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Turkan (disambiguation)

Turkan Ors Bastuğ 1900–1975, Turkish school teacher, politician and one of the first 1915–2007, first ever Turkish professor of jurisprıdence female members of the parliament. Turkan Erismis born 1984, Turkish middle distance runner. Turkan Akyol ...



Tushar may refer to: Tushar Makwana 1967–2004, award winning British radio personality. Tushar Gandhi born 1960, great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and son of journalist Arun Manilal Gandhi. Tushar Kanti Ghosh, Bengali author and journalist. Tushar ...



Twink may refer to: Hollywood Stars or the Twinks, an American minor league baseball team. Twink internet slang, a role-playing game player who engages in twinking. Twink home perm, a British brand of hair product once produced by Elida. Twink, a ...



Twm or TWM may refer to: Tawang language ISO-639: twm, spoken in India. Teradata Warehouse Miner, data mining software. Tiling window manager, a class of window managers. Tyne and Wear Metro. Third World Media, an American pornographic film studi ...


Ty (disambiguation)

Ty rapper, Nigerian-British hip-hop artist. George Ty born 1932, Chinese Filipino billionaire banker. Ty Hardin born 1930, stage name of American actor born Orton or Orison Whipple Hungerford, Jr. Ty Dolla Sign, stage name of American rapper Tyro ...



Tyra Field, a gas field in the North Sea. Tyra West – F3 pipeline, a pipeline running from Tyra Field. Tyra Teinec, a village near Teinec, Czech Republic, now administratively a part of this town.



Tyre, Lebanon, a city. See of Tyre, a Christian diocese seated in Tyre, Lebanon. Tyre District, Lebanon. (Район Тира, Ливан) Tyre, New York, a town in the United States. Tyre, Michigan, an unincorporated community in the United States.



Tyree Hollins born 1990, American football player. Tyree Jackson born 1997, American football player. Tyree Robinson born 1994, American football player. Tyree Cooper, American record producer and house music DJ.



Tyrel Reed 1989, American basketball player. Tyrel Lacey 1986, American soccer goalkeeper. Tyrel Lomax 1996, Australian professional rugby union player. Tyrel Griffith 1985, Canadian curler. John Tyrel 1840-1885, Australian politician. Tyrel Jack ...



Tyrone may refer to: Earl of Tyrone, a title in the Peerage of Ireland. County Tyrone, a county in Northern Ireland. Kingdom of Tyrone or Tir Eoghain, a kingdom of Gaelic Ireland.




Ulas (disambiguation)

Ulas family, Turkish family who walk on all fours. Elif Ulas born 1986, Turkish figure skater and ice hockey player. Meliha Ulas 1901–1941, Turkish parliamentarian and teacher. Vladimir Ulas born 1960, Russian politician.



Uli may refer to: Uli figure, from New Ireland, Papua New Guinea. ISO 639 code for the Ulithian language. Uli food, a rice-based food. Uli, Nigeria, a town. Uli I of Mali. Uli, Iran, a village. Uli design, by the Igbo people of Nigeria. Uli-the n ...



Ulus, Bartın, a district in Bartin Province, Turkey. Ulus, Ankara, an important quarter in central Ankara, Turkey. Ulus Ankara Metro, an underground station of the Ankara Metro.



User-Managed Access, a protocol for delegated authorization based on OAuth. Upper memory area, a part of Extended Memory Specification in a PC. Uniform memory access, a computer memory architecture used in parallel computers.



Umera or Umera may refer to Umera Ahmad born 1976, Pakistani author and screenwriter. Battle of Umera between Livonian Crusaders and Estonians in 1210. Umera jõel, a 1934 novel by Mait Metsanurk.



Umut Bulut, Turkish footballer. Umut Sozen, Turkish footballer. Umut Guzelses, Turkish-Israeli soccer player. Umut Koçin, Turkish footballer. Umut Kekıllı, German-Turkish footballer. Umut Ozkirimli, Turkish political scientist. Umut Gundoğan, Tur ...



