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Superman (Alison MacCallum album)

Superman is a compilation album by Australian rock and blues singer Alison MacCallum, released in 1979. It features all her hits on RCA plus a few selections from her acclaimed debut album.


Les McCann live albums


The McCartney Interview

The McCartney Interview is a limited edition vinyl release, published in 1980 on the Parlophone label in the UK and Europe and the following year on Columbia Records in North America.


The McClymonts (EP)

The McClymonts is an extended play recording by the sister trio The McClymonts, released in Australia on 5 June 2006 by Universal Music Australia. It has a range between country and pop songs - written by Brooke McClymont, Samantha McClymont and ...


Not the Way


Greatest Hits (Neal McCoy album)

Greatest Hits is the first greatest hits compilation released by American country music artist Neal McCoy, released in 1997 on Atlantic Records. The album comprises ten songs, nine of which were previously included on his second through fifth stu ...


Woman of the World (The Best of 2007–2018)

Woman of the World is a compilation album by Scottish singer-songwriter Amy Macdonald. The album was released on 23 November 2018 by Mercury Records. Macdonald announced a European tour in support of the album, which took place between March and ...


Jack McDuff live albums


You Lift Me Up to Heaven

You Lift Me Up To Heaven is a compilation album from Reba McEntire released in 1992, along with Forever In Your Eyes, featuring the 1970s and early 1980s hits Up to Heaven", "Glad I Waited Just for You", and "Youre the First Time Ive Thought Abou ...


Greatest Hits (Tim McGraw album)

Greatest Hits is the first compilation album of American country music artist Tim McGraw. It was released on November 21, 2000, and reached #1 on the Billboard Country album charts & #4 on the Billboard Top 200 album charts. All of the songs, wit ...


Greatest Hits 3 (Tim McGraw album)

Greatest Hits 3 is the third greatest hits collection from country singer from Tim McGraw. The album was released on October 7, 2008. The official announcement of the album was made on August 28, 2008, on McGraws official website. No new material ...


Greatest Hits: Limited Edition (Tim McGraw album)

Greatest Hits: Limited Edition is a compilation of American country music artist Tim McGraws first two greatest hits albums. Initially sold exclusively at Wal-Mart, it was released on April 29, 2008, and entered Billboard s Top Country Albums cha ...


Reflected: Greatest Hits Vol. 2

Reflected: Greatest Hits Vol. 2 is the second greatest hits album by American country music singer Tim McGraw, the first having been released in 2000. It was released on March 28, 2006. Most of the tracks were recorded after the release of Greate ...


The Immanent Velvet

THE IMMANENT VELVET is the title of a CD of chamber music by Slovak composer Peter Machajdik. CD © 2012 Azyl Music, Catalogue No. R266-0024-2-331 6. Silent Wanderings 2. Dreamy Angel 4. Fountains of Immanency 3. Linnas 7. Inside the Sleeping Carp ...


Distillation (Erin McKeown album)

"Didnt They?" "Dirt Gardener" "You Mustnt Kick It Around" "The Little Cowboy" "Queen Of Quiet" "Fast As I Can" "Blackbirds" "How To Open My Heart In 4 Easy Steps" "Love In 2 Parts" "Daisy And Prudence" "La Petite Mort"


Grand (Erin McKeown album)

Cosmopolitans Innocent Fiction Better Wife Envelopes of Glassine Starlit Vera Taste of You Civilians James! How to Be a Lady Cinematic Born to Hum Lucky Day Slung-Lo


Sing You Sinners (album)

Sing You Sinners is the seventh album by Erin McKeown since she began her career in 1997, and her fourth studio album in six years. Released in 2006 via Nettwerk Records, it is an album of a variety of American standards, with one original compos ...


John McLaughlin (musician) live albums


If You See Me (EP)

Tara MacLean - Vocals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Backing Vocals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Acoustic Guitar 2 Mark McLean - Drums 2 Tony Marryatt - Bass 1, 2 Ash Sood - Djembe 1 Daniel Presley - Keyboards 1 Michael Been - Acoustic Guitar 1, Electric Guitar 1 Mark V - Seq ...


Sour Pie

"Sick Boy" McNarland "Cry or Cum" McNarland "Dad & I" McNarland "Stormy" McNarland, Isfeld "I Wont Stay" McNarland "Mr. 5 Minutes" McNarland


Charles McPherson (musician) live albums


Bridge of Sighs (Ralph McTell album)

Bridge of Sighs is a studio album by English singer-songwriter Ralph McTell. It was released by Mays Records in 1987. It was reissued on CD by Leola Music in 2007. Speaking of the album, McTell told The Canberra Times in 1987: "The themes follow ...


Red Sky (Ralph McTell album)

Upon its release, Rob Beattie of Q described Red Sky as "an album far more substantial than could have been expected". He added: "At 75 minutes there are still a few horrors, but theres also plenty of the fine, observational balladry for which he ...


Sand in Your Shoes

Sand in Your Shoes is a studio album by English singer-songwriter Ralph McTell. It was released in the UK in 1995 by Transatlantic Records and later received a release in the US in 1998 via Red House Records.


The Disappearance of Adalia

The Disappearance of Adalia is the first release from Madina Lake self-released on October 3, 2006. It garnered the attention of Roadrunner Records which ultimately led to their signing to the label. Songs "One Last Kiss", "Here I Stand" and "Ada ...


Blunted in the Bomb Shelter

Blunted in the Bomb Shelter is a compilation album by hip hop producer Madlib. This album is a collection of reggae, ska, and dub songs taken from the catalogs of Trojan Records. Compiled around 2001 to 2002, the album was first released in the f ...


