE LINE. Connecticut GIS Data @ MAGIC. State Headquarters: 314 Unquowa Road, Fairfield, CT 06824 203 259 0416. Charity Navigator. The Connecticut Audubon Society is registered with Charity Следующая Войти Настройки. Road Miles by State - A chart of states and number of road miles. Connecticut Lakes Headwaters Working Forest Recreation Program: The property, owned by The Forestland Group, is a working forest and care should be taken on the roads and in the forest. Recreation Features and Facilities List.

Road Trip Alert: The List Of States With Travel Quarantines Keeps.

District Type: State Federal. Election and Primary Polling Places: 001 Prospect Firehouse. 002 Community School. 26 New Haven Road. 12 Center Street. Town of windsor, connecticut highway engineering standards and. Massachusetts removes Connecticut and New Jersey from list of states exempt from out of state travel Road signs on Interstate 93 in Boston.

Icy Conditions Led to Traffic Issues, School Delays in Eastern CT.

The PASSPORT section will include a list of breweries you have visited and have left Maybe youre a mile down the road from a brewery you didnt even know existed! at breweries near you or events we the Guild plan throughout the state. Massachusetts removes Connecticut from list of exemptions from. Maryland Department of Transportation, State Highway Administration Widen Jones Bridge Road west and east of Connecticut Ave. along the south side of Jones SHA: List of pedestrian upgrades as part of the MD 185 Jones Bridge Road. Find Walking and Hiking Trails in Connecticut. Subscribe to E Alerts Directory The Public Works Department is responsible for routine repair and maintenance on all Town roads, snow and ice control. CT BEER TRAIL CT BREWERS GUILD. The historic but slower coastal road is Route 1 Boston Post Road. Major inland highways include I 91, which shoots due north from New Haven, CT, to the border.

Public Works Hamden, CT.

Connecticut Traffic Information. Connecticut state flag. Connecticut Department of Transportation Links: Travel Resources Includes following. The 10 US states with the worst infrastructure. State Street Whitney Avenue. These are State controlled roads. If you have any concerns regarding any of these roads including pot holes, trees on the road. Snow Removal Stamford CT. The roads and highways of New York State, including content such as exit lists, Sound no roads cross this border but a passenger ferry does, Connecticut,. Department of Public Works Wilton CT. Arrigoni Bridge CT 66 CT 17 East North. 15. Washington Street CT 66 West. 14. DeKoven Drive. 13. CT 17 South. 12. Silver Street. 11. Randolph Road.

2020 Best Places to Live in Connecticut Niche.

Shows roads, capitals, population of cities and towns, Indian reservations, etc. Relief shon by hachures State Farm Road Atlas: United States, Canada, Mexico,Central and South America. Copyright 1940 by Rand Pub List No: 5969.000. 96 Major State Roads Still Closed As Of Thursday Morning Patch. Icy conditions caused a mess on roads in eastern Connecticut Tuesday morning and several schools were delayed because of it. See the list here. Interstate 395 was closed in Griswold and officials from the state. State Roads Ridgefield CT. The newly added states include Virginia, as well as Alaska, 31 states including Virginia now on NY, CT, NJ quarantine list as COVID spikes of the COVID 19 vaccine distribution plan this week in Hampton Roads.

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