Una Himachal railway station. Una, Himachal Pradesh, a town in India. 160 Una, the asteroid "Una", an asteroid named after the Faerie Queene character. Una District. (УНА Район) Una River disambiguation, numerous rivers. Una, Gujarat, a town in I ...



Ung or UNG may refer to: University of North Georgia, Georgia, United States. Uracil-DNA glycosylase, a human gene. Ung County, a county of the Kingdom of Hungary, now parts of Slovakia and Ukraine. Ngarinyin language, an Australian Aboriginal la ...



Unity Building Chicago, a skyscraper. Unity Buildings, two buildings in Liverpool, England. Unity Chapel, a historic building in Wyoming, Wisconsin. Unity Church Mattoon, Illinois, a historic church. Unity Temple, a Unitarian Universalist church ...



Urbane F. Bass 1880–1918, African-American doctor and first lieutenant in the United States Army. Urbane Pickering 1899–1970, American baseball player.



Urbano Santos da Costa Araujo 1859–1922, Brazilian politician. Urbano Cairo born 1957, Italian businessman and chairman of Torino Football Club. Urbano Romanelli 1645-1682, Italian painter of the Baroque period. Urbano Lazzaro 1924–2006, Italian ...



Urey Fedorovich Lisianski 1773–1837, explorer and officer in the Imperial Russian Navy. Urey Woodson 1859–1939, American politician, and newspaper editor and publisher. Harold Urey 1893-1981, American physical chemist. Benoni Urey born 1957, Amer ...



Urh may refer to: Borut Urh born 1974, Slovenian tennis player. Urh Kastelic born 1996, Slovenian handball player. Urh, Slovenska Bistrica, a settlement in Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia.



Uriah Rennie born 1959, English football referee. Uriah Duffy born 1975, American bassist. Uriah M. Rose 1834–1913, American lawyer. Uriah P. Levy 1792–1862, American naval commander. Urijah Faber born 1979, American mixed martial arts fighter. U ...


Uriel (disambiguation)

Uriel Supernatural, character in the television series Supernatural.


Usui (disambiguation)

Usui is the Japanese term for Yushui, one of 24 solar terms. Usui may also refer to: Usui, Fukuoka, a former town in Japan. Usui surname, a Japanese surname. Usui Pass, a mountain pass between Gunma and Nagano prefectures, Japan. Usui Kojima 1873 ...



University of Tampere, a public university in Tampere, Finland. University of Texas at Arlington, a public university in Arlington, Texas. University of Tarapaca, Arica y Parinacota Region, Chile.



Ute Christensen born 1955, German actress. Ute Enzenauer, West German road racing cyclist. Ute Berg born 1953, German politician and member of the SPD. Ute Wetzig born 1971, German diver. Ute Frevert born 1954, professor of German history at Yale ...


Uther (disambiguation)

Reuben Uther 1791–1880, Australian merchant and manufacturer. Hans-Jorg Uther born 1944, German literary scholar and 2010 winner of the Brothers Grimm Prize of the University of Marburg. Uther Moukimou born 1992, Congolese basketball player in an ...



Fumiaki Uto, Japanese astronomer. Datu Uto died c. 1900, 18th Sultan of Buayan, Mindanao. Shunpei Uto born 1918, Japanese swimmer.



Uve or UVE may refer to An alternative spelling of the German masculine given name Uwe. Uncorrelated volume element, a term used in the theory of composite materials. Ouvea Airport in Ouvea, New Caledonia call sign UVE. Uve Sabumei, Papua New Gui ...



Uzay may refer to: Uzair, figure mentioned in the Quran. Uzay Heparı 1969-1994, Turkish composer, music producer, songwriter and actor. Uzay-le-Venon, commune in the Cher departement of the Centre region of France.



Vadal State, a former petty Kamalia ahir princely state with seat in the above town. Vadal, Gujarat, a village on Saurashtra peninsula, in Junagadh Taluka in Junagadh District.