Madlib Invazion (EP)

Madlib Invazion is the debut EP by Oxnard based hip hop producer and rapper Madlib. This EP contains production from Madlib and features vocals from fellow Lootpack member Wildchild and label mate MED among others.


Madlib Remixes EP

Madlib Remixes is a compilation of early hip hop tracks remixed by hip hop producer Madlib released as a 12-inch EP in 2000. Madlib originally intended the remixes for personal use but decided to independently release them. The vinyl LP was re-is ...


Miles Away (album)

Miles Away is a jazz and fusion music album by Oxnard-based hip hop producer Madlibs Jazz virtual band The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble. Its a group of fictional members all created by Madlib. It was released early in 20 ...


Slave Riot

Slave Riot is a jazz and fusion music album by Oxnard-based hip hop producer Madlibs Jazz virtual band Young Jazz Rebels. Its a group of fictional members all created by Madlib. It was released on March 23, 2010 on Stones Throw Records in vinyl a ...


Space & Time (album)


Stevie (album)

Stevie is the second album released by Madlibs virtual band, Yesterdays New Quintet. As suggested by the title, the album is a tribute album to the R&B musician, Stevie Wonder. It was released in 2004 on Stones Throw Records.


Theme for a Broken Soul

Theme for a Broken Soul is an electronic and house music album by hip hop producer Madlib under the alias of DJ Rels. It was released on August 24, 2004 through Stones Throw Records. The album was inspired by the West London scene responsible for ...


A Peacocks Tale

A Peacocks Tale is the first studio release by Magic Eight Ball. Its a 4-song EP originally released in 2007, but was later re-released under the bands Magic Cat Records label.


Studio Zund: 40 Ans dEvolution

All of Magmas studio albums up to and including 2004s K.A have been officially reissued on CD by Seventh Records. They were released in a 12 disc box set called Studio Zund: 40 Ans dEvolution, which as a bonus featured the exclusive double CD Arc ...


The House of Tomorrow (album)

The House of Tomorrow EP is the third major release by The Magnetic Fields, and the first with Stephin Merritt as the main vocalist. Merge Records reissued it in 1996. The EPs five songs are built on both musical and vocal repetition, so much so ...


Clare Maguire (EP)


Lets Begin (EP)


Greatest Hits (Sean Maguire album)

Greatest Hits was a compilation album by Sean Maguire. It was released by EMI Gold in 1998 just over a year after Sean had announced he was leaving the music industry to concentrate on acting. No new songs were on the album and it was released wi ...


Lazers Never Die

Lazers Never Die is the first extended play by Major Lazer, released on July 20, 2010 by Downtown Records. It includes the brand-new song "Sound of Siren", and four remixes of songs from the album Guns Dont Kill People. Lazers Do.


Greatest Hits (Charlie Major album)

Greatest Hits is a compilation album by Canadian country music artist Charlie Major. It was released by ViK. Recordings on January 8, 2007 and features tracks from Majors first three studio albums.


The Queen of African Music

"African Convention" "Click Song" "Chicken Kikirikiki" "Goodbye Poverty" "Malaisha" "Iyaguduza" "Samba" "Mana Ndiyalila" "Pata Pata" "Ndibanga Hamba" "The Lion Cries" "Quit It" "I Shall Sing" "Mas Que Nada" "Murtala" "We Got to Make It" "Jolinkomo"


Mammal (EP)

Mammal is the self-titled debut extended play by Australian hard rock band, Mammal from 2006. The band sold the EP independently at their live shows and on their website until early 2007 when they signed with Metropolitan Groove Merchants to dist ...


Misled Youth (EP)

Gerhard Thomas That Brotha Lokey - co-executive producer Adam Messinger - mixing Manafest - lead vocals, executive producer Melanie Cardoza - photography DeShaun "LINX" Jones - associate executive producer Nick Rawson - mastering Shayne Ferguson ...


Greatest Hits (Melissa Manchester album)

Greatest Hits is the first compilation album released by American singer Melissa Manchester. It was issued by Arista Records in 1983, shortly after the release of Manchesters biggest hit, the new wave top 10 hit "You Should Hear How She Talks Abo ...


Dying Sentiment

Dying Sentiment is the first demo released by the death metal band The Mandrake. The album shows bits and pieces of the black metal style of music. It was released in 2001.


The Best of Barbara Mandrell

The Best of Barbara Mandrell is a compilation album by American country music singer, Barbara Mandrell, released in January 1979. The Best of Barbara Mandrell covered most of Mandrells biggest hits from the mid to late 1970s. It includes the #1, ...


Greatest Hits (Barbara Mandrell album)

Greatest Hits is the fourth compilation album released by American country artist Barbara Mandrell. The album was released in March 1985 on MCA Records and was produced by Tom Collins. The album was her first compilation for MCA Records.


The Best of Manfred Manns Earth Band Re-Mastered Volume II

"Tribal Statistics" single Andy Qunta – 3:35 "Do Anything You Wanna Do" 12" single Graham Douglas, Edwin Hollis – 6:27 "Father Of Day, Father Of Night" single Dylan – 3:05 "Joybringer" 1987 version – 2:29 "Tribute" single Mann – 4:09 "Tumbling Ba ...


The Best of Manfred Manns Earth Band Re-Mastered

The Best Of Manfred Manns Earth Band Re-Mastered is a compilation album released in 1999 by Manfred Manns Earth Band. The title of track 4 on the compilation, "Blinded by the Light" is errantly printed as "Blinded by the Night".

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