Vagif is a common given name in Azerbaijan. Of Persian origin, it means "clever" or "watchful". Noticeable Vagifs include: Vagif Javadov b. 1989, Azerbaijani footballer. Vagif Mustafazadeh 1940-1979, iconic jazz pianist, creator of fusion style w ...



Vai or VAI has several possible meanings: Vai language. (Язык ВАИ) Vai syllabary. (Слоговое ВАИ) Vai Unicode block. (ВАИ блок Unicode) Vai people. (ВАИ людей) Vai Crete. (ВАИ Крит) Vai, a village in Lupșa Commune, Alba County, Romania.



Vaishali district, a district in Bihar, India. Vaishali Lok Sabha constituency, a Lok Sabha constituency in Bihar. Vaishali Vidhan Sabha constituency, an assembly constituency in Bihar. Vaishali ancient city, an ancient city located in current Va ...



Vala Blake, a character in the mythological writings of William Blake. Vala Middle-earth, an angelic being in J. R. R. Tolkiens fiction. Vala, or The Four Zoas, a poem by Blake. Vala Mal Doran, a fictional character in the Canadian-American telev ...


Valens (disambiguation)

Valens was a Roman Emperor. Valens may also refer to: Valens, Ontario, a hamlet within Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Valens, a protagonist in Gladius. Valens, Switzerland, a resort in the canton of St. Gallen. Valens company, an Israeli semiconducto ...



Roberto Valentini c. 1671–1747, Anglo-Italian composer also known as Robert Valentine. Giovanni Valentini classical era composer c. 1730–1804, Italian classical composer, poet and painter. Pier Francesco Valentini 1570-1654, Italian music theoris ...



Valentino surname, including a list of people with the name. Valentino Garavani born 1932, Italian fashion designer, better known as Valentino. Lorenzo Tucker 1907–1986, African-American stage and screen actor known as the Black Valentino. Valent ...



Valentinus Gnostic died c. 150, early Christian gnostic theologian. Valentinus Smalcius 1572–1622, German Socinian theologian. Valentinus Paquay 1828–1905, Friar Minor. Saint Valentine, one or more martyred Christian saints.



Plymouth Valiant, an automobile manufactured by the Plymouth division of Chrysler Corporation from 1960 to 1976. Velocette Valiant, a British motorcycle made by Velocette. Chrysler Valiant, an automobile manufactured by Chrysler Australia from 19 ...



Valko may refer to: Valko Chervenkov, Prime Minister of communist Bulgaria. Ernest Valko, murdered Slovak lawyer. Valko may also refer to a village and commune in the comitatus of Pest in Hungary. Taras Valko, Belarusian sprint canoer. Derived fr ...





Valtteri is a forename. It may refer to: Valtteri Filppula born 1984, Finnish ice hockey forward. Valtteri Bottas born 1989, Finnish racing driver. Valtteri Moren born 1991, Finnish footballer.



Vandana may refer to: Vandana Gupte, Marathi actress. Vandana Jain, Indian ophthalmologist. Vandana film. (Вандана фильм) Vandana Shanbagh born 1963, Indian athlete. Vandana Shiva born 1952, Indian environmental activist. Vandana moth, a genus of ...



Vander Luiz Silva Souza, Brazilian football player. Musetta Vander born 1969, South African actress and model. Roberto Vander, Dutch-Mexican actor and singer. Vander Blue, American basketball player. Vander Sacramento Vieira, Brazilian football p ...



Vann may refer to: Vann Peak, Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica. Salvadora oleoides is a small bushy evergreen tree found in India, Pakistan, and southern Iran. Vann, California, an unincorporated community in Lake County.



Vanni Treves born 1940, Italian-British business executive. Ville Vanni born 1979, Finnish musician. Sam Vanni 1908–1992, Finnish painter. Francesco Vanni 1563–1610, Italian painter. Giorgio Vanni born 1963, Italian singer-songwriter. Edo Vanni 1 ...